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offshore pipelines design installation and maintenance pdf

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In late , the presence of internal corrosion was detected in the in production flowline, and a repair of the line was performed.

The development of oil and gas fields offshore requires specialized pipeline equipment. The structures must be strong enough to with stand the harshest environments, and ensure that production is not interrupted and remains economically feasible. However, recent events in the Gulf of Mexico have placed a new importance on maintenance and reliability.

Installation strength analysis of subsea flowline jumpers

By Qiang Bai and Yong Bai. Because of rapid advances in the medical sciences, in particular, independent verification of diagnoses and drug dosages should be made. Summary: Subsea pipelines are used for a number of purposes in the development of subsea hydrocarbon resources as shown in Figure 1. Normally, the term of subsea flow-lines is used to describe the subsea pipelines carrying oil and gas products from the wellhead to the riser base; the riser is connected to the processing facilities e. The subsea pipelines from the processing facilities to shore are called export pipelines, while the subsea pipelines from the platform to subsea equipment used to transfer water or chemical inhibiters are called water injection or chemical flow-lines -- Provided by publisher.

Offshore Pipelines

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Offshore Pipelines Design Installation and Maintenance

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This document specifies requirements and gives recommendations on the management of integrity of a pipeline system throughout its life cycle, which includes design, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance and abandonment. This document is applicable to offshore pipelines for transporting petroleum and natural gas.

e-book Offshore Pipelines: Design, Installation and Operations

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Data on normal and storm winds, should be suitable and safe for the conditions under which waves and current, and marine activity in the area should be they are used. Materials and equipment should be qualified obtained where available. In areas where soil characteristics for the conditions of their use by compliance with specifica- will be a factor in design and where previous operations or tions, standards, and special requirements of this RP, ASME studies have not adequately defined the bottom soils, on-site B The maximum hydrostatic test pressure allowed in Appendix A, section A. The potential for growth of existing flaws 6.

Offshore Pipelines - Design, Installation, and Maintenance (2nd Edition). Details. The development of oil and gas fields offshore requires specialized pipeline.

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In addition to remote sensors, crews patrol the line doing regular maintenance and keeping a careful eye on the pipeline right-of-way. Video surveillance cameras, fitted with hydrocarbon sensors hydrocarbons give off a unique infrared signature are also being used as well as temperature sensors to detect leaks. And some details of mathematical models used in pipeline design and analysis.

Subsea Pipeline Design, Analysis, and Installation


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Subsea flowline jumper FJ is basic connection component for the wet oil tree, the subsea pipeline and the riser base, playing an irreplaceable role in the subsea production system.

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