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high performance cluster computing architectures and systems volume 1 pdf

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Our work focuses on computer architectures with heterogeneous configurations both at the processor level, i. We design and implement new algorithmic approaches for these technologies and support application developers in integrating our proposed solutions into their programs. The Dynamics of Complex Materials group develops new methods for the simulation of complex materials and molecular systems. One focus of our work is the development and implementation of highly parallel and scalable computational algorithms for innovative HPC architectures. New research priorities and associated working groups are currently being established.

DYNER: a DYNamic clustER for education and research

Three distinct groups from the academic community of the TEI of Athens can benefit directly from the DYNER platform: the students of the Department of Informatics, the faculty members and researchers of the department, and researchers from other departments of the institution. The results obtained were positive and satisfactory. The use of the dynamic cluster offers to the students new abilities regarding high performance computing, which will improve their potential for professional excellence. This paper presents a dynamic clustering system where, its versatility and flexibility with respect to configuration and functionality, together with its dynamic, strong computational power, renders it to a very helpful tool for educational and research purposes. Kehagias, D. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

A Comparative Analysis of Performance of Shared Memory Cluster Computing Interconnection Systems

A supercomputer is a computer with a high level of performance as compared to a general-purpose computer. Supercomputers play an important role in the field of computational science , and are used for a wide range of computationally intensive tasks in various fields, including quantum mechanics , weather forecasting , climate research , oil and gas exploration , molecular modeling computing the structures and properties of chemical compounds, biological macromolecules , polymers, and crystals , and physical simulations such as simulations of the early moments of the universe, airplane and spacecraft aerodynamics , the detonation of nuclear weapons , and nuclear fusion. They have been essential in the field of cryptanalysis. Supercomputers were introduced in the s, and for several decades the fastest were made by Seymour Cray at Control Data Corporation CDC , Cray Research and subsequent companies bearing his name or monogram. The first such machines were highly tuned conventional designs that ran faster than their more general-purpose contemporaries. Through the decade, increasing amounts of parallelism were added, with one to four processors being typical. In the s, vector processors operating on large arrays of data came to dominate.

Shah Alam. Science-Forge: A collaborative scientific framework. Penang, ; Iridis-pi: a low cost, compact demonstration cluster. Springer US Cluster Computing.


Minakshi Tripathy, C. In recent past, many types of shared memory cluster computing interconnection systems have been proposed. Each of these systems has its own advantages and limitations. With the increase in system size of the cluster interconnection systems, the comparative analysis of their various performance measures becomes quite inevitable. The cluster architecture, load balancing, and fault tolerance are some of the important aspects, which need to be addressed.

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A Comparative Analysis of Performance of Shared Memory Cluster Computing Interconnection Systems

The Age, an Australian News Paper featured the book. The availability of powerful microprocessors and high-speed networks as commodity components are making clusters of computers an appealing vehicle for parallel computing high-performance and also high-availability computing. There are many independent efforts in progress in the industry and research labs for developing supercomputers based on the cluster concept. Currently, there are no books available which can act as a reference for researchers in the industry and academy and students at the post graduate level.

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High Performance Cluster Computing: Architectures and Systems, Vol. 1 [Buyya, Rajkumar] on rethinkingafricancollections.org *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

High Performance Cluster Computing: Architectures and Systems, Vol. 1

How does HPC work?

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