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list of common drugs and their uses pdf

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The resources below have been provided to help narrow your search to specific, targeted drug information. Information is available for both consumers and healthcare professionals on over 24, prescription and over the counter medicines available primarily in the USA.

A drug is any substance that causes a change in an organism's physiology or psychology when consumed. Consumption of drugs can be via inhalation , injection , smoking , ingestion , absorption via a patch on the skin, suppository , or dissolution under the tongue. In pharmacology , a drug is a chemical substance, typically of known structure, which, when administered to a living organism, produces a biological effect.

Medicines A to Z

NICE is an independent organisation that provides national guidance to improve health and social care services in England. During pregnancy, it must not be used for epilepsy unless it is the only possible treatment. Every effort is made to ensure that all information is correct at time of publishing but information may change after publishing. This information is a guide only and is not a substitute for advice from your doctor.

Epilepsy Society is not responsible for any actions taken as a result of using this information. The aim of treatment is to stop all of your seizures with the lowest dose of the fewest number of AEDs and with the least side effects. The decision whether to start taking anti-epileptic drugs AEDs can be difficult, and there is a lot to think about. Here we look at the benefits and risks of taking, or not taking, AEDs. This gives doctors a more accurate way to describe a person's seizures, and helps them to prescribe the most appropriate treatments.

Seizures leaflet pdf. Medication for epilepsy booklet pdf. Skip to content. Skip to navigation. List of anti-epileptic drugs. AEDs are not split into first and second line for treating children age 12 and under. Treatment of neonatal seizures from birth to 28 days of age is not covered. Information produced: January You can call our helpline on Our Helpline is open five days a week, Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm, Wednesday 9am to 7.

Medication The aim of treatment is to stop all of your seizures with the lowest dose of the fewest number of AEDs and with the least side effects.

New to epilepsy treatment The decision whether to start taking anti-epileptic drugs AEDs can be difficult, and there is a lot to think about. Want to know more?

Download our seizures leaflet and our medication for epilepsy booklet Seizures leaflet pdf Medication for epilepsy booklet pdf.

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This is because an unacceptable level of a probable carcinogen cancer-causing agent was found in some extended-release metformin tablets. If you currently take this drug, call your healthcare provider. They will advise whether you should continue to take your medication or if you need a new prescription. Diabetes is a condition that leads to high levels of blood glucose or sugar in the body. Insulin is a substance that helps your body use the sugar from the food you eat.

PDF | Drugs (medicines) are considered either the primary therapy or an adjunct to Commonly Used Drugs - Uses, Side Effects, Bioavailability & Approaches to Improve it to understand the mode and action by which drugs exert their therapeutic effects. The drugs can treat different types of diseases such as infectious.


Get Email Updates:. This document is a general reference and not a comprehensive list. This list describes the basic or parent chemical and does not describe the salts, isomers and salts of isomers, esters, ethers and derivatives which may also be controlled substances.

Back to Home. Home Back to Home. Medicines A to Z. B Beclometasone inhalers Beclometasone nasal spray Beclometasone skin creams Bendroflumethiazide Benzoyl peroxide Betahistine Betamethasone for eyes, ears and nose Betamethasone for skin Bisacodyl Bisoprolol Budesonide inhalers Budesonide nasal spray Budesonide rectal foam and enemas Bumetanide Buprenorphine for pain Buscopan hyoscine butylbromide Back to top. H Heparinoid Hydrocortisone Hydrocortisone buccal tablets Hydrocortisone for piles and itchy bottom Hydrocortisone for skin Hydrocortisone injections Hydrocortisone rectal foam Hydrocortisone tablets Hydroxocobalamin Hyoscine hydrobromide Kwells and Joy-Rides Back to top.

Antiemetic drugs are medicines that ease nausea or vomiting. A person might use an over-the-counter or prescription version. The feeling of nausea results from a complex process in the body, and this is why various drugs have been designed to ease nausea in different situations.

A Complete List of Diabetes Medications

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Types and side effects of antiemetic drugs

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