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telangana prohibition and excise act 1995 pdf

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The Bill creates a framework for the levy of excise duty and imposes a prohibition on alcohol in Bihar. Prohibition on the manufacture, sale, storage and consumption of alcohol was imposed in Bihar earlier in , by amending the Bihar Excise Act, Key features of the Bill include:. Process to be followed for offences The Bill outlines the following process to be followed in case an offence is committed:. The Bill presumes that the family members, owner and occupants of the building or land ought to have known that an illegal act is taking place. In all such cases, the Bill prescribes a punishment of at least 10 years of imprisonment, and a fine of at least one lakh rupees. These provisions may violate Article 14 and Article 21 of the Indian Constitution.

The Bihar Prohibition and Excise Bill, 2016: An analysis

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GO No. Act No. Hareon Solar Power Private Limited. Gamesa Renewable India Pvt. Pearl Beverages Ltd. Britannia Industries Ltd.

★ Andhra Pradesh Prohibition and Excise Department - state taxation in india ..

The Department enforces laws related to liquor, narcotics, psychotropics and Medicines that contain alcohol and narcotics. Facebook Twitter. The Andhra Pradesh Excise. Andhra Pradesh Prohibition and Excise Department. Agency overview.

Telangana Prohibition Act, 1. Short title, extent and commencement. Appointment of Commissioner.

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Alcohol prohibition in India

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Sir I am working as Mandal Agricultural Officer in telangana and on I was placed under suspension regarding Rythu Bheema and crop damage amounts and it was a political motivated complaint and by providing me with the suspension proceedings order and eight months passed and until now i was not offered a chance for my explanation, coming August is my increment Month. I am totally unable to think what should be done kindly advise me can i approach the court for my reinstatement. Act, with coments A. Act,, section wise view T. Act,,Section wise P. Act,,Telugu P.

(3) 'Commissioner' means the Commissioner of Prohibition and Excise appointed under section 3 of the [Telangana] Excise Act, (Act 17 of.

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Alcohol prohibition in India is in force in the states of Bihar , Gujarat , Mizoram , Nagaland as well as in the union territory of Lakshadweep. It shall be the duty of the State to apply these principles in making policy laws per Article Per Article 38, state and union governments, as duty, shall make further detailed policies and laws for implementation considering DPSPs as fundamental policy. In contrary to Article 37, many policies have been implemented by states and union government which go against the DPSPs such as using intoxicating drinks as source of major tax revenue instead of implementing prohibition for better health of people.

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[Act No. 17 of ]. Confiscation of things by Prohibition and Excise. Officers in certain cases. 13A. Issue of show cause notice. 13B.

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Excise Department. - Prohibition and. Excise. Department. [vide. Act No of ] Inserted by Act No of $ Throughout the Act for “Prohibition.

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