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At the end of a long day, many people enjoy giving or receiving a foot massage.

The demands of daily life can often leave us feeling stressed and anxious — ok we're being modest, sometimes it can leave us feeling like we want to collapse in a great heap on the floor. If you start to feel those stress levels bubbling beneath the surface, it's only a matter of time before your body will rather abruptly tell you it's had enough. There's usually something that will inevitably cause you to snap. But before you get to breaking point, it's important to recognise the warning signs and give your body the TLC it so desperately deserves.


All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the copyright owners. A QP catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. Hand reflexology seizes the chance of enhancing not only your own life but also that of others. Its techniques can provide busy hands with a respite from the demands of the day; but, more importantly, reflexology can change lives.

From the worker whose livelihood is threatened by disability to the senior citizen seeking to live independently, hand reflexology offers possibilities of improvement and offers a path to pursue in times of need. This point was driven home to us a number of years ago during a demonstration at a rehabilitation center. Following some hand-reflexology work, a stroke sufferer stood up and turned his arm around, windmill-fashion.

In response to our puzzlement, the therapist explained, "He couldn't do that with his paralyzed arm before. While initial technique application of reflexology addresses current stressors, continued work triggers the healing response for which reflexology is known. One client, for example, found that he could "turn off" his seasonal hay-fever sniffles after two weeks of using a hand-reflexology technique.

After this initial period, his sniffle management took less and less time each day. Hand reflexology offers a bite-sized approach to wellbeing: the hand is always conveniently available, within our reach when sitting at a red light or during a quiet moment at the end of the day It is there when we seek to give someone the warmth of touch or a pat of reassurance.

Who among us hasn't held a toddler's hand or reached out to comfort an ailing family member? With a little more focus, such touch can turn into the opportunity to trigger the body's own healing powers through hand reflexology's techniques. The magic of reflexology lies in its empowerment,. The hands' unique relationship with our bodies links them into our stress mechanism.

It is little wonder that wringing one's hands during times of stress is a natural and instinctive attempt to interrupt the tension of the moment Hands are, after all, integral to our survival responses, ready to spring into action when needed. The resulting relaxation has a profoundly beneficial effect on health, preventing disease, reducing pain, and generally improving quality of life. In this chapter, we trace the history of reflexology and examine how and why it works.

Although details of the early work are lost in time, archeological clues indicate that reflexology has been rediscovered and reinstated as a health practice time and time again by peoples around the globe seeking to deal with health concerns.

The Egyptian pictographs are among the oldest known depictions of medical care. Temple grounds is the Bussokudo, a building housing the famous stone bearing the footprint of Buddha [Bus-soku-seki. These include similar depictions carved onto the feet and hands. While much of the meaning. Further references to reflexology span later years in ancient Egyptian history The victory of Ramses II at. One of the earliest depictions of foot and hand therapy as part of medical care is illustrated in this wall painting from an Egyptian tomb, dating from BCE.

William Fitzgerald developed his system. The reflex was seen as a window of opportunity for the provision of health treatment. His ideas were picked up and. The hand is a sensory organ, capable of receiving and communicating sensations such as pressure, stretch, and movement. Hand reflexology uses this ability to send a message of relaxation to the body, resulting in an improved response to daily stresses.

Hands reach out to touch the world, befriending and defending as well as picking up the pieces when necessary, and helping us to survive. Pressure sensors in the hands give us the ability to communicate with others and to manipulate our surroundings, carrying out the daily tasks that make up our lives, and using the tools and equipment that we routinely employ in the performance of those tasks.

The sudden adrenaline surge that enables a person to lift a car following an accident is an example of this extraordinary response to stress. Reflexology works as a stress reducer in the nervous system, promoting beneficial effects on the whole body. As the hand responds to the new sensory experiences of reflexology's pressure. Continuing use of reflexology results in improved response to the stresses of the day. Reflexology work affects the body In three ways: a general relaxation response, a specific reflex effect, and a rejuvenation of the hand Itself It also improves the flexibility of the hand and helps to develop hand awareness, thus lessening the potential for injury.

In sum, reflexology works as a stress reducer in the nervous system prompting an effect on the whole body. Just as the meridians of acupuncture link one part of the body to another, so too reflexology links the hand to the body and its organs through a combination of zone charts and hand maps.

Zone charts Reflexologists use zone charts similar to the one below to help them locate areas on the hand that correspond to different parts of the body. The body is divided into ten zones and four lateral zones. The lateral markers are: base of the neck, diaphragm base of the ribcage , the waisdine, and base of the pelvis. Zone theory divides the body into ten zones - one for each finger and toe. Applying pressure to one part of a zone creates an effect along the zone.

For example, pressure applied to the index finger creates a reaction, a relaxation response, along zone 2 anywhere In the body. Lateral markers provide a further link between. For example, to Influence a body part at the diaphragm in zone I, pressure is applied to the hand at the diaphragm lateral marker and zone 1 [see opposite]. This system is further refined as reflexology maps see poses For example, our client Twyllah attended the emergency room with her teenage daughter, who was in great pain.

Twyllah used her reflexology and zone knowledge to find the part of her daughter's hand that reflected the pain, which she successfully relieved during diagnosis and preparation for an appendectomy. Reflexologists utilize reflexology maps and zone charts in order to plan their strategy: where to apply technique, how much to apply, and for how long are key questions for a focused approach to prompting the relaxation response.

The reflexology map is used as a tool to focus work on specific organs, systems, or functions of the body that may be under stress. Y MAPS The body's anatomy is mapped onto reflex areas on the fronts and backs of the hands, where the reflex area for the head is located on the tops of the fingers and thumbs.

Broken lines indicate where reflex areas overlap. Left palm Reflex areas on the left palm correspond to the left side of the body: head and neck areas on the Angers, tailbone near the wrist.

The shoulder reflex is on I the outside and the spine reflex on the inside. Right palm Reflex areas on the right palm mirror the right side of the body. Since the two sides of the body have different internal organs, there are differences between the reflexology maps for the right and left hands. For example, the liver reflex area is represented only on the right palm. Top of left hand The top of the left hand includes a series of banded reflex areas that relate to the left side of the body, from the left side of the head to the left knee.

Reflex areas for the groin, lymph glands, and fallopian tubes can be found on the wrist. Top of right hand The reflex areas on the right hand correspond to the body's right side. The "waistline" can be found at the base of the long bones. Locate the upper back reflex area just above the waistline, and below It, the areas for the lower back, hips, and the internal organs they protect. By learning how to use its techniques, you will acquire a skill that can enable you to improve the health of yourself and others.

This chapter presents research studies that support the beneficial effects of reflexology, offers advice on choosing a professional reflexologist, and provides guidance about what to expect during a professional reflexology session. Hand reflexology is a life skill through which you can create change and improve the quality of life for yourself and others.

It offers a safe, effective, and simple method of treating a variety of health problems, as well as a way of easing the stresses of daily life. Learning hand-reflexology skills gives one control over responses to health crises as well as a means of reaching out to others in time of need. Reflexology work provides the practitioner with the ability to help in a meaningful way. Real-life examples of reflexology use include: aiding recovery from the shock of a fell until emergency personnel arrive; helping a concerned relative to comfort a hospice patient; and alleviating chronic sinus problems that are interrupting work.

Hand-reflexology skills provide a tool with which to help oneself and others. Reflexology is simple, convenient, and portable, allowing you to take positive steps toward health goals throughout the day, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

It an be used at odd moments, such as waiting at a red light or watching television, so it an fit in with the busiest schedule. And each appliation of reflexology technique will contribute to creating a positive impact on your health.

Finally, reflexology is used because it is an activator, a means of actively pursuing health. Reflexology users are. The dear message is that, with reflexology, you can make a difference in your health and in the health of others Hand reflexology is used because it is effective for a myriad of both general health and specific hand concerns. Research reveals some of the story [see page 29], but people in real life use reflexology to address their health concerns. A list of benefits can only begin to describe the stories.

One individual wrote us to say: "You saved my life. Your questions answered Can reflexology help me with my health problem? While many have found success with reflexology work a number of factors are involved, including the nature of the health concern and the general state of health. It is always worth giving reflexology a try as you take positive steps to improve your health; the goal is to lower your stress sufficiently to allow. A client said: "I didn't think anything was happening [as a result of reflexology work], then I suddenly realized that I can now hang clothes on the line without pain.

The relaxation that is provided by reflexology work is in itself a positive step toward improving-Health. How long do I have to work before I can expect results? How much technique is. After considering such issues, Chinese researchers suggested that getting results with reflexology depends on how much technique is applied, as well as its frequency,.

Before starting, consider how your hand feels, then check whether it feels any different afterward. Does the hand you've worked on feel different from your other hand? Bear in mind how long any different feeling persists.

Keep track of hovyelong and how frequentfy-you work before you feel a change. Based on this idea, individuals with little tinfe to spare might also benefitkxxYi short but frequent work. Can I hurt myself? B t h o u g h reflexology!

How can I best use reflexology?

An investigation into the efficacy of reflexology on acute pain in healthy human subjects

Although hands are not as commonly used as feet Foot Chart in reflexology , it is still helpful on occasion to have a hand reflexology chart. Hands are a little smaller and not quite as easily oriented to the torso of the body as the feet are. It is not as easy at least for me to find exact points. Still, hands are more convenient to work on for yourself and I have found that children love to have their hands massaged. It is very calming and relaxing for them. We all know that there are times that we would love for our kids to calm down a little. Return to Homepage.

Reflexology , also known as zone therapy , is an alternative medical practice involving the application of pressure to specific points on the feet and hands. This is done using thumb, finger, and hand massage techniques without the use of oil or lotion. It is based on a pseudoscientific [1] system of zones and reflex areas that purportedly reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands, with the premise that such work on the feet and hands causes a physical change to the supposedly related areas of the body. There is no convincing scientific evidence that reflexology is effective for any medical condition. In a Cochrane Collaboration review, reflexology is defined as follows: "Reflexology is gentle manipulation or pressing on certain parts of the foot to produce an effect elsewhere in the body.


Show all documents The samples who met the inclusion criteria were selected by simple random sampling technique. Patient with foot ulcer, critically ill and ventilator were excluded.

This therapy can complement conventional treatments for a variety of conditions, and using these printable reflexology charts, it would be possible to learn the points you would need to achieve the best health effects possible. These printable reflexology charts are free for your use, and can help you to find some of the reflexology points that would most benefit your health and wellness. One of the most widespread conditions that reflexology can treat is the negative effects of stress and anxiety; over 20 percent of Americans reported experiencing extreme stress, and this can cause a variety of negative health effects.

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