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If you're reading this, chances are you're the sort of person who will want to whip the cover off your devices and take a look at what's causing the problem. There's an old adage worth remembering when it comes to tools -- "Feel the pain once when you pay for the tool, or feel the pain every time you use it!

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How Long Do Computers Last? 10 Signs You Need a New One

If you're reading this, chances are you're the sort of person who will want to whip the cover off your devices and take a look at what's causing the problem. There's an old adage worth remembering when it comes to tools -- "Feel the pain once when you pay for the tool, or feel the pain every time you use it!

Do yourself a favor and get yourself decent tools. Having the right tools not only makes the job quicker, it also makes the job safer and prevents you from causing more damage and mayhem during the repair process. Connect any 2. Ideal for recovering data from drives inside dead PCs and checking drives that are laying around.

Handy if you have to whip off a heatsink. I prefer the polysynthetic stuff because it's not electrically conductive, so if the tube releases the schmoo over a component, there's no risk of shorting out. I have a pretty good idea what people have been touching before they start pawing their keyboard and mouse, and I also know that there's a good chance they haven't washed their hands. This makes hand sanitizer a must.

Fluke multimeters are eye-wateringly expensive when compared to the no-name meters you'll find at the big box stores, but after chasing my tail due to inaccurate readings I decided to bite the bullet and invest in one.

There are a number of Fluke units to choose from, but a unit such as the Fluke C covers most of the bases. Not many new PCs have an optical drive these days, but there are times that having one comes in dead handy. I've always been partial to LG drives , but feel free to take your pick.

Want to test the power coming out of a USB port? Want to know how much capacity a portable battery pack has? Want to know how much power a device is pulling when it's on charge? This device, which is no bigger than a USB flash drive, gives you all the information you need. When I was first exposed to the Flir TG thermal camera I thought that is was a cool toy for people with more money than sense.

But having used one for a while, I'm finding it invaluable to have the "superpower" to be able to see in infrared. Because when it comes to electrical repairs, excess heat means that there's something wrong, and this camera allows me to see this overloading directly. I've already use the Flir TG to spot bad connections and overheating components, and it's a great tool for spotting heat buildup in PCs.

It's also great around the home for a myriad of things, from spotting heat escape points to finding airlocks in the heating system. The mainstay of PC repair has to be the 2 size Phillips screwdriver. Using this you can get inside and take apart most PCs.

While I've stripped and rebuilt countless devices using nothing more than the screwdriver fitted onto a Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman multitool, I recommend getting your hands on a good screwdriver. Using the wrong screwdriver on a stubborn screw will make your day unhappy. My personal screwdrivers of choice come from the Wiha slimline insulated range. Not only have these tools been tested to withstand 10, Volts and each carries a Volt certification which, trust me, is a feature that can save your life , but they have been designed specifically to be able to access screws that other insulated screwdrivers can't.

While Wiha makes a whole range of screwdrivers, if you want to get inside something like the new MacBook Pro or iPhone you'll need special tools to help you defeat the proprietary screws. For these I recommend that you head over to iFixit where you will find a fantastic range of tools to help you get inside pretty much everything. I love Sugru. It's great for repairing frayed cabling be smart though and don't use it on high voltage cabling!

It's also great if you want some extra heat resistance or add some waterproofing to a homebrew project. I'll be honest with you, I'm no fan of electric shocks. It's true that you really do feel it in your fillings. Experience has taught me not to trust anyone when they say that the power has been cut off to a cable or socket or whatever and it's safe for me to start working.

The detector does feel a little overly sensitive in my experience most of these non-contact voltage detectors are , but after a while you get used to it. If you've ever had to strip network cable to put RJ45 plugs on then you'll know how much of a pain it can be. The Knipex data cable stripper takes all the stress out of the job!

Blades are a special tool steel, oil-hardened, TiN-coated. It's well thought-out and well made, and unlike most of the cheap toolkits out there it's backed up by a lifetime warranty. This kit is perfect for professionals and amateurs alike. I particularly like the CNC machined bits in the set. Not only do they look gorgeous but also they fit the appropriate fastener perfectly. I have several different Knipex brand cutters, from the diagonal cutters pictured to end nippers.

All of them make perfect cuts every time. Screws are forever falling out of PCs, so i always carry spares with me. You can either buy a kit or just salvage old screws from derelict PCs. You know, when you rebuild a carburetor, the first thing you do is you take the carburetor off the manifold.

Suppose you skip the first step, and while you're replacing one of the jets, you accidentally drop the jet, it goes down the carburetor, rolls along the manifold, and goes into the head. While there's no cylinder head in a PC for screws to roll into, they can end up in awkward, hard to reach places oh what a laugh it is when they roll into a PSU -- NOT! And if you don't have the right tool you can end up having to up-end the entire PC to get it out. This is why I like to have tools to help out.

First on the list are tweezers. While you can get plastic ones, I prefer ESD-safe metal ones because they are stronger. Whia has a good range spanning different shapes and sizes.

I also like to have a magnetic pickup too, not so much for working inside a PC it's not the magnetism I'm worried about but more the way that the head can be drawn towards any and all metallic objects with enough force to cause damage but for picking up screws that have fallen on the floor, rolled under a desk, or dropped into a dark crevice.

Sure, if you run the occasional bit of Ethernet cable then you can get away with a cheap LAN tester , but for professional installations you need something a bit well, a lot more hardcore.

Capabilities include troubleshooting for Ethernet connectivity and identifying faults in copper cables. Networks can be accessed through copper, fiber, and Wi-Fi interfaces. Got a fastener that just always seems to work its way loose? Probably means the fastener is damaged, the thread is damaged, or you lost a washer that was helping to keep it down.

Rather than overtighten the fastener which will just make things worse in the long term , apply a dab of Loctite Threadlocker Blue compound. The blue stuff is designed to be undone with hand tools, so it won't cement the fastener into place.

I find that jobs get exponentially tougher when someone else has had a go at fixing something and in the process caused more problems. One problem I come across often are chewed up or broken screws. Usually they're as a result of someone being too enthusiastic with a poor tool, but other times they're because someone's taken a powertool to the screws. The first is Neji-Saurus -- the screw extracting dinosaur.

It's a crazy name for a fantastic tool that can grip screw heads, bolts, or nuts allowing you to twist out even the most damaged fasteners. If you need to tackle screws that have had their heads sheared off completely, the precision screw remover set is worth a look. Also known as a Krone tool, a punch down tool is used to insert wires into punch down connectors without having to strip the insulation. If you need to punch down wires, I suggest getting a decent tool such as this one from Schneider Electric because the cheap ones fall apart in no time and can damage the fittings you are trying to punch the wires into.

I generally find that unless I'm building a new PC from scratch, I'm having to work in less than ideal conditions. No matter whether I'm repairing a PC, fixing a network cable, or diagnosing some other random problem I'm always struggling to get light on what I'm doing. For a few years now I've been relying on LED flashlights and headlamps. They offer a powerful light and last a very long time. But they have one drawback -- the light the LEDs give off has a blue cast and this can make it hard to identify colors.

This isn't a problem when dealing with screws and such, but when I'm dealing with cabling or wiring, it can sometimes be challenging to tell some colors apart. This ticks all the boxes for me:. Sure, you can spend big money on a PSU tester, or break out the multimeter, but for quickly confirming a dead PSU I find a cheap tester works fine. Also, if you have a few hard drives handy, you can add some load to the PSU by connecting them up before you test.

My go-to device is the FrozenCPU tester. If you want to take power troubleshooting to the next level then you can get your hands on a decent multimeter. If it's something you're going to use occasionally then a cheap one will do fine, but if you want something that will last you years then I'd go with the Fluke brand. If you don't know how to use a multimeter, then learn how to use one.

It is a skill that will change your life. Ugh, I hate insulating tape with a passion. It doesn't stick well, but leaves a horrid residue that picks up all manner of filth and crud. A far better solution is liquid insulating tape. Just brush it on and you're done. It's also great for reinforcing vulnerable points on cables, like near the connectors on things like MacBook chargers and Lighting cables.

It's not pretty, but it does the job. This is great for automotive use, or on low voltage wiring, but use it sensibly. Don't use it on mains voltage. If you've damaged a power cable by running over your vacuum cleaner, you need to get that cable replaced. People give me a lot of grief for not wearing one. I should, and so should you.

Those little buzzes of static that you feel when touching metal, patting your cat, or giving your significant other a kiss can be deadly to delicate electronic components.

Learning about Types of Computer Maintenance

Learn preventative maintenance techniques for your PC. The best way to deal with problems is to stop them from happening in the first place. That's where preventative maintenance comes in. A good preventative maintenance program incorporates a comprehensive backup plan, measures to secure the system against malicious exploits, periodic hardware and software maintenance, and steps to maintain general system tidiness. The goals of preventative maintenance are to reduce the likelihood of hardware failures, extend the useful life of the system, minimize system crashes caused by outdated drivers and other software problems, secure the system against viruses and other malware, and prevent data loss. The following sections outline a basic preventative maintenance program that you can use as a basis for developing a program that fits your own and your system's needs. The availability of inexpensive hard drives and motherboards that support RAID 1 mirroring had led many people to depend solely on RAID 1 to protect their data.

Basic Automotive Technology Pdf. It can also be considered as the generation, distribution, analysis and use of information in systems. Basic Automotive Maintenance Part 1. Includes Top 10 tests. Produce quality PDF files in seconds and preserve the integrity of your original documents. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of FaaDoOEngineers. The automobile can be considered to consist of five basic components : a The Engine or Power Plant : It is source of power.

PC Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide Repairing Software Problems. drive. Restart the PC in Safe Mode and run the Disk. Defragmenter program.

Computer Repair Technician Resume Example + Salaries, Writing tips and Information

In just a few clicks, content that took hours to create is back in a moment!. Sometimes it is very useful to know this information. Lenovo Inc. Lenovo Diagnostics: Tool to analyze the system hardware.

Computer Hardware Books

Product and service reviews are conducted independently by our editorial team, but we sometimes make money when you click on links. Learn more. When a computer begins to slow down or shows other signs that the end is near, it's tempting to start searching online for a replacement. However, there is a lot to consider when you're deciding whether to upgrade a PC, particularly in a business setting. The costs add up, especially when you're adding multiple machines to a fleet, even a small one. Questions like "how long do computers last? Here are answers to common questions about which operating system is best Mac or PC , the lifespan of desktops and laptops , and 10 signs that it might be time to purchase new hardware.

If you enjoy computers and are tech-savvy, then a computer-based home business could be ideal for you. This type of work can be done virtually from anywhere, as long as there is internet access. If you have the knowledge, skill, and equipment necessary, you can start your business fairly quickly and affordably.

A+ COMPUTER MAINTENANCE & REPAIR preventive maintenance of basic personal computer hardware and operating Printer hardware print server.

MAPCON Maintenance Software Article Series

Computers, like everything else, wear out over time. While unfortunate and costly, it can be turned into an opportunity for someone that knows computers and networking well enough to repair them and rescue people's information and media. If you have a technical background and an expert understanding of computers, peripherals, and software, a small business in computer repair and maintenance service could be an option for you. As with any venture, there are advantages and disadvantages. Initial costs, licensing, certifications, and relevant business knowledge should all be considered before starting your business. They are not too difficult to overcome:. It may be worthwhile for you to brush up on some business practices, such as keeping records for accounting purposes and taxes and creating a plan.

Computer repair toolkit essentials for IT technicians

Include your full name and contact information in your header to make it easy for a prospective employer to contact you for more information or to schedule an interview. You should also provide your current city and state of residence or a complete physical or mailing address and at least two reliable contact methods such as a personal phone number and email address. Our computer repair technician resume sample shows how you can organize this information so that it is compact and eye-catching. If you have never worked before, you should try to show how your abilities and background prepare you to excel as a computer repair technician. Write a summary statement that draws attention to your skills or an objective statement in which you declare your intention in seeking a position.

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Preventative Computer Maintenance


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