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Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Over the last century and a half, organized mass education in the Western style has spread across the world.

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Studies in transactional evaluation []. Rippey, Robert M. Berkeley, Calif. R Available. Leading research and evaluation in interprofessional education and collaborative practice [].

London : Palgrave Macmillan, Description Book — 1 online resource Digital: data file. Summary Introduction Dawn Forman. Oates and Megan Davidson. Pittenger, Jeannine Conway, Joseph R. VonBank and Lauren Collins. Emphasizing research and evaluation in leadership aspects, Leading Research and Evaluation in Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice showcases examples from around the globe in various multicultural contexts.

Crucial for academics and researchers in this field, the book includes studies on traditionally under-represented countries and aims to prompt new ideas for future research and policy structures in Interprofessional education and practice. Assessing research-doctorate programs : a methodology study [].

Washington, D. Description Book — 1 online resource xi, pages Digital: data file. Summary 1 Front Matter-- 2 Executive Summary-- 3 1. Introduction-- 4 2.

How the Study Was Conducted-- 5 3. Taxonomy-- 6 4. Quantitative Measures-- 7 5. Student Education and Outcomes-- 8 6. Reputation and Data Presentation-- 9 7. General Conclusions and Recommendations-- 10 8.

In recommending that the NRC rankings in Assessing the Quality of Research-Doctorate Programs: Continuity and Change be updated as soon as possible, this study presents an improved approach to doctoral program assessment which will be useful to administrators, faculty, and others with an interest in improving the education of Ph. It reviews the methodology of the NRC rankings and recommends changes, including the collection of new data about Ph.

It also recommends revision of the taxonomy of fields from that used in the rankings. McDonald, Frederick J. Princeton, N. Description Book — vii, 22 p. M33 Available. Description Book — xii, p. M32 Available. Legislative research studies in state education policy : selected case studies []. Gnezda, Terry. Denver, Colo. Description Book — xiii, 23 p. G5 Available. Collected case study evaluations of the Appalachian Regional Commission's educational projects [].

The Interaction of evaluation and policy : case reports from state education agencies []. Portland, Or. Description Book — p. I48 Available. Using assessments to teach for understanding : a casebook for educators []. New York : Teachers College Press, c Description Book — xix, p.

Summary A companion to "Facilitator's Guide to Using Assessments to Teach for Understanding", this casebook presents the challenges and dilemmas that teachers face with the contemporary climate of high-stakes accountabilty.

The cases provide an opportunity to collaboratively analyse and reflect on issues. U86 Unknown LB U86 Unknown. Using assessments to teach for understanding : Facilitator's guide : a casebook for educators []. Shulman, Judith. Description Book — v, 61 p. Summary A companion volume to Using Assessments to Teach for Understanding, this guide provides analysis, discussion questions and teacher notes to help the reader use the cases in its companion volume in teacher education classes and in professional development workshops.

S Available. Performance standards in education : in search of quality []. Paris : Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, c P45 Available.

Work orientation and job performance : the cultural basis of teaching rewards and incentives []. Mitchell, Douglas E. Albany, N. Description Book — xiv, p. M Available. The educational system in Japan : case study findings []. Online purl. Schooling as a ritual performance : towards a political economy of educational symbols and gestures []. McLaren, Peter, 2nd ed. Description Book — xxvii, p.

Summary Originally published in , this book offers the educational community an original and unusual approach to the analysis of contemporary schooling. This revised edition has been published in response to demands from sociologists and educationalists. It contains a new postscript which extends and deepens McLaren's original analysis. T67 M35 Unknown. Successful failure : the school America builds []. Description Book — xvi, p.

McDermott and H. Varenne and R. Varenne and Merry Naddeo. Varenne and Rosemarie Rizzo-Tolk.

Wkład antropologii kulturowej w studia nad niepełnosprawnością

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The transcript has been edited for clarity. However, some portions were difficult to transcribe and are marked with an [ ]. Unlike our conversationalists in the past who have known each other and worked together for many years, Kris and Ray met each other for the first time this afternoon. They have read each other's work and followed each other's work. So, part of the trick of this conversation today, I think, is going to be to stop them, because they have so many questions and things they want to talk about. We had a little dry run a couple of hours ago and I can tell you that there are lots of things that they want to talk about. We get the benefit of eavesdropping.

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Wkład antropologii kulturowej w studia nad niepełnosprawnością

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Successful failure: The school America builds. Boulder, CO: Westview. One day I was reading the book Successful Failure: The school America builds by Varenne and McDermott, a friend who is chemistry major happened to see the title and was obviously surprised by the title and tried to argue with me about the totally wrong logic of the author.

Alexander, R. Towards dialogic teaching: rethinking classroom talk. Towards a comparative pedagogy.

Adam, Adam, Adam, and Adam: The Cultural Construction of a Learning Disability

Through communicative interactions, people label one another, make standards, and draw boundaries between what is legitimate and illegitimate. Your job will be to detect a category that is organizing some aspect of everyday life around you. Carefully observe what people say and do. Look for how people act on the basis of labels and categories in interaction. Drawing on Strauss, you might look for the subsocial worlds to which people belong and how they draw boundaries between their practices and others. Drawing on McDermott, you might observe how people act based on categories that acquire them and others.

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Дэвид Беккер. Единственный мужчина, которого она любила. Самый молодой профессор Джорджтаунского университета, блестящий ученый-лингвист, он пользовался всеобщим признанием в академическом мире.

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Lettre Actu

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 Нечто знакомое, - сказала.  - Блоки из четырех знаков, ну прямо ЭНИГМА. Директор понимающе кивнул.


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Through communicative interactions, people label one another, make standards, and draw boundaries between what is legitimate and illegitimate.

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