Uses And Gratifications Of Social Media A Comparison Of Facebook And Instant Messaging Pdf

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uses and gratifications of social media a comparison of facebook and instant messaging pdf

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Uses and gratifications theory UGT is an approach to understanding why and how people actively seek out specific media to satisfy specific needs. UGT is an audience-centered approach to understanding mass communication.

The Journal of Social Media in Society

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Users have adopted a wide range of digital technologies into their communication repertoire. It remains unclear why they adopt multiple forms of communication instead of substituting one medium for another. It also raises the question: What type of need does each of these media fulfill? In the present article, the authors conduct comparative work that examines the gratifications obtained from Facebook with those from instant messaging.

Uses and gratifications theory

Vietnamese Internet users rank as some of the heaviest consumers of Facebook in the world. To date, we could only find two studies that have investigated this large, growing and increasingly-influential market. One of these studies investigated the security and trust concerns of Vietnamese social network users [1]. The other study investigated young Vietnamese adults categorising them into different online personas a social role or character. The study found three main types, the Outgoing Connector finding information about people and establishing professional relationships with them in the offline world , the Reserved Trustor interested in selective information about people at school and also events, products, and organisations and the Threats Perceiver who is a mixture of both [2].

Uses and gratifications theory

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Premise Stats. His research interests are English language teaching, linguistics, teacher education, and professional development. Corresponding email: yupiedu gmail. This research aims to investigate factors affecting willingness to communicate in English in social media. This research was conducted in a descriptive method framework.

Abelman, R. What children watch when they watch TV: Putting theory into practice. Althaus, S. Patterns of Internet and traditional news media use in a networked community.

In the present time of web-based social networking, visual communication assume a key job in business and public communication. Social networking with its astute features has the ability to pull in numerous to interface with others. Visual communication plays key role in engagement behavior on social media further adding to sales.

The uses and abuses of Facebook: A review of Facebook addiction

Background and aims: Recent research suggests that use of social networking sites can be addictive for some individuals. Due to the link between motivations for media use and the development of addiction, this systematic review examines Facebook-related uses and gratifications research and Facebook addiction research. Method: Searches of three large academic databases revealed 24 studies examining the uses and gratifications of Facebook, and nine studies of Facebook addiction. Results: Comparison of uses and gratifications research reveals that the most popular mo- tives for Facebook use are relationship maintenance, passing time, entertainment, and companionship. These motivations may be related to Facebook addiction through use that is habitual, excessive, or motivated by a desire for mood alteration. Examination of Facebook addiction research indicates that Facebook use can become habitual or excessive, and some addicts use the site to escape from negative moods.

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DOI/; Corpus ID: Uses and Gratifications of Social Media: A Comparison of Facebook and Instant Messaging.

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Uses and Gratifications of. Social Media: A Comparison. of Facebook and Instant Messaging. Anabel Quan-Haase1 and Alyson L. Young2.

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Flanagin, A. (). IM online: Instant messaging use among college students. Communication Research, 22,

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Billions of people around the world are experiencing new ways of interacting with people using the social networking sites SNS.

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