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interpolation and extrapolation statistics pdf notes

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Plots Correlation Regressions Models. Until and unless you get into a statistics class, the preceding pages cover pretty much all there is to scatterplots and regressions. You draw the dots or enter them into your calculator , you eyeball a line or find one in the calculator , and you see how well the line fits the dots. About the only other thing you might do is "extrapolate" and "interpolate". The prefix "inter" means "between", so interpolation is using a model to estimate or guess values that are between two known data points.

Extrapolation and interpolation are both used to estimate hypothetical values for a variable based on other observations. There are a variety of interpolation and extrapolation methods based on the overall trend that is observed in the data. These two methods have names that are very similar. We will examine the differences between them. For both methods, we assume a few things. We have identified an independent variable and a dependent variable.

In the mathematical field of numerical analysis , interpolation is a type of estimation , a method of constructing new data points within the range of a discrete set of known data points. In engineering and science , one often has a number of data points, obtained by sampling or experimentation , which represent the values of a function for a limited number of values of the independent variable. It is often required to interpolate , i. A closely related problem is the approximation of a complicated function by a simple function. Suppose the formula for some given function is known, but too complicated to evaluate efficiently. A few data points from the original function can be interpolated to produce a simpler function which is still fairly close to the original.


In mathematics , extrapolation is a type of estimation , beyond the original observation range, of the value of a variable on the basis of its relationship with another variable. It is similar to interpolation , which produces estimates between known observations, but extrapolation is subject to greater uncertainty and a higher risk of producing meaningless results. Extrapolation may also mean extension of a method , assuming similar methods will be applicable. Extrapolation may also apply to human experience to project, extend, or expand known experience into an area not known or previously experienced so as to arrive at a usually conjectural knowledge of the unknown [1] e. The extrapolation method can be applied in the interior reconstruction problem.

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PDF | —Interpolation is the process of calculating the unknown value from known given of data. Extrapolation is the extension of the already computed http://​

The Difference Between Extrapolation and Interpolation

Extrapolation is a useful statistical tool used to estimate values that go beyond a set of given data or observations. In this lesson, you will learn how to estimate or predict values using this tool. It could even be said that it helps predict the future! To help us remember what it means, we should think of the part of the word 'extra' as meaning 'more' data than what we originally had.

Question 1. Define Interpolation. Answer: It is the technique of estimating the value of the dependent variable Y for any intermediate value of the independent variable X. Question 2. Define extrapolation.

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