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Three Process Perspectives: Organizations, Teams, and People

In combination with the personal software process PSP , the team software process TSP provides a defined operational process framework that is designed to help teams of managers and engineers organize projects and produce software for products that range in size from small projects of several thousand lines of code KLOC to very large projects greater than half a million lines of code. The TSP is intended to improve the levels of quality and productivity of a team's software development project, in order to help them better meet the cost and schedule commitments of developing a software system. Department of Defense was published in November The book by Watts Humphrey, [7] Introduction to the Team Software Process , presents a view of the TSP intended for use in academic settings, that focuses on the process of building a software production team, establishing team goals, distributing team roles, and other teamwork-related activities. The primary goal of TSP is to create a team environment for establishing and maintaining a self-directed team, and supporting disciplined individual work as a base of PSP framework.

A Bibliography of the Personal Software Process (PSP) and the Team Software Process (TSP)

Using TSP helps organizations establish a mature and disciplined engineering practice that produces secure, reliable software in less time and at lower costs. The purpose of the course is to provide the foundation that managers need to begin to introduce and apply the TSP in their organization. A three-day course designed to teach first-line managers or team leaders how to manage projects quantitatively in order to complete projects on schedule, within budget, and with all requirements met. The course covers the knowledge and skills leaders need to lead and coach development teams effectively. This five-day course teaches software engineers the principles, concepts, and benefits of the PSP, a process-based approach for developing software. Ideal for software engineers, software engineering students, software engineering instructors, software quality management instructors, and third-party vendors of software engineering or quality training.

I did a deep dive on it over the last few months. This chart shows a strong correlation between the formality with which software is developed and the number of defects in the delivered software. Impressive, right? Forty percent of the TSP teams have reported delivering defect-free products. Bottom line: defects make software development slower than it needs to be.

A Framework for the Use of Six Sigma Tools in PSP/TSP

Watts S. Humphrey born is an American software engineer, key thinker in the discipline of software engineering,. Humphrey headed the IBM software team that introduced the first software license s. Engineering groups use the TSP to apply integrated team concepts to the development of software-intensive systems. A launch.

Team software process

Team software process

The Personal Software Process PSP is a structured software development process that is designed to help software engineers better understand and improve their performance by bringing discipline to the way they develop software and tracking their predicted and actual development of the code. It clearly shows developers how to manage the quality of their products, how to make a sound plan, and how to make commitments. It also offers them the data to justify their plans. They can evaluate their work and suggest improvement direction by analyzing and reviewing development time, defects, and size data. It claims to give software engineers the process skills necessary to work on a team software process TSP team.

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This paper provides the author's personal views and perspectives on software process improvement.

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PSP is a series of defined processes that allow software engineers to produce high-quality products on time and within budget.

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