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Kakuma camp and Kalobeyei Integrated Settlement had a population of , registered refugees and asylum-seekers at the end of July The camp is located on the outskirts of Kakuma town, which is the headquarters for Turkana West District of Turkana County. Box — Nairobi. Try a free demo today!

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Stashed inside pickup trucks and guarded by armed militias and jihadists, every year billions of illicit cigarettes wind their way through the lawless deserts of northern Mali bound for the Sahel and North Africa. The profits of cigarette smuggling fuel the bloody struggle between jihadists, armed militias, and corrupt military officers that has turned northern Mali into a lawless warzone. Sources say these cigarettes, trucked north with the help of the military and police, then fall into the hands of jihadists and militias.

An internal document suggests BAT used informants in West Africa to keep abreast of the workings of the illicit trade.

The dirty business goes well beyond the desert. And it continues today. Public trade data and expert analysis show BAT and Imperial continue to oversupply the country with billions more cigarettes than it needs. The agreements were concluded in the wake of legal disputes between three companies and the EU over cigarette smuggling. We also have robust policies and procedures in place to fight this issue and fully support regulators, governments and international organizations in seeking to eliminate all forms of illicit trade.

BAT started to oversupply Mali soon after the north fell to militants, knowing its product would be fodder for traffickers, according to dozens of interviews. Malian soldiers traveling in convoy across the desert arrive at the entrance to Kidal in northern Mali. Illicit cigarettes from the capital, Bamako, and ports in Guinea, Benin, and Togo are loaded into convoys with armed guards and driven north along thousands of kilometers of winding roads and desert tracks to Libya and Algeria, and as far east as Sudan.

Smuggling has long been a part of life in the vast and largely empty Sahel region, where armed insurgents claim a patchwork of ever-shifting territories.

Jihadist movements linked to al-Qaida and IS, Tuareg separatist forces, and local ethnic militias take turns controlling roads and checkpoints along the way. Moving illegal tobacco is a difficult and dangerous job, with trips taking between three and 10 days. Many truckers are killed by military or armed groups along the way.

Hama Ag Sid Ahmed, spokesman for the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad MNLA , an armed Tuareg independence movement that has controlled much of northern Mali on and off, said state officials and organized crime work together to profit from smuggling.

A former tobacco industry insider said various militant groups, from the Tuareg separatists who have been fighting the Malian state for decades to the more recent offshoots of IS jihadists, also take a cut along the way. With the continuing violence and lawlessness, Malian customs have abandoned much of the north.

One of the most high-profile jihadists in northern Mali, an al-Qaida operative known as Mr. Marlboro, is thought to have financed his jihad by smuggling cigarettes. The one-eyed Mokhtar Belmokhtar allegedly orchestrated terror attacks, including one in Algeria in January that killed more than 35 people.

In June , U. Niger envoy Robert Fowler. Sid Ahmed, the spokesperson for the MNLA, said many terrorists like Belmokhtar started out trafficking cigarettes before moving onto harder substances, and then to violent jihad. Multiple sources, from soldiers and U.

Trade data, information from customs officials, leaked BAT documents, and industry experts indicate there may be up to 4. Some of them are produced in the country, but more are imported, almost all of them from South Africa. Another document, from , gives gross turnover for Mali of Because the illicit market is so opaque, many of the calculations rely on educated guesswork.

In , the company upped the estimate to 2. Both these figures are lower than independent projections for the same years. Experts have varying estimates for smoking rates. In BAT pegged it at 9. The World Health Organization, by contrast, says 12 percent smoked in , a rate that has remained steady over the past decade. Exact figures are hard to determine. A Malian customs official estimated an annual total of 4. Comtrade data, however, shows between an estimated 3. Adding in local production, that could mean as many as 7.

Officials in Mali and South Africa confirmed the accuracy of the Comtrade numbers, which closely match regular reports on the value of tobacco imports released by the Malian government. Ahmed Malian troops join with former rebels before a joint patrol in Gao, Mali, after deadly attacks by Islamic extremists. Ahmoudou Ag Attiane, a local automotive dealer, told OCCRP that ton tractor-trailers stocked with cigarettes commonly arrive at the warehouse.

The traders transport [product] from Bamako to Gao and or Timbuktu. Three of its warehouses and distribution points are in rebel-controlled areas, including Gao, as well as Timbuktu and Mopti in the north of the country. However, an internal strategy memo from shows BAT planned to increase its business in these regions. A map shown in a BAT presentation from around Imperial attributed them to an error in currency conversion, with West African CFA francs mistakenly not converted into euros.

The company declined to provide documentation, however, and referred reporters to the Malian government, which did not respond to several requests for comment.

The tobacco purchase bought Imperial a stack of elite connections. Ross Delston, a U. A solider lights a cigarette in Kidal, Mali. From warehouses in Gao, Timbuktu, and Mopti, Dunhills flow north largely unchecked by Malian regulators. A mission order and a protocol agreement in the presentation show BAT was supposed to pay for these raids.

A former BAT employee described staffers in Mali feeding intelligence on contraband to customs agents, helping them to seize the brands of other manufacturers. Sory Coulibaly, a former sales executive for a BAT distributor in Mali, added that BAT has sweetened the deal, equipping customs agents and police with motorcycles and small patrol boats.

Anecdotal evidence suggests the flows of smuggled tobacco may even be increasing. Meanwhile BAT and the Malian government are planning to make more cigarettes in the country. It is expected to open this year with the capacity to produce 3 billion Dunhills per annum. The Elephant is helping to build a truly public platform, while producing consistent, quality investigations, opinions and analysis.

The Elephant cannot survive and grow without your participation. Now, more than ever, it is vital for The Elephant to reach as many people as possible. Your support helps protect The Elephant's independence and it means we can continue keeping the democratic space free, open and robust. Every contribution, however big or small, is so valuable for our collective future. Donate Now. Even as pandemic fatigue sets in, Covid continues to wreak havoc in homes and in the workplace, picking its victims from all ethnicities and all races without regard to creed, class or caste.

A year after COVID was officially declared a crisis by the Chinese government in Wuhan Province, I travelled to Moi Ndabi on Christmas eve , a fast-growing trading centre 40 kilometres from Naivasha town and kilometres northwest of Nairobi city.

The area is mainly populated by the Maasai people and migrant Kikuyus. I arrived in the sweltering heat of midday, my light blue surgical mask in place. It was the first thing that my hosts and the people at the trading centre noticed.

Kaamamia is the archetypal Maasai man. He once lived in the forest with other morans before being conscripted into the Kenya Army where he trained as a tank commander. They are not even sold in the shops.

Yes, I have been watching the television which has narrated how the devastating disease has invaded the white people in Europe and America. The white people are weak, their body immune system cannot withstand even the slightest of a feverish attack. I asked him. Forget about these pharmaceutical drugs, they are all toxic. Ole tarmunyo is a bitter, stinging concoction, which can be taken at any time of the day by men, women and children alike. What was that? No real Maasai man can get this crazy disease.

Anyhow, I called Kaamamia who ferried ole tarmunyo in a gallon to my house where I lay motionless. The following day, Letoya said, he was back to his usual self — as fleet of foot and as sprightly as an antelope. You can never go wrong with our time-tested traditional medicine. In Nairobi, the pandemic has led the urbanites to rediscover the value of garlic, ginger, and lemon and they have been mixing their own concoctions with these ingredients to fend off the disease, with the result that the price of lemons has shot up and remains high.

A lemon that used to cost KSh5 pre-pandemic is retailing at KSh20 today. Many Nairobians have been religiously drinking this concoction morning and night so business is brisk for garlic, ginger and lemon merchants even as dispensing chemists have seen a spike in the number of people trooping in to stock up on antibiotics. However, when dire circumstances drag on, they have to adopt a different style of coping, and fatigue and demotivation may be the result.

These relate to individual motivation and capability as well as to opportunities offered by the cultural, social, structural and legislative environment. For some people, the balance may shift, and the perceived costs of the response may start to outweigh the perceived risks related to the virus. Nairobians have been breaking critical pandemic rules: they are not maintaining social distancing in the crowded fruit and vegetable markets, at the matatu stops, in the pubs or in other social gatherings.

The temperature gun has become a gadget to be casually pointed at customers entering office buildings, restaurants, schools and supermarkets. In many government buildings security does not even bother to pretend to take your temperature. Water dispensers at government buildings are more often than not either broken or simply not available. At Marigiti Market, which I frequent often, I asked my friend Morgan Njeri, a fruit vendor, why she had taken off her mask.

Masks are for oldies like you, and the rich. Look around here, do you see anybody wearing any mask? What for? But panic swept through Githurai Market after the deadly disease claimed the lives of more than ten men between March 13 and October Their deaths were hushed up among the market traders, said the vendor. I mean how?

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Stashed inside pickup trucks and guarded by armed militias and jihadists, every year billions of illicit cigarettes wind their way through the lawless deserts of northern Mali bound for the Sahel and North Africa. The profits of cigarette smuggling fuel the bloody struggle between jihadists, armed militias, and corrupt military officers that has turned northern Mali into a lawless warzone. Sources say these cigarettes, trucked north with the help of the military and police, then fall into the hands of jihadists and militias. An internal document suggests BAT used informants in West Africa to keep abreast of the workings of the illicit trade. The dirty business goes well beyond the desert. And it continues today.

Transnational Organized Crime and International Security: Business as Usual? Mats Berdal and Mónica Serrano, editors.

Organized crime

Advanced Search. Though the provision of illicit goods and services is far from being a new phenomenon, today's global economic environment has allowed transnational organized crime an unprecedented capacity to challenge states. The authors of this book examine the trends underlying the explosion of transnational organized crime and consider possible responses. Emphasizing the difficulties encountered by individual states in their efforts to deal with this security dilemma, they highlight the growing importance of multilateral initiatives. Introduction— the Editors.

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Transnational organized crime and international security : business as usual?

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