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Leonora Carrington: Surrealism, Alchemy and Art provides a fascinating overview of this intriguing artist's rich body of work.

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Aberth, Lund Humphries, Hampshire and Burlington, , pp. Aberths lavishly illustrated book is the first monograph in English dedicated to Leonora Carringtons long and prolific career, with the exception of a exhibition catalogue Leonora Carrington, The Mexican Years ,1 which included an essay by Whitney Chadwick and an autobiographical interview with the artist. With these texts serving as the basis for Aberths study, Surrealism, Alchemy and Art fleshes out such earlier treatments of the artist, integrating biography with analyses of Carringtons individual works and a thematic assessment of her career.

Aberths book opens with image of Carrington as a beautifully savoured gourmet dish and as a rare and singular treasure 7. Aberths metaphorical language indicates possibilities for reevaluating Carringtons unorthodox relationship to traditional aesthetics. Aberths metaphorics thus correspond to Carringtons own intellectual project.

Her allusions to gastronomy and treasure invoke what Aberth calls the alchemical process of distillation and transmutation that abound in Carringtons work 7. Alchemy, the heretical black art of magical transformation, bears not only a material similarity to the art of cooking, with all its alembics and cauldrons, but also a similarly eccentric epistemology: a centuries-long genealogy of texts, recipes, illustrations, and hearsay that form a body of knowledge passed down against the current of religious and scientific orthodoxy.

At the heart of this interest in alchemy lies the idea that Leonora Carringtons art and writing explore not only alternative forms of beauty, but alternative forms of knowledge and understanding as well.

Aberths introduction promises that Carringtons seemingly hermetic works have an internal logic of their own. It is not that certain embedded symbols have no meaning; it is that these symbols cannot and do not illustrate ideas in the manner we are accustomed to 9. Aberth explains that Carringtons paintings are, like alchemical engravings, profoundly personal interpretations of complex philosophical and magical ideas whose meanings have always been permeable and shifting, encouraging multiple levels of perception 9.

Aberth offers a number of suggestions for what these philosophical and magical ideas might be, documenting Carringtons ties to purism and surrealism, to Celtic mythology, to childrens literature, to feminism, and to the ethnographic study of religion, myth, and magic. The books biographical organisation tends, however, to reduce these ideas to influences along the path of Carringtons life, rather than discussing their conceptual specificity as intellectual projects in which Carrington was deeply involved.

Aberth does well, for instance, to move beyond the welldocumented discussion of Carringtons relationship with surrealism, and especially her involvement with Max Ernst; but her study would have benefited from discussing more concretely what it was that Carrington drew from surrealism, as well as what she contributed to it.

Likewise, Aberth argues that Carringtons relationship with Ernst was intellectual as well as romantic, but her biography dramatises rather than downplays their romantic involvement, offering little new analysis of their collaborative intellectual work.

Instead, Aberth foregrounds the significance of the Spanish-Mexican painter Remedios Varo to Carringtons life and work, contrasting the two womens mutual, artistically productive friendship to the atmosphere of entrapment and obsession that surrounded her relationship with Ernst.

Aberths study traces such influences over the course of Carringtons life, from her English childhood in the s to her post-surrealist career in Mexico and London. Chapter one describes Carringtons early years, documenting her formal upbringing, her artistic beginnings in school, and her travels to the continent, concluding with her introduction into the surrealist movement in The second chapter narrates the artists escape from the haute-bourgeoisie of her childhood into the artistic circles of Amde Ozenfant and, later, the surrealists.

This new artistic lifestyle, Aberth explains, provided a means for Carrington to rebel against her family 29 , while at the same time, her upper-class training and confidence enable[d] her to interact with a certain ease and lack of self-consciousness with the older male members of the Surrealist circle Chapter three discusses the artists tempestuous relationship with Ernst and her mental and physical trials during the Nazi occupation of France; Aberths brief discussion of Carringtons text Down Below, which recounts her escape from France and ensuing incarceration in a Spanish mental institution, is one of the books few treatments of Carringtons writing.

Chapter four documents Carringtons postwar life in Mexico City, offering a useful discussion of the artists. In Mexico, Aberth writes, Carrington was liberated from the constraints of her relationship with Ernst, far from the controlling machinations of her father and Imperial Chemicals, and immersed in a new country rich with dynamic and religious hybrids Likewise, in Mexico she was fortunate to be welcomed into the existing migr Surrealist community living in Mexico City, and through their support and encouragement was able to achieve a new kind of personal and creative autonomy Aberths study admirably strives to view Carrington through a critical lens other than that of surrealist movement, and the books reproductions of a wide range of the artists posts work establishes it as an important resource for establishing the field of study for this important artist and writer.

Of particular interest is its inclusion of Carringtons text Jezzamathatics or Introduction to the Wonderful Process of Painting, translated from the Spanish.

The tantalising inclusion of one of Carringtons later nonfiction texts shows how much there remains to learn about the artists vast body of written and visual work, as well as her contribution to twentieth-century thought more broadly.

Indeed, Leonora Carrington: Surrealism, Alchemy and Art would have benefited from further attention to Carringtons prose, as well as to the many literary and nonfiction texts to which her artwork responds.

This is especially true of writings on alchemy. Aberth usefully documents Carringtons interest in texts such as Kurt Seligmanns The History of Magic, Pierre Mabilles Mirror of the Marvelous, and especially Robert Gravess The White Goddess, but tends to describe them as sources for Carringtons use of alchemical and magical symbols and themes, rather than as constituting a field of inquiry in which Carrington participated.

For instance, Aberth discusses how Gravess The White Goddess represented a turning point in Carringtons career when she read it in , spark[ing] a rediscovery of her Celtic roots and recall[ing] the stories told to her by her maternal grandmother Moorhead Was Gravess work simply a mirror, reflecting Carringtons own childhood exposure to myth?

Or did Carrington interact conceptually with Gravess text as well? Aberth points suggestively toward the intertextuality of Carringtons work, but her study would benefit from a more thorough discussion of the discourses uniting all these thinkers. Carrington was, after all, their peer and an important question to ask of her relations with writers like Seligmann, Mabille, and Graves would be why so many surrealist-influenced thinkers turned their attention after WWII from psychoanalysis to the ethnographic exploration of magic and the occult as was the case for Andr Breton in Arcane 17, Benjamin Pret in his anthology of Mexican folk tales, and Jules Monnerot in La Posie moderne et le sacr.

Another issue to which Aberths study devotes limited attention is Carringtons politics. Aberth claims, paradoxically, that Carrington is both an early and staunch feminist and an outspoken advocate for womens rights in Mexico 63 , and yet is someone who eschew[s] direct political involvement as always. Aberth mentions the artists vociferous support of feminism in both the American and Mexican press , while championing the artists separation from the domain of political involvement.

This paradox, which characterizes a wide range of postwar art, is worthy of discussion: what constitutes political involvement?

How does Leonora Carrington understand her work as bearing a political voice? As with her treatment of Carringtons conceptual involvement in modernist ideas, Aberths discussion of the artists politics is evocative but superficial. It is to Aberths credit that Leonora Carrington: Surrealism, Alchemy and Art provides the means to consider these questions, whether explicitly or implicitly; Aberths book invites other scholars to take up the many issues it raises in future scholarship on Carringtons impressive and farreaching artistic career.

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Uploaded by Anonymous aeAS2X. Document Information click to expand document information Date uploaded Oct 19, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for inappropriate content. Download now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Aberths point is, rightly, that Carringtons artistic work has proven both elusive overlooked by many art historians and critics, and considered unfathomable by others and exquisite.

As the artists numerous texts and paintings devoted to the culinary arts suggest, Carringtons career might be said to privilege the physical and intellectual pleasure of eating over the disinterested aesthetic judgment of taste. Carringtons paintings, like her writings, resist totalizing judgments and exegeses, instead multiplying the pleasures and frustrations of an ongoing process of interpretation. Yet rather than explicate or articulate this logic, Aberth compares it to the idiosyncratic language of dreams supplied by our unconscious.

This autonomy becomes the overarching theme of the books brief final chapter, which traces Carringtons continued development as an artist from the s to the present. Jonathan P. Timothy Moore. Sequoia Paull. Eko Widodo. Popular in Fiction. Ron Butler. Enes Yildirim. Anjyaz Anjami. Ronald Wederfoort. Alysson Oliveira. Daniel Chacon Mat.

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The Idiosyncratic Writings of Leonora Carrington, a Reluctant Surrealist

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Papers of Surrealism Issue 5 Spring 1. Leonora Carrington: Surrealism, Alchemy and Art by Susan L. Aberth, Lund. Humphries, Hampshire and Burlington.

Leonora Carrington Surrealism Alchemy And Art Books

Aberth, Lund Humphries, Hampshire and Burlington, , pp. Aberths lavishly illustrated book is the first monograph in English dedicated to Leonora Carringtons long and prolific career, with the exception of a exhibition catalogue Leonora Carrington, The Mexican Years ,1 which included an essay by Whitney Chadwick and an autobiographical interview with the artist. With these texts serving as the basis for Aberths study, Surrealism, Alchemy and Art fleshes out such earlier treatments of the artist, integrating biography with analyses of Carringtons individual works and a thematic assessment of her career.

Leonora Carrington

Reading Free Leonora Carrington: Surrealism Alchemy and Art par Susan Aberth

She deemed the term a European invention and a misreading of her work. Kahlo was not alone in her frustrations. Born in to an overbearing, well-to-do family in Lancashire, England, Carrington entered Surrealist circles upon falling in love with the revered artist Max Ernst, who was 26 years her senior. Together they lived idyllically in the French countryside, making art and hosting festive dinner parties where Carrington served up omelettes with locks of her hair. Carrington shortly thereafter went to Madrid, where she suffered a nervous breakdown and was taken to an insane asylum. There was nothing glorifying about her condition. By this time, she was already living in Mexico City, where she moved after marrying a Mexican diplomat to escape her controlling family.

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She lived most of her adult life in Mexico City and was one of the last surviving participants in the Surrealist movement of the s. Educated by governesses, tutors, and nuns, she was expelled from two schools, including New Hall School , Chelmsford , [10] for her rebellious behaviour, until her family sent her to Florence , where she attended Mrs Penrose's Academy of Art. She also, briefly, attended St Mary's convent school in Ascot. She returned to England and was presented at Court , but according to her, she brought a copy of Aldous Huxley 's Eyeless in Gaza to read instead. She became familiar with Surrealism from a copy of Herbert Read 's book, Surrealism , given to her by her mother, [9] but she received little encouragement from her family to forge an artistic career. The Surrealist poet and patron Edward James was the champion of her work in Britain; James bought many of her paintings and arranged a show in for her work at the Pierre Matisse Gallery in New York. In Leonora saw the work of the German surrealist Max Ernst at the International Surrealist Exhibition in London and was attracted to the Surrealist artist before she even met him.

ISBN: Reproduced in this book is a famous group photograph, taken in New York in , of a group of mostly European artists in "exile" in the U. They are arranged in three rows, in a quietly comical manner: Everyone in the back row faces left, those in the center face right with one exception and those in the front row face whatever direction they like. Of the 14 artists in the photograph, 11 are men, but, as if to anticipate recent concerns about gender inequality, each row contains one woman, including Peggy Guggenheim of Guggenheim Museum fame , Berenice Abbott the famous photographer and a largely obscure painter named Leonora Carrington. While everyone else in the photograph has died, this third woman, whose life and work this book concerns, is still living.

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