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. PMP Exam Prep Questions, Answers & Explanations 1,000+ Questions Scordo 2018 TA

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. The goal of this book is to provide condensed mock exams and practice tests which allow you to become comfortable with the pace, subject matter, and difficulty of the PMP exam.

The content in this book is designed to optimize the time you spend studying in multiple ways. Practice exams in this book are condensed to be completed in one hour; allowing you to balance your time between practice tests and offline study.

Passing score requirements in this book are slightly higher than the real exam; allowing you to naturally adjust to a higher test score requirement. While many refinements have been applied to the material to be tested on, a particular focus has been placed on an agile approach integrated with traditional project management.

To accommodate the updated exam content, this book has been revised extensively so that exam and PMBOK Guide revisions are taken into account. Since , the PMP certification has been one of the most sought-after project management credentials available. The actual exam is offered in both a computer-based testing CBT environment, as well as through proctored paper-based exams.

This method indicates that scores reflect the difficulty of the questions answered. The ten knowledge areas contain a total of 49 processes which are applied to five basic process groups.

These five basic process groups, or "domains", are common across all projects and listed below along with the percentage of questions one should expect on the PMP exam: 6th edition, Page ] [Project Quality Management] C -The first step should be to gather enough information so that the right decision and course of action can be determined. The second step should be to issue a change request and follow its approval.

The project manager must first review the change request handling procedure specific to the contract and that can be found in the procurement contract itself.

A -A good approach is to add a lessons-learned agenda item to the meeting. As the meeting progresses to the point where you're ready to collect lessons-learned information, ask each team member about his or her positive and negative experiences for the week. Don't mention the words "lessons learned" to them; just capture what went right and wrong from every team member.

Do your best to prevent this part of the meeting from devolving into a complaint session. B -The Project scope statement lists and describes the specific project assumptions associated with project scope and the potential impact of those assumptions if they prove to be false. The assumptions listed in the i r o n w i l l detailed project scope statement are typically more numerous and detailed than the project assumptions listed in the project charter.

C -Documenting both the success stories and the failed attempts are important as these can be very important inputs for future projects.

Only focusing on the negatives and analyzing failures will paint half of the picture. The best practice is to ask "What went right" when asking "What went wrong? D -In order to realize economies of scope, many organizations treat contract administration as an administrative function separate from the project organization.

This is usually true if the performing organization is also the seller of the project to an external customer. Three years back, your organization awarded a fixed price contract to a reputable local contractor to construct a new airport terminal in the city. A few days back, you received a change request from the contractor requesting to adjust the contract's price.

The contractor is claiming that as a result of the recent national recession, the prices of raw materials have gone up and he cannot complete the rest of the project at the contract price. Is the contactor's request legitimate? Yes, you cannot penalize the contactor for price escalations due to force majeure. Yes, unless there is no Economic Price Adjustment provision in the contract. No, the price of the contract is fixed and cannot be changed.

No, the price hike due to recession must be adjusted against the contractor's profit. Which of the following is an agile prototyping technique showing sequence or navigation through a series of images or illustrations: A Which of the following statements is correct:A. Project lifecycles and product lifecycles are interdependent.

Project lifecycles are independent of product lifecycles. A product lifecycle is the same as a project lifecycle. The last lifecycle for a project is generally the product's retirement. Unless an enterprise-wide ERP is deployed in an organization, disparate IT systems perform specialized tasks in a project. Which of the following systems typically processes supplier's payments after obtaining all the necessary certification of satisfactory work?

Project management information system B. Accounts payable system C. Change control and tracking system D. Supply chain management system It is extremely important for a project manager to determine and map key stakeholder engagement levels early in the project. Which of the following statements support this claim: A The best practice to gather and document lessons learned is during weekly progress meetings.

The agenda can have a lessons-learned brainstorming item at the end of these meetings. You can ask team members to put forward their recommendations, but it is always better to adopt a more structured way to gather lessons learned. Which of the following approaches will ensure you capture important lessons learned on your project? B -Payments to the seller are typically processed by the accounts payable system of the buyer after certification of satisfactory work by an Although the rest of the three statements are true, the question is asking for the 'reason' of stakeholder engagement mapping exercise since the reason will support the claim.

The correct answer is that the stakeholder engagement throughout the life cycle of the project is critical to project success. C -This is a control account. Each control account may include one or more work packages, but each of the work packages must be associated with only one control account. Project charter is developed during the project initiating and must be communicated to all key stakeholders as soon as it is authorized.

The Develop Project Charter process produces the project charter and this output must be shared with the stakeholders at the end of this process. B -In this scenario you are considering investing your money in the bank or building a factory. Since all transactions are not happening at the same point in time, we need to discount the cash flows and then determine the return on investment.

B -Changes should be made as early as possible in the project to avoid additional cost and delays. The influence of stakeholders is high at the i r o n w i l l start of the project and low towards the end. In contrast, the cost of making changes in a project is low at the start of a project and high towards the end.

Test Questions1. George is managing a construction project and currently sequencing the project activities and defining their logical relationships. Two activities have both the SS and FF relationships.

How should George schedule these activities? Apply both the relationships. Select the relationship with the highest impact. Select the SS relationship as this is more logical than the FF relationship. Select the FF relationship as this can help meet the project deadlines. As part of tracking a project, a project manager is validating the that the project includes all the work required and only the work required to complete the project successfully.

You have subcontracted all the project's earth-works to a local subcontractor. The quality of the subcontractor's work is acceptable, but the subcontractor is not conforming to your organization's health and safety standards. You escalated this to the subcontractor's project manager, but he turned down your request.

The subcontractor's project manager is of the view that the request is out of the contract's scope and none of the contract provisions require him to conform to your organization's standards. You are agitated since you believe health and safety standards are globally accepted, and the contract does not have to explicitly state them.

Further, according to the state law, you cannot terminate the contract since the subcontractor has not vio A. Go for judicial arbitration as stated in the contact's ADR provisions B. Terminate the contract immediately since you will not compromise health and safety standards C. Withhold the subcontractor's payments to force compliance D.

Negotiate a contact amendment with the subcontractor requiring compliance to the standards 3. Which of the following is an output of the Define Activities process? Milestone list B. Project schedule activity diagrams C. Resource calendar D.

Activity duration estimates 4. A control chart is used to determine whether a process is stable or has predictable performance. When a process is within acceptable limits, the process does not need adjustment. How are these upper and lower control During this exercise, she finds she also needs to document an escalation process, which will come in handy in the future.

Where does she need to document the project's escalation process? Communications management plan B.

PMP Question & Answer 2018: Free PDF Download

PMP certification exam has questions and requires a good PMP study plan to pass the exam successfully. When practicing free PMP questions and answers, take notes especially for the mistakes you make. That is the only way to grab all you need to know for each project management processes you will see in the PMP Exam. After helping over , professionals in more than countries with a We will go through 40 Free PMP questions and answers in this post. We will be giving rationales for each free PMP questions and answers.

Let us explore the types of PMP Questions Banks available. Advantages of a PMP Question Bank It is good to practice answering as many tests.

Top Free PMP Exam Questions & Practice Tests of 2020 [PMBOK 6th Ed.]

Of the questions, 25 of them are pretest questions. The Expected Monetary Value for the project is:. If a risk has a 20 percent chance of happening in a given month, and the project is expected to last five months, what is the probability that the risk event will occur during the fourth month of the project?

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PMP Question Bank: Free PDF Download – PMP Certification Dumps

Look no further. Absolutely FREE. Have you attended the training programme to satisfy the 35 contact hours requirement? If not, I suggest you to complete the training programme before reading this article. To successfully ace the PMP certification exam, it is important to practice and test your understanding of the project management concepts.

It is NOT ONLY a waste of time and money if you take the actual exam when you are still not ready yet, think of the enormous pressure you have to endure sitting 4 hours before the screen and 15 seconds of the blank screen for the result to appear at the end of the exam. ALL Aspirants would like to pass the exam in the first attempt without having to go through it again! This is one of the top tips I would offer to fellow aspirants! I searched the internet a lot for my exam prep in the hope of finding the best mock exams. And I find the results are a pretty good indicator for the actual exam performance. From the feedback I received, many Aspirants share the same experience too!

There are umpteen websites that provide thousands of free PMP exam questions. But should you practice mock tests from these websites? Are free sources reliable? Only some of the websites have reliable free questions. But most of these sites have old and incorrect sample questions.

pmp exam prep pdf pmp exam prep questions answers & explanations pdf pmp exam questions pdf pmp questions and answers pdf pmp sample.

PMP Question Bank: Free PDF Download – PMP Certification Dumps

Free PMP Questions and Answers – 40 Questions

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Nov 17, So why aren't students laser-focused on taking practice exams before attempting the real thing?

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Practicing sample questions and attempting mock tests is an essential part of your PMP exam preparation. Practice helps you solidify concepts and mock tests let you identify your weaknesses and knowledge gaps. These days, good quality questions are difficult to find. I am writing this blog post to help you find a few free and paid high-quality PMP exam sample questions. You can select the resources given in this post and use them for your PMP exam preparation. The resources mentioned here are authentic, well-known, and I have reviewed them.

We will also see how to pick the most suitable one for you and how it helps.

Search for: Search. A definitive estimate is: A. Top-down estimating. Created during initiation.

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