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A standard recipe served in standard portions has a standard portion cost. A standard portion cost is simply the cost of the ingredients and sometimes labor found in a standard recipe divided by the number of portions produced by the recipe.

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The Advantages of Cost Control

Restaurant labor costs are typically the highest costs of owning a restaurant. However, a full-service, white-tablecloth restaurant will likely have a higher labor cost percentage than a casual dining restaurant , since they employ more staff to provide a higher level of service. So how do you control restaurant labor costs? That said, here are a few basic tips and tricks for both calculating and managing restaurant labor costs. Dividing staff into groups shows you which positions cost the most. Assign front-of-house staff such as servers, hosts, and bartenders to one group.

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How to Efficiently Manage Labor Costs for Your Restaurant

All spreadsheets were updated in But that's not all They will assist you in optimally scheduling your labor, track actual vs. They will also assist you in forecasting your weekly cash flows, as well as your daily and weekly sales revenues. Don't let the critical financial information generated by your restaurant slip through your fingers!

Opening a restaurant is a big challenge that requires a huge investment of time and money. Indeed, controlling restaurant costs is one of your biggest challenges. Not only do you have to manage many costs including, labor, equipment, and food—but you have to do it while dealing with inevitable price increases. So, how do you remain ahead of the curve? What costs do you focus on? How do you control these costs to stay profitable? This guide answers these questions and more.

The Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Costs

Controlling food and labor costs are two of the most important tasks for a restaurant owner. With proper menu planning, sales forecasting and employee training, a restaurant can prevent overspending on staff and supplies and still provide excellent quality dishes and service. Using a variety of planning, monitoring and evaluation techniques, you can continually manage these expenses to ensure you remain profitable without sacrificing quality. The first step in controlling foods costs is to determine what they are, per diner.

Knowing your restaurant food costs helps with menu pricing, affects prime costs, and plays an integral part in remaining profitable. Food cost management is particularly important during a recession or economic downturn , as many restaurant owners are finding right now. Every penny counts, and you must find ways to maximize profits at every corner. But managing restaurant food costs can be challenging. Manually calculating food costs is a painstaking, time-consuming process that must be done regularly to ensure costs accurately reflect changing market rates.

The general principle of operating a business is to make a profit. But, what is the best way to make that happen? The answer is cost controls.

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Kitchen Schedule Planner and Writer This Workbook is designed to create fully costed and printable Weekly Staffing Schedules for each job category in the kitchen.

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