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control of active and reactive power in synchronous machine pdf

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In this chapter, a power control system for a wound rotor induction generator has been explained. This power control system has realized a control method using a rotating reference frame fixed on the air-gap flux of the generator. Application of such a system allows control of the active and reactive power of generators independently and stably.

Synchronous condenser

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Active and reactive power control of synchronous generator for the realization of a virtual power plant Abstract: This paper presents a novel power control strategy that decouples the active and reactive power for a synchronous generator connected to a power network. The proposed control paradigm considers the capacitance of the transmission line along with its resistance and reactance as-well. The independent control of active and reactive power is achieved through rotational transformations of the terminal voltages and currents at the synchronous generator's output.

Capability Curve of a Synchronous Generator

In electrical engineering , a synchronous condenser sometimes called a synchronous capacitor or synchronous compensator is a DC-excited synchronous motor , whose shaft is not connected to anything but spins freely. Its field is controlled by a voltage regulator to either generate or absorb reactive power as needed to adjust the grid's voltage , or to improve power factor. Increasing the device's field excitation results in its furnishing reactive power measured in units of var to the system. Its principal advantage is the ease with which the amount of correction can be adjusted. The kinetic energy stored in the rotor of the machine can help stabilize a power system during rapid fluctuations of loads such as those created by short circuits or electric arc furnaces. Large installations of synchronous condensers are sometimes used in association with high-voltage direct current converter stations to supply reactive power to the alternating current grid.

The fuzzy logic controller based on the fuzzy set theory provides a useful tool for converting the linguistic control rules from the expert knowledge into automatic control rules [1]. By using fuzzy automatic rules from the heuristic or mathematical strategies, complex processes can be controlled effectively in many situations. But the most important and difficult point is how to obtain the proper control rules for a given system. In addition to that Artificial Neural Networks ANN is successfully used in many areas such as fault detection, control and signal processing in our daily technology. Artificial Neural Networks have nonlinear structure and this is an effective feature that it approaches to the results of learning phase. It is a very preferable according to the other approaching methods.

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The Capability Curve of a Synchronous Generator defines a boundary within which the machine can operate safely.

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In this study, active and reactive power control of a generator connected to infinite bus system was fulfilled effectively by the fuzzy logic.

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