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Minicomputer is a midsized multiprocessing and multi user computer. It is also called mid-range server. But mainframes are huge computers, most commonly occupying entire rooms or floor.

Computer Hardware Interview Questions & Answers

There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research Hardware Design Development has a market share of about 5. So, You still have the opportunity to move ahead in your career in Hardware Design Development. Learn how to use Embedded Hardware Design Development, from beginner basics to advanced techniques by industry experts. Ans: There are certain factors that are responsible and the biggest one among them is the design. It is true that design plays an important role in enhancing the safety of the equipment.

In addition to this, power control is another major challenge while developing them. Fluctuation in the power supply can damage the entire equipment and can enhance the cost factor up to a great extent. The next major factor is the quality of the components that is always responsible for the same. Ans: In this present scenario, this is generally done with the help of a technology known as VLSI which stands for very large-scale integration.

It actually aims to cut down the size of different devices into smaller ones. The continuous reduction in the size of electronic gadgets such as computers has become possible with the help of this approach.

Ans: It stands for very large scale integration and is basically a technology that is helping developers in reducing the size of equipment. Presently, with the help of this technology, an entire electronic circuit can be designed on a single chip. Ans: Rectifiers are the devices that are used to control the power. It is quite true that in the present time, a lot of equipment is fabricated on a single plate or chip.

These components together constitute the hardware. One of the key issues is the power requirements of these components is low. Therefore a rectifier is deployed with every type of hardware. It always makes sure of a controlled current. Next, it converts Alternative Current into Direct current and enables the hardware or the instruments to perform their function all the time. Ans: It is called PCB i. Printed Circuit board. It acts s a base for all the components and its primary aim is to reduce the wiring problem when all the components are required to be connected together.

A wired connection among all these equipment is not possible and therefore conductors are used that are fixed on the base of plates and act as channels to pass the signals. One of the very common examples of PCB is the base of a computer motherboard. Q6 Name a few electronic devices that are used in hardware design development? Capacitors 2. Inductors 3. Transformers 4. Diodes 5. Relays 6. Ans: Well, robots are among the amazing hardware design and are a perfect instant of technology which is going more and more advanced.

Robotic can be used at several places to cut down the human interface such as in hospitals to carry the medicines for the patients in the bedroom. However, robotics can have a lot of cons associated with their development. They can easily be misguided and can fail to perform their task. One of the key challenges associated with their development is nothing but the cost factor. They need a lot of money to be invested in their proper development.

Ans: Every year around 5 million hardware equipment get fails to provide the most desired outcomes just because of design issues in them. It is true that design issues can lead to entire project failure.

Ans: These are the devices that have properties of both conductors and insulators. They are used in designing certain specific components in which there is sometimes a need for passage of current while sometimes passage of current should be avoided. Their most common application is the development of smartphones and laptops.

Ans: The very first thing is it should be shockproof for the safety of the user. Presently, many manufacturers and developing organizations have started working on water-proof materials as well. The durability, as well as performance, are the other major features that any design material must-have.

Ans: A chip or a computer chip is nothing but portable size electronic equipment. Although it is having a small size it consists of a lot of electronic components fabricated inside it. The primary aim of chips is to reduce the size of any electronic hardware and avoid other development issues.

They are helpful in cutting down the cost factor up to a great extent. Ans: Microprocessor is amazing electronic hardware equipment which can be defined as an integrated circuit having all the functions of a CPU of a computer. With respect to the increase in development and demand for smart devices, microprocessors have wide applications in almost every such device.

Actually, they act as the brain of any smart devices in the present scenario. It is available with a very large number of modules and the good thing is a lot of organizations use it. Ans: It all depends on the type of hardware. For example, repairing a component fixed on a PCB is not at all a big deal.

However, in the case of extremely small equipment fabricated through large scale integration is not possible. Ans: It stands for Light-emitting diode and is one of the very well known technologies in the present time for the development of smart and flat-screen television.

This technology becomes popular mainly because of its low power requirements and quick response. One of the major drawbacks is it cannot be repaired once any fault occurs in them. Ans: There are certain factors that play a significant role. A few of them are:. Accuracy 2. Precision 3. Performance 4. Reliability 5. Ans: Any form of hardware has to communicate with the software as most of the devices are a combination of the same. Machine language is nothing but an approach through which software and hardware communicate with each other.

The commands given by the users to the device are converted into machine language so the device can understand the instruction. Ans: Buses are nothing but small and thin wires that generally connect specific hardware with another and are responsible for the flow of information between them.

A bus can be 8 bit, 16, bit 32, or 64 bit depending on the requirement. A bit bus can transfer 64 bits of data at one time. A bit can be any string character related to the information that needs to be processed.

Ans: A clock generator is nothing but a circuit that is responsible for the generation of clocks i. It assures the proper functionality of any hardware based on electronics.

Different types of waveforms can be generated with the help of a clock generator. Ans: It stands for Switch mode power supply and is basically an electronic power supply that is responsible for distributing the electrical power efficiently among the sub-components of hardware. Any change in power can diversely affect the functionality of hardware and can even damage the same. Ans: Well, the fact is the demand of people or users are frequently changing.

Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to some important factors to keep up the pace when it comes to developing or designing any hardware that works reliably. Safety 2. Accuracy 3.

Response time 4. Bandwidth 5. Testability 6. Size and Weight 7. Mean time between failure 8. Prototype time. In other words, it can be defined as the cost which is basically associated with the one-time cost to design and to develop any hardware. It largely matters because most of the time this cost is high and organizations cannot always make sure of returns on it.

Ans: That depends on the type of product and its demand. Some factors that can affect it could be. Data flow graphs 2.

Design analysis 3. Considering new requirements 4. Problem formulation 5. Mentioning specifications. Ans: Any hardware is a combination of various small components that need to be integrated with each other. Soldering is a procedure that is used to connect one component with another manually with the help of a soldering gun.

Hardware Design Development Interview Questions

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Having a good knowledge on Computer Hardware? Finally, you reached to the right place. We provide a complete detail about Computer Hardware Interview question and answers on our page. Generally, Computer hardware are the physical parts or components of a computer, such as the monitor, keyboard, computer data storage, graphic card, sound card and motherboard. There are various companies that offers jobs in Computer Hardware. To get clear idea on Computer Hardware Interview questions and answers we provide complete details on our page and further details visit our site wisdomjobs. Question 1.

File Type PDF Interview Questions Answer For Hardware Engineer. Interview Questions Answer For Hardware Engineer. Eventually, you will extremely discover.

Interview Questions

There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research Hardware Design Development has a market share of about 5. So, You still have the opportunity to move ahead in your career in Hardware Design Development.

The main job role of IT support is to help customers who have technical queries and solve them. Support is also known as technical support where businesses offer help to their customers in the form of computer services or IT services. The main responsibility of an IT support engineer is to reside frontline and solve technical issues of employees or maybe customers.

The above interview questions also can be used for job title levels: entry level computer software engineer, junior computer software engineer, senior computer software engineer, computer software engineer assistant, computer software engineer associate, computer software engineer administrator, computer software engineer clerk, computer. I am passionate about building, learning and teaching code, as well as using data structures and algorithms to solve complex problems. How to interview entry-level candidates.

Computer Hardware Interview Questions And Answers

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300+ Computer Hardware Interview Questions and Answers

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