Possessive Adjectives And Pronouns Worksheet Pdf

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possessive adjectives and pronouns worksheet pdf

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The following collection of worksheets will help your students learn about possessive pronouns. Make sure your students understand that these words do not require an apostrophe.

Print Possessive Pronouns Worksheets

Before doing the exercises you may want to read the lesson on possessive adjectives. Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives: Where is I my your his her our their its book? Here is we my your his her our their its teacher. She goes to school with she my your his her our their its brother. We want to see it my your his her our their its historical monuments.

If you need possessive pronoun worksheets, here are two worksheets for you to use, either for yourself or for any students you may be teaching. In the first part, the students will identify possessive pronouns. In the second part, the students will practice using all the possessive pronouns. The first step to understanding possessive pronouns is to identify them correctly. Fill in the blank with the proper possessive pronoun: mine, ours, his, hers, yours, its, theirs.

Possessive Pronoun Worksheets

Click on picture to view a small preview of each activity. Click on Doc or PDF to download worksheets in preferred format. Pronouns serve both syntactic and semantic functions within sentences. They can serve as subjects, objects, direct objects, and indirect objects; they can do anything that nouns can do. Pronouns reduce both redundancy a good thing and specificity a not so good thing. Pronouns are often a source of syntactic ambiguity when their referents are confused. Unlike many areas of language acquisition, the specific order of pronoun development has been studied extensively Owens,

Interactive Version - In this free possessives breakout room activity, students change object pronouns to possessive pronouns or subject pronouns to possessive adjectives in order to correct sentences. Interactive Version - In this possessives interactive worksheet, students complete a variety of exercises to learn possessive pronouns and possessive nouns. Past Simple vs. Present Simple Passive Present Simple vs. Essay Writing Punctuation.

Possessive Pronoun Worksheets

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Possessive Pronouns. Indoor games for kids. We use them before a verb to show who is doing the action: Tom is a student. A possessive pronoun takes the place of possessive nouns nouns that show ownership.

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