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phytochemical analysis and antimicrobial activity of medicinal plants pdf

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Three medicinal plants, Erythrina excelsa, Phytolacca dodecandra and Cucumis aculeatus , collected from Siaya and Migori District in Kenya, were screened for the presence of phytochemicals. These plants have diverse compounds including phenolics, terpenoids, anthraquinones, alkaloids and flavonoids, whereby the terpenoids were the most abundant. The antimicrobial activity of the hexane, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate, methanol and water extracts from the stem barks, root barks and the leaves of selected medicinal plants were assayed against eight microorganisms. In comparison with the standard antibiotics chloramphenicol , the dichloromethane extract presented a high activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC and a moderate activity on Salmonella typhi Clinical isolate. The methanol extract presented significant activity against clinical fungal isolates, Microsporum gypseum and Trychophyton mentagrophytes.

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The aim of this study was to extract secondary metabolites from leaves, stems and roots of Tithonia diversifolia to evaluate their efficacy. Leaves, stems and roots of T. The plant parts of interest were then washed dried for twenty-one days then were grounded into powder. The grounded powders were used to make concentrations by the use of distilled water, acetone and methanol as the solvents. Phytochemical screening was carried out to evaluate the presence of secondary metabolites which included test for tannins, saponins, terpenoids, alkaloids, glycocides, steroids and flavonoids. The extracts from leaves, stems and roots of T.

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Metrics details. Acalypha manniana Euphorbiaceae is a plant popularly used in Cameroon and in several parts of Africa for the treatment of various microbial diseases like diarrhea and skin infections. The present study was designed to evaluate the phytochemical composition, antimicrobial and radical-scavenging activities of A. The methanol extract was partitioned into hexane, ethyl acetate and residual fractions and phytochemical analysis was conducted using standard methods. The broth microdilution method was used to evaluate the antimicrobial activity against nine bacterial species and four dermatophyte species.

DOI : The application of medicinal plants for combating various human ailments, as a food fortificant and additive have been adapted from ancient routine custom. Currently, developing countries use plants as a major source of primary health care. Besides, the emerging drug resistant pathogenic microbes encourage the utilization of medicinal plants as preeminent alternative sources of new bioactive substances. Extensive research findings have been reported in the last three decades.

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Due to the increase of microbial resistance to antibiotics and the occurrence of side effects, use of medicinal plants with anti-microbial properties seems to be rational. Hence, in this study, some plants of the Apiaceae, Asteraceae, Brassicaceae, and Cucurbitaceae families were evaluated for antimicrobial effects. The aerial parts of the plants were extracted by different solvents using a Soxhlet apparatus. Subsequently, the inhibitory effect of the extracts on different microbial species was assessed.

Antimicrobial Activity and Phytochemical Screening of Euphorbia helioscopia.

The in vitro antibacterial activity of various solvents and water extracts of aloe vera, neem , bryophyllum, lemongrass, tulsi , oregano, rosemary and thyme was assessed on 10 multi-drug resistant clinical isolates from both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and two standard strains including Staphylococcus aureus ATCC and Escherichia coli ATCC The zone of inhibition as determined by agar well diffusion method varied with the plant extract, the solvent used for extraction, and the organism tested. Klebsiella pneumoniae 2, Escherichia coli 3 and Staphylococcus aureus 3 were resistant to the plant extracts tested. Moreover, water extracts did not restrain the growth of any tested bacteria. Ethanol and methanol extracts were found to be more potent being capable of exerting significant inhibitory activities against majority of the bacteria investigated.

Kaisarun Akter, Emma C. Barnes, Joseph J. Vemulpad, Joanne F. Aboriginal people of Australia possess a rich knowledge on the use of medicinal plants for the treatment of sores, wounds, and skin infections, ailments which impose a high global disease burden and require effective treatments. The antibacterial and antioxidant activities and phytochemical contents of extracts, obtained from eight medicinal plants used by Aboriginal people of New South Wales, Australia, for the treatment of skin related ailments, were assessed to add value to and provide an evidence-base for their traditional uses. Extracts of Acacia implexa , Acacia falcata , Cassytha glabella , Eucalyptus haemastoma , Smilax glyciphylla , Sterculia quadrifida , and Syncarpia glomulifera were evaluated.

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