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agriculture fisheries and food authority act 2013 pdf

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The work of EFSA covers all matters with a direct or indirect impact on food and feed safety, including animal health and welfare , plant protection and plant health and nutrition.

In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires Cap No. Objects of the Act. The objectives of this Act is to provide for effective, efficient and peaceful governance of water use and water services in the County including providing for a operationalization water services provision as a County function under the Constitution; b prioritization water use in the County; c establishment an administrative framework for water services provision in the County; d provision of water services in urban and rural areas in the County; 7.

European Food Safety Authority

Those who download the documents from the website must forward their particulars immediately for records to Tender documents can also be obtained by prospective bidders from the Supply Chain office situated at Tea House along Naivasha Road, off Ngong Road during working days Monday to Friday between am pm and pm pm, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of One Thousand Kenya Shillings Kshs.

Duly completed Tender documents in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked as Tender for.. Local Time Tenders will be opened on Tuesday, 3 rd February, at a.

Late Tenders will be rejected. Standard Forms of Contract 37 3. The method of selection shall be as indicated by the procuring entity in the Appendix The consultants are invited to submit a Technical Proposal and a Financial Proposal, or a Technical Proposal only, as specified in the Appendix ITC for consulting services required for the assignment named in the said Appendix. A Technical Proposal only may be submitted in assignments where the Client intends to apply standard conditions of engagement and scales of fees for professional services which are regulated as is the case with Building and Civil Engineering Consulting services.

In such a case the highest ranked firm of the technical proposal shall be invited to negotiate a contract on the basis of scale fees. The proposal will be the basis for Contract negotiations and ultimately for a signed Contract with the selected firm The consultants must familiarize themselves with local conditions and take them into account in preparing their proposals.

To obtain firsthand information on the assignment and on the local conditions, consultants are encouraged to liaise with the Client regarding any information that they may require before submitting a proposal and to attend a pre-proposal conference where applicable.

Consultants should contact the officials named in the Appendix ITC to arrange for any visit or to obtain additional information on the pre-proposal conference.

Consultants should ensure that these officials are advised of the visit in adequate time to allow them to make appropriate arrangements The Procuring entity will provide the inputs specified in the Appendix ITC, assist the firm in obtaining licenses and permits needed to carry out the services and make available relevant project data and reports Please note that i the costs of preparing the proposal and of negotiating the Contract, including any visit to the Client are not reimbursable as a direct cost of the assignment; and ii the Client is not bound to accept any of the proposals submitted The procuring entity s employees, committee members, board members and their relative spouse and children are not eligible to participate Tender price to be charged for the tender document shall not exceed Ksh.

Any request for clarification must be sent in writing by paper mail, cable, telex, facsimile or electronic mail to the Client s address indicated in the Appendix ITC. The Client will respond by cable, telex, facsimile or electronic mail to such requests and will send written copies of the response including an explanation of the query but without identifying the source of inquiry to all invited consultants who intend to submit proposals At any time before the submission of proposals, the Client may for any reason, whether at his own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by an invited firm, amend the RFP.

Any amendment shall be issued in writing through addenda. Addenda shall be sent by mail, cable, telex or facsimile to all invited consultants and will be binding on them. The Client may at his discretion extend the deadline for the submission of proposals.

Consultants shall not associate with the other consultants invited for this assignment. Any firms associating in contravention of this requirement shall automatically be disqualified. For assignments on a staff-time basis, the estimated number of professional staff-time is given in the Appendix. The proposal shall however be based on the number of professional staff-time estimated by the firm. It is desirable that the majorities of the key professional staff proposed be permanent employees of the firm or have an extended and stable working relationship with it.

Proposed professional staff must as a minimum, have the experience indicated in Appendix, preferably working under conditions similar to those prevailing in Kenya. Alternative professional staff shall not be proposed and only one Curriculum Vitae CV may be submitted for each position.

For each assignment the outline should indicate inter alia, the profiles of the staff proposed, duration of the assignment, contract amount and firm s involvement. Any comments or suggestions on the Terms of Reference, a list of services and facilities to be provided by the Client. A description of the methodology and work plan for performing the assignment.

The list of the proposed staff team by specialty, the tasks that would be assigned to each staff team member and their timing. CVs recently signed by the proposed professional staff and the authorized representative submitting the proposal. Estimates of the total staff input professional and support staff staff-time needed to carry out the assignment supported by bar chart diagrams showing the time proposed for each professional staff team member.

A detailed description of the proposed methodology, staffing and monitoring of training, if Appendix A specifies training as a major component of the assignment. Any additional information requested in Appendix A The Technical Proposal shall not include any financial information. It lists all costs associated with the assignment including; a remuneration for staff in the field and at headquarters , and; b reimbursable expenses such as subsistence per diem, housing , transportation international and local, for mobilization and demobilization , services and equipment vehicles, office equipment, furniture, and supplies , office rent, insurance, printing of documents, surveys, and training, if it is a major component of the assignment.

If appropriate these costs should be broken down by activity. During this period, the consultant is expected to keep available, at his own cost, the professional staff proposed for the assignment. The Client will make his best effort to complete negotiations within this period. If the Client wishes to extend the validity period of the proposals, the consultants shall agree to the extension. It shall contain no interlineation or overwriting, except as necessary to correct errors made by the firm itself.

Any such corrections must be initialed by the persons or person authorized to sign the proposals For each proposal, the consultants shall prepare the number of copies indicated in Appendix A. Both envelopes shall be placed into an outer envelope and sealed. Any proposal received after the closing time for submission of proposals shall be returned to the respective consultant unopened After the deadline for submission of proposals, the Technical Proposal shall be opened immediately by the opening committee.

The Financial Proposal shall remain sealed and deposited with a responsible officer of the client department up to the time for public opening of financial proposals. Any effort by the firm to influence the Client in the proposal evaluation, proposal comparison or Contract award decisions may result in the rejection of the consultant s proposal Evaluators of Technical Proposals shall have no access to the Financial Proposals until the technical evaluation is concluded. A proposal whose technical score does not receive at least 70 points out of the maximum points in this evaluation shall be disqualified and its financial proposals returned unopened.

The Client shall simultaneously notify the consultants who have secured the minimum qualifying mark, indicating the date and time set for opening the Financial Proposals and stating that the opening ceremony is open to those consultants who choose to attend. The opening date shall not be sooner than seven 7 days after the notification date. The notification may be sent by registered letter, cable, telex, facsimile or electronic mail The Financial Proposals shall be opened publicly in the presence of the consultants representatives who choose to attend.

The name of the consultant, the technical. Scores and the proposed prices shall be read aloud and recorded when the Financial Proposals are opened. The Client shall prepare minutes of the public opening The evaluation committee will determine whether the financial proposals are complete i. The 8. However, there shall be no such preference in the technical evaluation of the tenders. Proof of local incorporation and citizenship shall be required before the provisions of this subclause are applied.

The aim is to reach agreement on all points and sign a contract Negotiations will include a discussion of the Technical Proposal, the proposed methodology work plan , staffing and any suggestions made by the firm to improve the Terms of Reference.

The Client and firm will then work out final Terms of Reference, staffing and bar charts indicating activities, staff periods in the field and in the head office, staff-months, logistics and reporting.

The agreed work plan and final Terms of Reference will then be incorporated in the Description of Services and form part of the Contract.

Special attention will be 9. Before contract negotiations, the Client will require assurances that the experts will be actually available. The Client will not consider substitutions during contract negotiations unless both parties agree that undue delay in the selection process makes such substitution unavoidable or that such changes are critical to meet the objectives of the assignment. If this is not the case and if it is established that key staff were offered in the proposal without confirming their availability, the firm may be disqualified The negotiations will conclude with a review of the draft form of the Contract.

To complete negotiations the Client and the selected firm will initial the agreed Contract. If negotiations fail, the Client will invite the firm whose proposal received the second highest score to negotiate a contract The procuring entity shall appoint a team for the purpose of the negotiations Award of Contract The Contract will be awarded following negotiations. The tenderer shall sign a declaration that he has not and will not be involved in corrupt or fraudulent practices The procuring entity will reject a proposal for award if it determines that the consultant recommended for award has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for the contract in question Further a consultant who is found to have indulged in corrupt or fraudulent practices risks being debarred from participating in public procurement in Kenya.

Clause Reference 2. Should have at least 3 years and above hands on experience in carrying out similar assignment Your quote should include all relevant statutory obligations e. Box Nairobi. Location of business premises Postal Address.. Tel No.. Nature of Business.. Registration Certificate No.

Attach Copy Maximum value of business which you can handle at any one time Kshs. Name of your bankers.. Attach copy Business Permit No. Attach copy Part 2 a Sole Proprietor Your name in full.. Nationality Country of origin. Citizenship details. State the nominal and issued capital of company- Nominal Kshs. Issued Kshs. Signature of Candidate.. One of the key requirements of asset management is to uniquely identify each asset and track the location of the asset throughout the asset lifecycle.

In this regard, the Authority seeks the services of an authorized service provider to supply, deliver and install a RFID based Asset tagging and tracking system at the Head Office. The system should enable efficient tagging of assets and enrolment into a centralized asset register through unique barcodes.

The location and details of each asset should be conveniently tracked through the web enabled system and handheld readers across the Authority s Wide area Network WAN.

The proposed system should enable an asset verification process to be undertaken periodically where each asset barcode is scanned using a handheld scanner for each location. This is then compared to the asset register and any variance investigated and corrected. The following are some of the current challenges that need to be addressed; 1.

It is difficult to monitor unauthorized movement of high value equipment such as servers, computers, laptops and tablets. Equipment sent for repair is monitored manually which is inefficient and subject to error. Current Procedures are inherently reactive rather than proactive. Uncontrolled movement of assets from one location to another can only be identified after the fact and responsibility cannot be identified. This leads to a large number of location transfers being required after each verification exercise.

If an asset is not tagged this can only be ascertained after verification. Assets sent for repair and not returned will not be identified until verification is carried out. As such the Authority believes that RFID tracking of assets may be a cost effective and efficient method of tracking moveable assets and addressing the shortcoming mentioned above.

Interested suppliers are required to submit detailed proposals of the solutions they have available based on the requirements listed below which shall be qualitatively evaluated out of a possible points based on how well they fit within the organization s environment and requirements. The Authority s assets vary widely and include computer equipment, servers, furniture.

As such, the response should address the capacity for tagging a variety of asset types. Tagging of documents for control purposes should be addressed.

Agriculture Fisheries and Food Authority Act No. 13 of 2013

Report Download. Establishment of the Authority. Functions of the Authority. Board of the Authority. Powers of the Authority. Conduct of business and affairs of the Authority.

March 1, Tuesday March 2, Wednesday March 3, Thursday March 4, Toggle navigation Houses of Parliament. Home Contact Us. Statements Browse through our archive of statements by the Members of Parliament

Republic Act No. Albert P. Aquino, Aleta Belissa D. Correa, and Princess Alma B. Ani [2]. Food, as one of the basic needs of man, provides the health requirements of a person in order to live. The availability of food on the plate of every Filipino is among the main concerns of the government in achieving food security.

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Authority Act, lkikNONAL COUNCIL. FOR LAW REPORTING. RECEIVED. E33x ; 0'3.

Republic Act No. 10611

Begun and held in Metro Manila, on Monday, the twenty-third day of July, two thousand twelve. Short Title. Declaration of Policy. Furthermore, Section 9, Article XVI provides that the State shall protect consumers from trade malpractices and from substandard or hazardous products. Toward these ends, the State shall maintain a farm to fork food safety regulatory system that ensures a high level of food safety, promotes fair trade and advances the global competitiveness of Philippine foods and food products.

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Those who download the documents from the website must forward their particulars immediately for records to Tender documents can also be obtained by prospective bidders from the Supply Chain office situated at Tea House along Naivasha Road, off Ngong Road during working days Monday to Friday between am pm and pm pm, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of One Thousand Kenya Shillings Kshs.

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