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Will the Nation-State Survive Globalization?

A specter is haunting the world's governments -- the specter of globalization. Some argue that predatory market forces make it impossible for benevolent governments to shield their populations from the beasts of prey that lurk beyond their borders. Others counter that benign market forces actually prevent predatory governments from fleecing their citizens. Although the two sides see different villains, they draw one common conclusion: omnipotent markets mean impotent politicians. But is it true that governments have become weaker and less relevant than ever before?

What Is the Role of the Nation-State in Globalization?

This chapter examines the implications of globalization for sovereign statehood. It begins with a discussion of the debate over the consequence of globalization for nation-states, followed by an analysis of the modalities of statehood as they have developed over the last several decades. In particular, it explores how advanced capitalist states are transforming from modern into post-modern states. It also considers the emergence of weak post-colonial states out of special circumstances — the globalization of the institution of sovereignty in the context of decolonization. Furthermore, it looks at modernizing states such as China, India, Russia, and Brazil, which combine features of the modern, post-modern, and weak post-colonial states. The chapter concludes with an overview of changes in statehood that place the discipline of comparative politics in a new setting.

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PDF | This article addresses the issue of whether the nation state has a future as a major locus of governance in an increasingly 'globalized'.

Is globalization causing the decline of the nation-state?

Mohammed A. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, Sexism, Wallerstein also points out, performed similar functions in the division of labor The degree of concentration and polarization in the world economy, however, is remarkable and noteworthy. Most of the capital, finance, investment, technology, research and development, production, trade, markets, and employment are concentrated in the core economies of North America, the European Union, and Japan, with some going to a small number of NICs.

Rather, different developments need to be taken into account when examining the situation of the nation-state. After having analyzed in the first part the way, major globalization-developments, like global capitalism, influence the nation-state, I will describe in the second and third part two other movements: internationalization and regionalization. According to the definition of Rai 49 , the nation-state can be characterised by the following four attributes: Firstly, territory; secondly, population; thirdly, a government being able to have jurisdiction over territory and population and finally recognition from other states.

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But markets only respond to messages coded in the language of prices. They are insensible to their own external effects, those they produce in other domains. Yet, in the third quarter of this century, the welfare state did succeed in substantially offsetting the socially undesirable consequences of a highly productive economic system in Europe and other oecd states. For the first time in its history, capitalism did not thwart fulfilment of the republican promise to include all citizens as equals before the law; it made it possible.

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Andy Green develops on his earlier historical work on Education and State Formation in a study of education and the nation state in an era of globalization. Education, Globalization and the Nation State offers the first sustained analysis of the implications of globalization for modern education systems. In a series of historical and comparative essays ranging from Europe to America and Asia, Green assesses the changing relations between education and the nation state in different regions, and concludes that the national education system is far from obsolete. A particular strength of the analysis is to be found in the way in which Green weaves together historical, comparative, sociological, political and education research sources to provide a fine example of policy scholarship in education. Green's book provides valuable insights and powerful arguments that sustain our commitment.

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PDF | Does globalization undermine the nation-state? | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate.

Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies

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