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role of agroforestry in climate change mitigation and adaptation pdf

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Agroforestry for Adaptation and Mitigation to Climate Change

We test the hypothesis that agroforestry improves livelihoods and mitigates climate change in smallholder farming systems simultaneously. Data were collected using household surveys and standard biomass assessment approaches using locally relevant allometric equations. Summary statistics and regression analyses reveal linkages between on-farm carbon stocks and farm- and household characteristics. With an average of 4. Timber was considered the most important use of on-farm trees before firewood and construction material. The results suggest that gaining self-sufficiency in firewood is the most important benefit with on-farm carbon accumulation. The focus on exotic species for timber production presents a considerable trade-off between livelihood options and environmental goals.

The potential of forests and trees to mitigate global warming has long been the main focus of climate change discussions. But forests — and the livelihoods of the 1. In fact, the ability of forests and trees to adapt to these impacts will influence their ability to mitigate climate change. Moreover, forests and trees provide so called nature-based solutions for adaptation helping other sectors build resilience. Thanks to their crucial ecosystem services, forests support crops, livestock, and fisheries, as well as prevent flooding and erosion that can threaten infrastructure, economies and people. A few years later, in , FAO issued the publication Addressing agriculture, forestry and fisheries in National Adaptation Plans — Supplementary guidelines , which introduces the sector perspective and opportunities on NAPs. FAO also launched the Addressing fisheries and aquaculture in National Adaptation Plans - supplementary guidelines shortly after the Forestry guidlines in

Agroforestry — a water wise land management system that can serve as a response option for both climate change adaptation and mitigation, while addressing many of the challenges that smallholder farmers are facing. Agroforestry can generate multiple livelihood and environmental benefits, as it can help to mitigate climate change and help farmers to adapt to extreme and variable weather. Agroforestry supports ecosystem services, such as regulation of water and sediment flows, carbon and nutrient cycling in soils — leading to for example increased soil fertility, reduced soil erosion and flood and pest control. Smallholder farmers can also benefit from agroforestry through increased farm productivity, diversified produce and reduction of external inputs such as conventional fertilizers and chemicals for pest management, leading to increased income. Agriculture , Agroforestry , climate change , food security , gender equality , poverty , water management.

Role of agroforestry in climate change mitigation

Climate change is projected to increase global temperatures, which could affect the agricultural growing season and increase drought Noble et al. Understanding how to build livelihood resilience to the impacts of climate change such as floods and droughts is important because livelihood systems must adapt to global and local changes. Agroforestry may be able to build livelihood resilience to the impacts of climate change for smallholder farmers. Although there has been significant research about agroforestry technologies, less is known about how agroforestry contributes to building livelihood resilience Thorlakson and Neufeldt There has been a call from the academic and development communities for more empirical evidence about the links between agroforestry and livelihood resilience to climate change Lin , Thorlakson and Neufeldt Here, we strive to answer the call for more empirical evidence by drawing on field work in Isiolo County, Kenya to address the research question: How does agroforestry help smallholder farmers build livelihood resilience to floods and droughts? In examining this research question, our major objectives are to understand: 1 any relationships between practicing agroforestry and perceptions of floods and droughts, 2 specific agroforestry benefits that contribute to livelihood resilience, and 3 if and how agroforestry directly and indirectly builds livelihood resilience to floods and droughts.

DOI: Climate change itself as a natural process but in recent years it will lead to changes in rainfall pattern, variation in temperature, sea level rises, increasing severity and various extreme weather events. Small landholder farmers Subsistence are unable to cope with such climatic hazards but there is a tremendous scope of expanding agroforestry. Climate change is well buffered, and resilience builds up by Agroforestry. It is the sustainable land use system where integration of woody perennials, crops and livestock on the same unit of land.

Agroforestry not only helps in climate change mitigation but also climate change adaptation. It is an established fact that despite our present.

Overstory #255 - Climate Change Adaptation

Agroforestry practices that are most common in North America include riparian forest buffers, windbreaks, silvopasture, alley cropping, and forest farming. Agroforestry can add a high level of diversity within agricultural lands and, with it, an increased capacity for supporting numerous ecological and production services that impart resiliency to climate change CC impacts see figure below Verchot et al. CC risk management is difficult in annual-only systems due to the increasing uncertainty and volatility of interannual variability in rainfall and temperatures. The mixing of woody plants into crop, forage, and livestock operations provides greater resiliency to this interannual variability through crop diversification produced seasonally, as well as through increased resource-use efficiency Olson et al.

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Received 4 July ; revised 8 August ; accepted 19 August Despite its low emissions of greenhouse gasses GHGs , Sri Lanka is considered as a vulnerable small island nation under climate change. Agroforestry, which uniquely integrates trees into land use systems, has historically contributed to climate change adaptation in Sri Lanka.

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Contribution of agroforestry to climate change mitigation and livelihoods in Western Kenya

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Agroforestry for Adaptation and Mitigation to Climate Change

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Agroforestry not only helps in climate change mitigation but also climate change adaptation. It is an established fact that despite our present effort at climate.

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