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C questions and answers.

The answer is infact undefined , and depends on the compiler being used. Some compilers will result in 16 and 20 , while others will produce 16 and However, macros are processed by the preprocessor, a step that takes place before actual compilation begins.

C Programming Tricky Interview Questions with Answers

Assume that the sentence is not more than 80 characters long. Qlxchange : Ha detto: interessante. Write a program to input 10 integers and sort them.

Use a menu system to determine whether the sort should be ascending or descending order. The process should continue till the user desires to exit. Given two arrays of size n, exactly one number is missing in the second array of the elements of first array. Write a function to return the missing number. Hi Alexis, go through this link Remove vovels from string.

I need It very fast Can u make program for collecting the students personal info and store it in a files by allocating memory dynamically Program to multiply 2 numbers without using multiplication symbol Hint: add first number the number of times the second number give me the answer. Significance of primility testing in formulation of public key cryptography algorithm. Write a program which asks user name of a text file. Once the user enters the name, your program will try to open it. If there is no such file i.

Once the text file is opened successfully, your program will provide the following functionalities in a menu: 1. Find: In selection of this choice, your program will ask the user a word.

Once the user enters the word, then the program will search for this word in the text file and returns the number of occurrences in the file. Then the program will search the word1 in the file and replaces them with word2. In this option, make sure that you open the file for read and write enable. Can any one able to solve following: Define a structure called cricket with player name, team name, and batting average. Declare an array of player with 5 elements. Write a program to read the information about all the 5 players and print a team-wise list containing names of players with their batting average.

Admin pls write a c program for finding the given number is odd r even without modulo operator.. John is standing at point a,b in an infinite 2D grid. He wants to know if he can reach point x,y or not.

It is given that he can move to any point on this 2D grid,i. Tell John whether he can reach x,y or not. Having looked at the first test, it is rife with undefined behaviour.

Asking what the output would be implies that it is defined, it is not. Thinking you know C if you give any answer besides undefined behaviour means you do not in fact know the language. There should be an answer available like "You will be demoted or fired if you are the author of this code". It could replace one of the answers which say what a particular compiler might output - a diagnostic for multiple updates of a variable without a sequence point isn't required, so the programs may well compile.

They are not obliged to produce any particular output and the output could well differ depending on the compiler, its version and the optimisation level used during the compile.

Questions like these should not appear in this test, as it suggests that such prormaming is acceptable - it is not. Write a program that adds up two 4x4 arrays and stores the sum in third array.?????? I need help in this program: In c language: 1 - Create a text file containing alphabetic characters , numbers, and punctuation characters.

Example tall instead of long I urgently need to Answer. I have a program that shows a matrix , sorts the numbers in the rows in ascending order. I want to modify it so it : 1 sorts the numbers in the rows in descending order and 2 to count how many times the digit ''2'' could be found in the matrix. Can anybody advise me how to do it? As per priority multiplication takes first. The it becomes Examples of factorial numbers are : 1,2,6,24,,….

The program prints an integer k, where k is the count of factorial numbers in the closed interval [n,m]. The interval is closed, i. Ignore Presentation Errors for this problem. I have 8 question any expert here who can solve if any one then plzz replyy i need answer as soon as possible. Write a program to do linear search for an integer number in an array of 20 distinct numbers. The program should return the location of an element if the number found in the array.

Good day everyone, can anyone answer my question? Hi guyz can someone assist me in this c program quiz i Write a function that returns the larger of two floating point numbers. Let Kshs. Write a program that asks for your name and then inputs your first, middle and last names.

Have the program read no more than 20 characters for each part of your name. Finally, have the program redisplay your full name. Hi - trying to do this one but keep getting errors - I would be really grateful for your help please. Write a menu-driven program that allows the user to fill an array, query the array, and print the array.

The menu and an explanation of each option is shown below Select one of the following options: F. Fill the array with a random number series. Print the array. Query the array. Terminate the program. Thank you so much in advance.

Y ou can use any logic and any language. Must explain your answers properly. Indian Rupee system had following denominations p,50p,25p,20p,10p,5p and 1p. Given an amount in Rs. Ex, Rs. Write function name as minCoins which accept float value as input and print out denominations and count. If you start with Rs. Write a program to calculate the moves. Code 1: 1. Write a program to generate the Fibonacci series in c 2. Write a program to print Fibonacci series in c 3. Basic c programs Fibonacci series 4.

How to print Fibonacci series in c 5. How to find Fibonacci series in c programming 6. Logic of Fibonacci series Definition of Fibonacci numbers: We assume first two Fibonacci are 0 and 1 A series of numbers in which each sequent number is sum of its two previous numbers is known as Fibonacci series and each numbers are called Fibonacci numbers. Satu hal yang sangat penting untuk diingat adalah untuk memeriksa biaya penarikan yang dibebankan oleh bandar judi.

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C programming Interview questions and answers

Answer: The hidden problem with the code above is the use of the function gets. This function accepts a string from stdin without checking the capacity of buffer in which it copies the value. This may well result in buffer overflow. The standard function fgets is advisable to use in these cases. Question: Following is the code for very basic password protection. Can you break it without knowing the password?

It is referred to as a terminating null character and is used primarily to show the end of a string value. Answer: Break is used to control out of the block of code which is executing, we can use in loop statements or switch statements. Answer: The main function in c is the one which executes which you run the program but it is not the first function to be executed as there is another start function which gets executed to compile the libraries. Commonly asked C Questions. Yes No. Your email address will not be published. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

12 Interesting C Interview Questions and Answers

There are actually two ways you can do this. Likewise, the statement "x --" means to decrement the value of x by 1. When using Call by Value, you are sending the value of a variable as parameter to a function, whereas Call by Reference sends the address of the variable. Also, under Call by Value, the value in the parameter is not affected by whatever operation that takes place, while in the case of Call by Reference, values can be affected by the process within the function. How does this aid in debugging?

What is a pointer? A pointer is a special variable, which stores the memory address. Ampersand in front of a variable gets its address and asterisk in front of a pointer gets its value.

Top 100 C Programming Interview Questions & Answers

Thanks for your comments guys, good to know that you like these programming interview questions and find useful. I suggest to contribute on this with some unique programming questions you faced during interviews.

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C programming Interview questions and answers


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Assume that the sentence is not more than 80 characters long.

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