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property and casualty insurance concepts simplified pdf writer

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P&C Insurance Concepts Simplified – Free Sample Chapters

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Free preview: Read the first three chapters! Download Sample Chapters. This book details key property and casualty concepts rarely discussed or found in print; rather they are often left to be "discovered" over time. These important concepts are now written down for all insurance practitioners to easily access. Examples of the topics and concepts found in this book include rules for reading ANY insurance policy; why losses are excluded; contractual risk transfer; legal liability theories; "COPE" details; and the proper explanation of coinsurance concepts.

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Property and Casualty Insurance Concepts Simplified: The Ultimate 'How to' Insurance Guide for Agents, Brokers, Underwriters, Christopher J. Boggs (​Author).

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Insurance Concepts Simplified. The Ultimate How to Insurance Guide for Agents, Brokers, Underwriters and Adjusters. Available in Paperback, PDF and Kindle.

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