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operating system internals and design principles pdf

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Operating Systems Internals and Design Principles 9th Global Edition pdf pdf

Project Editor, Global Editions: K. Many of the designations by manufacturers and seller to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those. The right of William Stallings to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by him in accordance with the.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or. All trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners. The use of any trademark in this text does not vest in. British Library Cataloguing-in-Publication Data A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.

Since the eighth edition of this book was published, the field of operating systems has seen continuous innovations and improvements. In this new edition, I have tried to capture these changes while maintaining a comprehensive coverage of the entire field. To begin the process of revision, the eighth edition of this book was extensively reviewed by a number of professors who teach the subject and by professionals working in the field.

The result is that, in many places, the narrative has been clari- fied and tightened, and illustrations have been improved. Beyond these refinements to improve pedagogy and user friendliness, the technical content of the book has been updated throughout to reflect the ongo- ing changes in this exciting field, and the instructor and student support has been expanded.

The most noteworthy changes are as follows:. Updated Linux coverage: The Linux material has been updated and expanded to reflect changes in the Linux kernel since the eighth edition. Updated Android coverage: The Android material has been updated and expanded to reflect changes in the Android kernel since the eighth edition.

New Virtualization coverage: The chapter on virtual machines has been com-. In addition, a new section has been added on the use of containers. New Cloud operating systems: New to this edition is the coverage of cloud. New IoT operating systems: New to this edition is the coverage of operating.

Concurrency: New projects have been added to the Projects Manual to better help the student understand the principles of concurrency. This book is about the concepts, structure, and mechanisms of operating systems. Its purpose is to present, as clearly and completely as possible, the nature and charac- teristics of modern-day operating systems. This task is challenging for several reasons. First, there is a tremendous range and variety of computer systems for which operating systems are designed.

These include embedded systems, smart phones, single-user workstations and personal computers, medium-sized shared systems, large mainframe and supercomputers, and specialized machines such as real-time systems. The variety is not just con- fined to the capacity and speed of machines, but in applications and system support requirements. Second, the rapid pace of change that has always characterized com- puter systems continues without respite.

A number of key areas in operating system design are of recent origin, and research into these and other new areas continues. In spite of this variety and pace of change, certain fundamental concepts apply consistently throughout. To be sure, the application of these concepts depends on the current state of technology and the particular application requirements.

The in- tent of this book is to provide a thorough discussion of the fundamentals of operat- ing system design, and to relate these to contemporary design issues and to current directions in the development of operating systems. This text is intended to acquaint the reader with the design principles and imple- mentation issues of contemporary operating systems.

Accordingly, a purely concep- tual or theoretical treatment would be inadequate. To illustrate the concepts and to tie them to real-world design choices that must be made, four operating systems have been chosen as running examples:.

Windows: A multitasking operating system for personal computers, worksta-. This operating system incorporates many of the latest developments in operating system technology. In addition, Windows is one of the first important commercial operating systems to rely heavily on object-oriented design principles. This book covers the technology used in the most recent version of Windows, known as Windows Android: Android is tailored for embedded devices, especially mobile phones.

Focusing on the unique requirements of the embedded environment, the book provides details of Android internals. UNIX: A multiuser operating system, originally intended for minicomputers,. Several flavors of UNIX are included as examples. FreeBSD is a widely used system that incorporates many state-of-the-art fea- tures. Solaris is a widely used commercial version of UNIX. The discussion of the example systems is distributed throughout the text rather than assembled as a single chapter or appendix.

Thus, during the discussion of concur- rency, the concurrency mechanisms of each example system are described, and the motivation for the individual design choices is discussed.

With this approach, the design concepts discussed in a given chapter are immediately reinforced with real- world examples. For convenience, all of the material for each of the example sys- tems is also available as an online document. The book is intended for both an academic and a professional audience. As a textbook, it is intended as a one-semester or two-semester undergraduate course in operating systems for computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering majors.

CS divides all course work into three categories: Core-Tier 1 all topics should be included in the cur- riculum , Core-Tier 2 all or almost all topics should be included , and Elective desir- able to provide breadth and depth. In the OS area, CS includes two Tier 1 topics, four Tier 2 topics, and six Elective topics, each of which has a number of subtopics. This text covers all of the topics and subtopics listed by CS in these three categories.

A detailed list of subtopics for each topic is available as the file CSOS. The book is divided into six parts: Background 1. Processes 2. Memory 3. Scheduling 4. Advanced topics embedded OSs, virtual machines, OS security, and cloud and 6.

IoT operating systems The book includes a number of pedagogic features, including the use of anima- tions and videonotes and numerous figures and tables to clarify the discussion. The book also includes an extensive glossary, a list of frequently used acronyms, and a bibliography.

In addition, a test bank is available to instructors. The major goal of this text is to make it as effective a teaching tool as possible for this fundamental yet evolving subject. This goal is reflected both in the structure of the book and in the supporting material. The text is accompanied by the following supplementary material to aid the instructor:. VideoNotes on concurrency: Professors perennially cite concurrency as per- VideoNote haps the most difficult concept in the field of operating systems for students to grasp.

The edition is accompanied by a number of VideoNotes lectures discuss-. This icon appears next to each algorithm definition in the book to indicate that a VideoNote is available:.

Sample syllabuses: The text contains more material that can be conveniently. Accordingly, instructors are provided with several sample syllabuses that guide the use of the text within limited time. These samples are based on real-world experience by professors with the seventh edition. All of these support materials are available at the Instructor Resource Center. For many instructors, an important component of an OS course is a project or set of projects by which the student gets hands-on experience to reinforce concepts from the text.

This book has incorporated a projects component in the course as a result of an overwhelming support it received. In the online portion of the text, two major programming projects are defined. Simulation projects: Described later. Semaphore projects: Designed to help students understand concurrency concepts, including race conditions, starvation, and deadlock. Kernel projects: The IRC includes complete instructor support for two dif-. Discussion topics: These topics can be used in a classroom, chat room, or mes-.

In addition, information is provided on a software package known as BACI that serves as a framework for studying concurrency mechanisms. This diverse set of projects and other student exercises enables the instructor to use the book as one component in a rich and varied learning experience and to tailor a course plan to meet the specific needs of the instructor and students.

It aims to strike a balance between giving students experience in working on a real operating sys- tem, and potentially overwhelming students with the complexity that exists in a full-fledged operating system, such as Linux.

The IRC includes: A packaged set of html files that the instructor can upload to a course server 1. A getting-started manual to be distributed to students to help them begin using 2. All of this will be cross-referenced with appropriate sections in the book, so the 5.

The IRC provides support for assigning projects based on a set of seven simulations that cover key areas of OS design. The student can use a set of simulation packages to analyze OS design features.

The simulators are written in Java and can be run either locally as a Java application or online through a browser. The IRC includes specific assignments to give to students, telling them specifically what they are to do and what results are expected.

This edition also incorporates animations. Animations provide a powerful tool for understanding the complex mechanisms of a modern OS. A total of 53 animations are used to illustrate key functions and algorithms in OS design. The animations are. This edition provides support for programming projects.

Two major programming projects, one to build a shell, or command line interpreter, and one to build a process dispatcher are described in the online portion of this textbook. The IRC provides further information and step-by-step exercises for developing the programs. As an alternative, the instructor can assign a more extensive series of pro- jects that cover many of the principles in the book.

Operating Systems Internals and Design Principles 9th Global Edition pdf pdf

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Operating Systems Internals And Design Principles 9th Edition

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Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Stallings Published Computer Science. Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles, 7e is ideal for introductory courses on operating systems. Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles Book will have any operating system that the text and key structures.

Operating Systems Internals and Design Principles 9th Edition Stallings Solutions Manual

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Operating Systems Internals and Design Principles 9th Edition Stallings Solutions Manual

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Chapter 6 Concurrency: Deadlock and Starvation 289

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