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scale sequences and melodic patterns pdf

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Intervallic sequences also abound in the country stylings of Alert Lee, Brent Mason and Danny Gatton, and the blues idiom is peppered with triplet-based sequences. Just what is a scale sequence? Traditionally, a scale sequence is a specific pattern of notes, usually two to four, that is repeated at various starting points within the same scale. This example begins by ascending the first four notes of the C major scale C D E F , at which point the pattern repeats, only starting this time on the second degree of the scale, D. The next repeat of the pattern starts on the third degree, E, and so on.

Musical Scales in Tone Sequences Improve Temporal Accuracy

You can get started creating your own melodic lines with simple scales and arpeggios immediately. It is so often understood in jazz improvisation that we are to play the "right" notes over various chords. And while we talk about and teach these "right" notes, we often forget to talk about how to use them! Today we will discuss not sounding like a textbook in jazz improvisation. This is a vast subject, but here are a few simple ideas to get you thinking about and developing your own language for jazz improvisation. The first approach concerns the use of arpeggios: an arpeggio is when we play each note of the chord individually in succession instead of simultaneously.

Click here to download a printable PDF of this lesson's notation. The ear is attracted to repetitive patterns and when a sequence is used as a compositional tool, it makes the end product much more interesting. The first example Fig. If you are new to this approach, this is a very straightforward example based on something we should all know—the A minor pentatonic scale A—C—D—E—G. To create a more flowing sound in the next example Fig.

Applicable to guitarists and bassists, this book is an invaluable resource for both compositional and improvisational material. These unique melodic cells can be used either on their own as compositional or improvisational ideas or combined with other melodic cells to create longer phrases. Click on any graphic to see it as a larger size. From what I have accomplished so far, and what I have seen by scanning through the books, you have done an excellent job of envisioning a unique approach to all of this. Great work! I wish i knew a small fraction of what was contained there.

Essential Scale Sequences

This melodic sequences on guitar lesson teaches you the important scale patterns that build fluency and melodic vocabulary on the guitar. These sequences will initially be given around the first position of the Major scale before being applied to the other Major scale shapes and different types of scales. Melodic sequences are small, repeating melodic fragments that gradually ascend or de-scend a scale. These patterns teach us new melodic possibilities while building our tech-nique, confidence and fluency. Each pattern is taught around the following scale shape. Make sure you can play it fluently both ascending and descending before tackling the different sequences in this chapter.

What are scale sequences? Imagine walking in a straight line for 8 steps. You could go ahead one step at a time like you normally would or you could decide to mix it up. For instance, you could step forward 3 times and step back once. You could step forward 4 times and step back twice. You could even leap forward a distance of 2 steps and then take a step back. All of these would be different ways in which you could walk ahead 8 steps.

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This practice routine'll help you get from one chord to the next with ease. The blues scale is one of the most popular scales used. It's used across many genres of music, from blues to rock to jazz and others. This guitar lesson with tabs and standard notation explain how to build and play scales, chords and arpeggios with the CAGED method.

Chapter One: Minor Pentatonic Scales To introduce a novice guitar player to the world of rock music requires that he learn a series of scales, which we can call the tools of the trade. This first file shows you the first licks that I play at the start and the picking. Basic Major Pentatonic Scale Theory. Take a look at example 3. The advantage of the hexatonic scale is twofold: First, it supports sequences that imply the use of the 9th and 11th.

We're going to run through some sequences that can really help you get the pentatonic scale under your fingers.

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Melodic Patterns

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