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An attempt has been made in this paper to study the effect of climatic factors on the growth of annually pruned tea and its components, the early crop, during April to June, the main crop during July to September and the late crop during October to December in northeast India. Data from two sources have been considered in this study, i long-term crop and weather data from the Tocklai experimental station and ii short-term data from tea-estates where the rainfall distribution is similar to that at Tocklai.


During the course of global warming, the energy balance and thus the temperature of the earth change, due to the increased concentration of greenhouse gases, which has a significant impact on humans and the environment. It is not scientifically possible to assign individual weather events to the current climate change, however, it can be statistically proven that global warming will increase the probability of extreme weather events.

The indirect consequences of climate change, which directly affect us humans and our environment, include:. As the global climate is a highly interconnected system that is influenced by many different factors, the consequences usually result in positive or negative feedback effects. This refers to developments that are self-enhancing due to the occurrence of certain conditions. A common example is the ice-albedo feedback, which refers to the melting of the polar caps.

According to this, extensive ice surfaces have a cooling effect on the global climate, as a high proportion of radiation is reflected. As a result of the global rise in the average temperature, however, these ice surfaces begin to melt, the ice surfaces shrink and the amount of reflected radiation is reduced.

At the same time, the area of land or ocean that has a significantly lower albedo will increase, reflecting less radiation and thus intensifying the actual cause of glacier melt. Furthermore, scientists can calculate the so-called tipping points of individual subsystems of the global climate. The higher the global rise in temperature, the more the climate system is affected, so that at a certain point, despite significant efforts, a reversal in the process is no longer possible.

Where exactly these tipping points can be found, however, is currently still unclear and can only be calculated with a great degree of uncertainty. Such tipping points are expected for the melting of the polar caps and for the stability of important ocean currents. Offset now. What are the effects of climate change? Related articles What are climate protection projects?

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The six basic factors

Since malaria epidemics have occurred in multiple sites in western Kenya highlands. Climatic variability has been associated with some of the recent epidemics. We examined influences of climatic factors on the distribution and abundance of three malaria vector species, Anopheles gambiae, Anopheles arabiensis , and Anopheles funestus in western Kenya and in the Great Rift Valley. Mosquito samples were collected from the lowland and highland areas with various climatic conditions. The three vector species were abundant in the lower part of western Kenya.

Along with global climate change, the occurrence of extreme droughts in recent years has had a serious impact on the Amazon region. Current studies on the driving factors of the and Amazon droughts has focused on the influence of precipitation, whereas the impacts of temperature and radiation have received less attention. This study aims to explore the climate-driven factors of Amazonian vegetation decline during the extreme droughts using vegetation index, precipitation, temperature and radiation datasets. First, time-lag effects of Amazonian vegetation responses to precipitation, radiation and temperature were analyzed. Then, a multiple linear regression model was established to estimate the contributions of climatic factors to vegetation greenness, from which the dominant climate-driving factors were determined. Finally, the climate-driven factors of Amazonian vegetation greenness decline during the and extreme droughts were explored.

Physical impacts of climate change

The term usually applies to the surfaces of terrestrial and glaciated environments , but it could also pertain to the surfaces of oceans and other bodies of water. The strongest gradients of temperature and humidity occur just above and below the terrestrial surface. Complexities of microclimate are necessary for the existence of a variety of life forms because, although any single species may tolerate only a limited range of climate , strongly contrasting microclimates in close proximity provide a total environment in which many species of flora and fauna can coexist and interact. Microclimatic conditions depend on such factors as temperature, humidity, wind and turbulence, dew, frost, heat balance, and evaporation.

The Influence of Climatic Factors on the Yield of Tea in the Assam Valley

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Climate change

Climate change causes a variety of physical impacts on the climate system. The physical impacts of climate change foremost include globally rising temperatures of the lower atmosphere, the land, and oceans. Temperature rise is not uniform, with land masses and the Arctic region warming faster than the global average.

Skip to content. Skip to navigation. There are many different factors that affect climate around the world. The most important natural factors are:.

Climatic factors include those environmental influences, such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric ionization, light and other forms of radiation, which in the final analysis are the result of solar radiations on the earth, its waters, and its atmosphere. The climatic differences from the equator to the poles are due chiefly to the amount of solar radiation received throughout the year and at different times during the year. Seasonal changes in climate are due to the inclination of the earth's axis from an angle perpendicular to its plane of rotation around the sun. These climatic factors and seasonal changes are generally quite dependable in their constancy for any one place on the earth's surface. Studies by C.

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3.1 Factors affecting climate

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The atmosphere is a dynamic fluid that is continually in motion.

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During the course of global warming, the energy balance and thus the temperature of the earth change, due to the increased concentration of greenhouse gases, which has a significant impact on humans and the environment.

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