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2019 research articles and malay language issue pdf

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The group is defined as Malaysian citizens of Chinese Han Chinese ethnicity. Most are descendants of Southern Chinese immigrants who arrived in Malaysia between the early 19th century and the midth century. Malaysian Chinese also form the second largest community of Overseas Chinese in the world, after Thai Chinese. Malaysian Chinese are traditionally dominant in the business sector of the Malaysian economy. Culturally, most Malaysian Chinese have maintained their Chinese heritage, including their various dialects, although the descendants of the earliest Chinese migrants who arrived from the 13th to 17th centuries have assimilated aspects of the Malay or indigenous cultures, where they form a distinct sub-ethnic group known as the Peranakans in Kelantan and Terengganu , Baba-Nyonya in Malacca and Penang as well as the Sino-Natives in Sabah.

Malaysian Chinese

Cultural competency describes interventions that aim to improve accessibility and effectiveness of health services for people from ethnic minority backgrounds. Interventions include interpreter services, migrant peer educators and health worker training to provide culturally competent care. Migrants and refugees in Thailand and Malaysia report difficulties in accessing health systems and discrimination by service providers. Data were analysed thematically. Results informed development of Systems Thinking diagrams hypothesizing potential intervention points to improve cultural competency, namely via addressing language barriers.

It is an interdisciplinary journal that explores current and historic issues facing the Global South region of the world, including economic, political, social, military, and international relationships. After the UAE This study examines the influence of Twitter as a social media network on public punitive attitudes toward bank robbers in Jordan. After fifteen In this article, I am presenting a new perspective on peace and justice in Afghanistan that is grounded on the sociopolitical realities of

Computational Science and Technology pp Cite as. Generally, a corpus serves as the source of data for various types of research. As such, there are several Malay corpora being developed to support the needs of the researchers. However, the various corpora of Malay text are distributed and not integrated, where some words are not included or missing in some corpora. The focus of this paper is to develop an integrated corpus that will combine four most comprehensive Malay corpora. The intention is to provide comprehensive coverage of Malay corpora which would be beneficial for any relevant work.

Toggle navigation. However, in this study the researchers only examine three stories in the Children's Story 26 May Collection. The stories in the collection do not have specific titles, only known as Story 1, Story 2 and Story 3 and 2 stories are contained in the collection of Parable stories. This disclosure is made because there is an opinion that the folklore today is hardly recognizable by the younger generation. This universal issue encourages the researchers to look into old Malay manuscripts and their relevance in the context of children today. Hence the objectives of this study are to classify and analyze folklore functions towards children. Hence, the method of the study involves children randomly chosen according to the zones, the north, south, east and west zones of Peninsular Malaysia, as well as the Sabah and Sarawak zones.

Journal Metrics. The journal seeks to publish original research articles that are hypothetical and theoretical in its nature and that provide exploratory insights in the fields of educational theory, teaching method, instructional design, students management, case studies etc. The editorial board welcomes high-quality research or review papers focusing on teaching, researching, training and applied work in the field of higher education.

The timeliness and accuracy of public health surveillance data are critical factors for implementing control measures to minimise the mortality and morbidity caused by an infectious disease outbreak 1.

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