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websphere application server administration interview questions and answers pdf

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Websphere Interview questions and answers webspheresolutions. Install the base with Deployment Manager.

What is web sphere? The word web sphere popularly refers to IBM middleware technology products. Web sphere is known for its turn key operation in e business applications.

Websphere Admin Interview Questions & Answers

What is web sphere? The word web sphere popularly refers to IBM middleware technology products. Web sphere is known for its turn key operation in e business applications.

It has run time components and tools which can help in creating applications which run on WAS. WAS refers to web sphere application server. What is web sphere commerce? IBM web sphere commerce has a single platform which offers complete ecommerce solutions to developers.

It can be very productive if you are planning to do business with consumers, business and indirectly through channel partners. This can be used to perform business with consumers, business and channel partners altogether. Explain about the architecture of web sphere? Web Sphere is built on three main components they are. State some of the features present in web sphere? Some of the features which are present in web sphere are: —.

Web sphere edge server is used to improve the performance of web based systems. It can be used as forward or proxy server. Basically four components are present in the web sphere they are Network dispatcher, Caching proxy, Content distribution and application service at the edge. Explain about extended deployment? Web sphere application server extended deployment increases the functionality of the server in two main areas they are manageability and performance.

Dynamic virtualization between servers is possible with the help of XD. A stand alone distributed cache was added to it under the performance header, it is known as Object Grid.

Explain about the security features present in WAS? It also depends upon the operating system. User authentication and authorization mechanisms are also provided in WAS. Light weight third party authentication mechanism is the main security feature present in WAS.

What is asymmetric clustering? Asymmetric clustering applications are primarily used in electronic trading systems employed in banks. Some of the features are, partitions can be declared during run time and are usually run on a single cluster at a time.

Work specific to a particular can be routed to that cluster. Explain the various Administrator benefits using Web sphere? Web sphere almost reduces the work of server administrator as he can manage load on servers efficiently without any hassles.

It also gives him flexibility to divide the load and applications among different server farms. He can also predict about the incoming load on servers. Email alerts, restart options, memory leak detection, etc. A caching proxy can be configured in forward direction or as a proxy.

Content requested by the user is cached by edge before sending or adhering to the query. Page fragments arising from JSP or servlets are cached by Edge and the caching process is slow. Performance and scalability of J2EE applications can be increased by edge.

Explain about the network deployment feature present in WAS? Managing singletons will be a thing of the past and it also provides hot recovery of singletons which makes you forget about your GC collected singletons. Transaction logs can stored on a shared file system. J2EE failover support and cell configuration support is also present. Explain about IBM web sphere integration developer?

Web sphere integration developer provides an IDE to build applications based on service oriented architecture. Explain about compute Grid? Compute grid is also known as Web sphere batch. Web sphere extended deployment offers a Java batch processing system called as Compute Grid. This forms an additional feature to Web sphere network environment. Various features are provided which help a developer to create, manage and execute batch jobs. Job scheduler, xJCL, batch container and batch programming controller.

Explain about web sphere MQ Real time transport? This feature is very useful in instant messaging across different clients through intranet and internet. This supports high volume and high performance across different clients. It uses the concept of light weight transport which is again based on IP rather than the queue process.

Web sphere MQ and Web Sphere Business integration manager Broker are very useful in providing Java messaging services to wide range of clients publisher —subscribe, point to point. It is very useful to have knowledge of Web sphere MQ for proper configuration. Generally this is Web Sphere MQ network abstraction. This server is generally used to communicate to the queue manager by the client. Is the naming of connection factory independent of the name specified by JMS client?

Yes, the naming of connection factory is independent of the name specified by JMS client. This is made possible by WAS Web sphere application server with its resource references. It isolates the application from object names. This feature is important because it gives us the flexibility to change the administered object without changing the JMS client code.

How do you specify a jar file to be used by the application, consider that you have many jar files in your system? What is a managed webserver? What about master repository? All updates to the configuration files should go through the deployment manager. Tell me IHS executable files, means bin directory files? Apache, ApacheMonitor, htpasswd, htdigest, htdbm, ldapstash, httpd.

Why given the httpd. How to configure remote system httpd. Several types of log files in the appserver? What is the profile? What is the trace? A trace is an informational record that is intended for service engineers or developers to use.

As such, a trace record might be considerably more complex, verbose and detailed than a message entry. What is heap memory? Objects storage space for objects references created at run time in a jvm is heap memory. Out of memory exception is there, how to handle that exception? To incrise heap memory size. What about IHS? It serves the static content only and it takes up only http requests. What about plug-in? If the request is for dynamic content, the plug-in diverts the request to the websphere application server.

If the request is for static content, the plug-in forwards it to the Http server. What is the global security? How to configure the global security? And again select global security then ltpa option then provide the password, then save the configuration. And restart the deployment server and then relogin the console.

What is SSL? What is PMI? How to configure PMI? What is the UNIX command of all display server processes? How you get nodeagent……what you have to install to get nodeagent?

Custom Profile. What is the application server? The application server provides a runtime environment in which to deploy, manage, and run j2ee applications.

What is the node? A node corresponds to a physical computer system with a distinct IP host address. The node name is usually the same as the host name for the computer.

300+ TOP IBM WEBSPHERE Interview Questions and Answers

WAS is the server that hosts for web applications. Mostly, WAS hosts Java based web applications. Question 1. Answer : No, migration wizard only provides minimal function and it does not enable any services by default. Question 2.

Middleware Admin Interview Questions. Search this site. Websphere Application Server. Weblogic Application Server. Java Basics.

IBM Websphere Server Administration Interview Questions and Answers. Q1) Differentiate between Application Server and Web Server. Ans: The.

IBM Websphere Server Administration Interview Questions

Cluster is a logical name assigned to group of servers JVMs. A vertical cluster has cluster members on the same node, or a physical machine. A horizontal cluster has cluster members on multiple nodes across many machines in a cell. What is the difference between an Application Server and a Web Server? The WebSphere plug-in uses a configuration file called plugin-cfg.

What is WebSphere? What is model spi and what is it used for? Answer : Web sphere uses a different model for providing content aggregation and navigation The available models are Content model, navigation model, navigation selection model, and layout model. These models are provided using model spi. Answer: Web Content management system is a software system that helps build and manage Web entities Html pages, documents, etc.

WebSphere is designed to set up, operate and integrate electronic business applications across multiple computing platforms, using Java-based Web technologies. Selecting application server is part of architechtural process when infrastructure is defined. It depends on several facots: 1. External systems your application will be interacting 2.

What is WebSphere? Define Default messaging provider?

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