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The information is valuable not only for AI researchers, but also for people working on logical databases, XML, and the semantic web: read this book, and avoid reinventing the wheel! Theirs are the most even-handed explanations I have seen. It provides a solid foundation and starting point for further studies. While it does not and cannot cover all the topics that I tackle in an advanced course on KR, it provides the basics and the background assumptions behind KR research.

A decidable first-order logic for knowledge representation

Knowledge representation incorporates findings from psychology [1] about how humans solve problems and represent knowledge in order to design formalisms that will make complex systems easier to design and build. Knowledge representation and reasoning also incorporates findings from logic to automate various kinds of reasoning , such as the application of rules or the relations of sets and subsets. Examples of knowledge representation formalisms include semantic nets , systems architecture , frames , rules, and ontologies. Examples of automated reasoning engines include inference engines , theorem provers , and classifiers. Simon in

Decidable first-order logics with reasonable model-theoretic semantics have several benefits for knowledge representation. These logics have the expressive power of standard first order logic along with an inference algorithm that will always terminate, both important considerations for knowledge representation. Knowledge representation systems that include a faithful implementation of one of these logics can also use its model-theoretic semantics to provide meanings for the data they store. One such logic, a variant of a simple type of first-order relevance logic, is developed and its properties described. This logic, although extremely weak, does capture a non-trivial and well-motivated set of inferences that can be entrusted to a knowledge representation system.

Artificial Intelligence fundamentals - 2017

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Several of the lectures in the first section of this course are based on the following book:! Knowledge Representation and Reasoning! Morgan Kaufmann, These slides will be clearly identified. Up-to-date slides for this book are available from:!

Ronald. rethinkingafricancollections.organ. Hector. rethinkingafricancollections.orgue. Knowledge. Representation and. Reasoning. A. T&T. Labs. –. Research. Florham. Park,. New. Jersey. USA.

Common Sense, the Turing Test, and the Quest for Real AI

Knowledge representation is at the very core of a radical idea for understanding intelligence. Instead of trying to understand or build brains from the bottom up, its goal is to understand and build intelligent behavior from the top down, putting the focus on what an agent needs to know in order to behave intelligently, how this knowledge can be represented symbolically, and how automated reasoning procedures can make this knowledge available as needed. This landmark text takes the central concepts of knowledge representation developed over the last 50 years and illustrates them in a lucid and compelling way. Each of the various styles of representation is presented in a simple and intuitive form, and the basics of reasoning with that representation are explained in detail.

This paper compares the paradigmatic differences between knowledge organization KO in library and information science and knowledge representation KR in AI to show the convergence in KO and KR methods and applications. The literature review and comparative analysis of KO and KR paradigms is the primary method used in this paper. Differences between KO and KR are discussed based on the goal, methods, and functions.

What artificial intelligence can tell us about the mind and intelligent behavior. What can artificial intelligence teach us about the mind? If AI's underlying concept is that thinking is a computational process, then how can computation illuminate thinking? It's a timely question. AI is all the rage, and the buzziest AI buzz surrounds adaptive machine learning : computer systems that learn intelligent behavior from massive amounts of data.

COMP90054 Software Agents - Semester 2, 2016

Automated planning is becoming increasingly popular for solving problems for robotic, artificially intelligent or internetworking processes. Autonomous agents are active entities that perceive their environment, reason, plan and execute appropriate actions to achieve their goals, in service of their users. The subject will show how this work is relevant for many applications beyond the traditional area of artificial intelligence, such as resource scheduling, logistics, process management, service composition, intelligent sensing and robotics. The subject covers the foundations of automated planning and reasoning techniques that enable agents to reason about actions and knowledge during collaborative task execution. The subject focuses on the fast emerging Golog-family of Situation Calculus-based agent programming languages. A more detailed subject outline is available here. The subject does not have any single prescribed text.

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Hector J. Levesque e. Department The notion of a representation of knowledge is at heart easy to understand. It simply has to ~This review draws heavily from work done with Ron Brachman. Knowledge representation, then, can be thought of as the So, for example, it is hard to think about Ronald Reagan standing.

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Ronald J. Brachman. Hector J. Levesque. Knowledge Representation and. Reasoning. AT&T Labs – Research. Florham Park, New Jersey.

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