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There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research, Oracle ADF has a market share of about 1.

Top 25+ ADF Interview Questions & Answers [ ORACLE TRICKS ]

Are you looking for Oracle ADF jobs? Then we in Wisdomjobs collectively provided a detail amount of basics of Oracle and in-depth details about oracle ADF Interview Questions and Answers along with the various job roles. To clear any interview, one must work hard to clear it in first attempt. So simply to save your time we have provided all the necessary details about Oracle ADF at one place. Not only these there are so many other roles to get more details visit our site www.

Answer : Oracle ADF is state of the art technology to rapidly build enterprise application. ADF Application Development Framework provides variety of inbuilt components that minimizes the need to write code allowing users to focus more on features and business aspects of the application.

Question 2. Explain About Adf Lifecylce? In this phase page parameters are set and methods in the executable section of the page definition of the ADF page are executed. A list of events is build using these request parameters. These are actually mapped to the bindings in the pageDef. This phase resolves the list of request parameters bind to attributes in the page def. This results into a list of updatedValues which is used in Update Model phase.

Named events as well as all the events tied to the databindings created in the pagdef are handled in this phase. This phase is always executed before prepare render phase. This notification signals bindings to prepare or process the data for rendering. Binding container is also refreshed. This helps in updating any changes that happened during validation phases.

Question 3. What Is Partial Page Rendering? It is used to dynamically refresh the part of page. It is done with the use of partial triggers. For a component to trigger another component to refresh, the trigger component must cause a submit when an appropriate action takes place. Following three main component attributes are used to enable partial page rendering:. Use this attribute to list the IDs of components whose change events are to trigger this component to be refreshed.

Question 4. What Is A Phase Listener? Answer : The Oracle ADF lifecycle integrates with the JavaServer Faces request lifecycle, adding all that it takes to set up the binding context, prepare the binding container, validate and update the ADF model, persist MDS changes and prepare the response. Developers who need to listen and interact with the request cycle may use an ADF Phase Listener to do so.

Unlike the Phase Listener you define in the faces-config. Listeners can be used to customize the ADF Lifcycle. Question 5. If somehow you need to create your own validation logic to meet your business needs.

In the real world, of course creating the custom JSF validator classes would be adopted for ADF application for better reuse and maintantence. Question 6. Explain About Adf Event Handling? Answer : In traditional JSF applications, event handling typically takes place on the server.

JSF event handling is based on the JavaBeans event model, where event classes and event listener interfaces are used by the JSF application to handle events generated by components. Examples of user events in an application include clicking a button or link, selecting an item from a menu or list, and changing a value in an input field. When a user activity occurs such as clicking a button, the component creates an event object that stores information about the event and identifies the component that generated the event.

The event is also added to an event queue. At the appropriate time in the JSF lifecycle, JSF tells the component to broadcast the event to the appropriate registered listener, which invokes the listener method that processes the event. The listener method may trigger a change in the user interface, invoke backend application code, or both. Question 7. Question 8. Backing-bean management separates the definition of UI component objects from objects that perform application-specific processing and hold data.

There is nothing special in a Backing Bean that makes it different from any other managed bean apart from its usage. What makes a Backing Bean is the relationship it has with a JSF page; it acts as a place to put component references and Event code. Backing Beans : A backing bean is any bean that is referenced by a form. Backing Beans should be defined only in the request scope. The advantage of managed beans is that the JSF framework will automatically create these beans, optionally initialize them with parameters you specify in faces-config.

Question 9. What Is Adfc And Adfm? In addition, ADFc provides declarative transaction handling and clearly defined process boundaries. ADFm The binding layer and model are represented by data controls and the binding container object.

ADFm is built on JSR and abstracts the view layer model access from the implementation details of the underlying business service. Question Part of a JSF application's configuration is determined by the contents of its Java EE application deployment descriptor, web. The web. Typical runtime settings in the web. The following is configured in the web. The adfc-config. On this diagram, you can create a new page based on the template, which is not part of the existing orders-flow task flow.

The JSF configuration file is where you register a JSF application's resources such as custom validators and managed beans, and define all the page-to-page navigation rules.

While an application can have any JSF configuration file name, typically the file name is the faces-config. Small applications usually have one faces-config. When you use ADF Faces components in your application, JDeveloper automatically adds the necessary configuration elements for you into faces-config.

The configuration settings for the adf-settings. There can be multiple adf-settings. ADF settings file users are responsible for merging the contents of their configurations. What Are Taskflows? Answer : ADF task flows provide a modular approach for defining control flow in an application. Instead of representing an application as a single large JSF page flow, you can break it up into a collection of reusable task flows. Each task flow contains a portion of the application's navigational graph.

The nodes in the task flows are activities. An activity node represents a simple logical operation such as displaying a page, executing application logic, or calling another task flow. The transactions between the activities are called control flow cases. Answer : In addition to the normal object scopes that jsf 1. I will try to differentiate the different memory scopes available in adf. Single Object available to all users. Gets instantiated when server starts. Lets say on one page we have a number of components like a button, LOVs , input boxes etc.

To clearly understand the request scope lets say we select a drop down. Clicking on the drop down sends a request to the server and the page stays as it is. So each action basically here is a request to the server and the values stored in the request scope changes on each request.

One you change from one page to another the value is lost. Declarative way of building application. Multiply ways to develop and reuse components declarative component, page template, taskflows, etc. Answer : Often a page or a region within a page needs information from somewhere else on the page or from a different region.

While you can pass parameters to obtain that information, doing so makes sense only when the parameters are well known and the inputs are EL-accessible to the page.

Parameters are also useful when a task flow may need to be restarted if the parameter value changes. However, suppose you have a task flow with multiple page fragments that contain various interesting values that could be used as input on one of the pages in the flow.

If you were to use parameters to pass the value, the task flow would need to surface output parameters for the union of each of the interesting values on each and every fragment. Instead, for each fragment that contains the needed information, you can define a contextual event that will be raised when the page is submitted.

The page or fragment that requires the information can then subscribe to the various events and receive the information through the event. Contextual Events is an Oracle ADF feature that enables developers to implement view-to-region, region-to-view, and region-to-region communication.

Among the options for passing information to and from regions, Contextual Events is the most powerful and the option that does not make regions refresh or require the referenced bounded task flow to restart. Explain Adfbc Architecture.?

Oracle ADF Interview Questions and Answers

What is Oracle ADF? It is one of the most comprehensive and advanced framework in market for J2EE Q. What are the advantages of using ADF? Ans: Following are the advantages of using:. What are various components in ADF? Ans: Oracle ADF has following components.

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40 [UPDATED] ORACLE ADF Interview Questions and Answers pdf for Experienced Freshers

Are you looking for Oracle ADF jobs? Then we in Wisdomjobs collectively provided a detail amount of basics of Oracle and in-depth details about oracle ADF Interview Questions and Answers along with the various job roles. To clear any interview, one must work hard to clear it in first attempt.

Oracle Products. All the best for your interview Preparation. What is Oracle ADF?

The Oracle Application Development Framework Oracle ADF is an end-to-end application framework that builds on J2EE standards and open-source technologies to simplify and accelerate implementing service-oriented applications. If you develop enterprise solutions that search, display, create, modify, and validate data using web,wireless, desktop, or web services interfaces, Oracle ADF can simplify your job. Used in tandem, Oracle JDeveloper 10g and Oracle ADF give you an environment that covers the full development lifecycle from design to deployment, with drag-and-drop data binding, visual UI design, and team development features built-in.

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Oracle ADF Interview Questions

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