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history of badminton rules and regulations pdf

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Badminton Rules List

Badminton is a racquet sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. Although it may be played with larger teams, the most common forms of the game are "singles" with one player per side and "doubles" with two players per side. Badminton is often played as a casual outdoor activity in a yard or on a beach; formal games are played on a rectangular indoor court. Points are scored by striking the shuttlecock with the racquet and landing it within the opposing side's half of the court. Each side may only strike the shuttlecock once before it passes over the net. Play ends once the shuttlecock has struck the floor or if a fault has been called by the umpire, service judge, or in their absence the opposing side. The shuttlecock is a feathered or in informal matches plastic projectile which flies differently from the balls used in many other sports.

History of The LAWS of Badminton

Badminton history Badminton is a racquet sport that can be played by two or four players. Competitive badminton is always played on indoor courts because the lightweight shuttlecock is easily affected by wind and weather, but many people enjoy playing badminton outside in the garden, on the beach, or in public spaces, in fact, the original version of badminton was a game that was designed to be played outside. The origins of badminton can be found in an earlier game called battledore and shuttlecock, sometimes referred to as the jeu de volants or flying game. This was a simple game played by hitting a shuttlecock, a projectile made of cork and feathers, with a battledore, a racquet made of parchment stretched over a wooden framework, to another player with the idea of keeping the shuttlecock up in the air for as long as possible. This early predecessor of badminton could be played by any number of people at the same time. There is evidence that battledore and shuttlecock originated in Ancient Greece approximately years ago, according to early drawings and engravings that show the game being played. This ancestor to badminton spread throughout the civilised world, reaching as far east as China and although it is unknown exactly when battledore and shuttlecock was first played in Europe and Britain, it was certainly being played by English children in Medieval times.

Whether you're interested in playing badminton competitively or just for fun, it's important to know the basic rules of how to play! In this lesson, you'll learn about scoring, serving, breaks, lets, and more. While all of these rules may not apply to every game you play in, they are helpful to know! Individual games are played to 21 points and the first player or team to reach 21 points wins that game or set. In order to score a point you must win the rally. Points can be lost when:. The team or player to win two games out of a three game series first is determined the champion of that match.

Badminton is played as a singles or doubles game with one or two players on a side. The object of the game is to hit General Rules/Regulations. 1. Serving a.

Ball Badminton Rules And Regulations Pdf

Badminton , court or lawn game played with lightweight rackets and a shuttlecock. These types of shuttles may still be used in modern play, but shuttles made from synthetic materials are also allowed by the Badminton World Federation. The game is named for Badminton , the country estate of the dukes of Beaufort in Gloucestershire , England , where it was first played about

Badminton Rules List

Release 1. Here are the fundamental, must-know rules of a volleyball game: Only 6 players on the floor at any given time: 3 in the front row and 3 in the back row.

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The 10 rules of badminton are as follows:. A game starts with a coin toss. Whoever wins the toss gets to decide whether they would serve or receive first OR what side of the court they want to be on.

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Badminton: How to play, rules, and all you need to know

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