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Beta This is a new way of showing guidance - your feedback will help us improve it. In the last ten years, almost one person a week has been killed as a direct result of agricultural work.

Agriculture Safety and Health Pocket Guide

Perhaps more than any other occupational group, agricultural workers are exposed to a tremendous variety of environmental hazards that are potentially harmful to their health and well-being. Farmers and farm workers suffer from increased rates of respiratory diseases, noise-induced hearing loss, skin disorders, certain cancers, chemical toxicity, and heat-related illnesses. There are precautions that can be taken to minimize or eliminate these potential hazards. Noise from farm tools and machinery can cause permanent hearing loss. Hearing loss may be temporary at first, but repeated exposure will lead to permanent damage. The damage can occur gradually over a number of years and remain unnoticed until it is too late.

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The intent of this occupational safety and health pocket guide is to serve as a quick reference for employers and workers of the agriculture industry. This pocket guide is intended to serve the diverse agricultural operations found across Washington State. However, many of the safety and health topics and concepts found in this guide can be transferred to agricultural operations found in other locations, and they can be applied across different business operations. Disclaimer: This pocket guide is designed to help employers and employees in the agriculture industry in the state of Washington to:. The pocket guide should only be used as a companion to the actual regulations. This pocket guide should never be considered a substitute for any provisions of a regulation. It is a summary of the agriculture requirements under WAC and does not include all workplace safety and health requirements related to agriculture.

Chapter 3 - Health Hazards In Agriculture

Agricultural safety and health is an aspect of occupational safety and health in the agricultural workplace. It specifically addresses the health and safety of farmers, farm workers, and their families. Contrary to perceived belief and notions of work in the agricultural landscape, agriculture is one of the most dangerous industries in the US, with a variety of factors causing injuries and death in the workplace. The agriculture industry is one of the most dangerous occupations and has led to thousands of deaths due to work-related injuries in the US.

We recommend that some of the national funds currently used for medical treatment of OIIs be used instead to develop and implement prevention programs in agriculture. This would improve not only worker health and safety, but also productivity. Availability of data on working conditions, injuries and illnesses, and especially lost time, lost income and productivity, and OII-related costs for the workers and their dependents might enable better public health policy formulation. Agricultural workers are exposed to physical hazards such as heat stress due to the equatorial climate, biological hazards such as insect-borne diseases and parasites, chemical hazards such as pesticides and herbicides [ 5 ]. They also face safety hazards due to the use of hand tools, poorly guarded machinery, repetitive and awkward postures, and inadequate use of personal protective equipment.

Adhering to health and safety polices is vital for ensuring sustainability and it is essential to ensure that your business does not endanger the health or safety of workers or clients nor damage the environment. Complying to health and safety guidelines and standards that are relevant to your industry, is of paramount importance for you to be able to trade in the global marketplace. Throughout our network of health and safety experts, we have comprehensive experience of occupational hygiene, industrial hygiene, hospitality services and occupational health and safety management. Using standards such as OHSAS , we offer training, assessments, monitoring, inspections and certification, to help you assess risks and potential hazards and identify measures to mitigate them. Our professional facilities and laboratories are available 24 hours a day for impartial testing, and prompt service.

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ISBN (web pdf). Occupational safety / occupational health / agriculture. Also available in French: La sécurité et la santé dans l'agriculture.

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Occupational Health & Safety Surveillance

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About health and safety in agriculture

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Agricultural safety and health

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PDF | This 'Guideline for OSH practice within the Agriculture sector' (the Guideline) aims to provide support mostly to individual farmers, farm.

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