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Slavery is the oldest form of exploitation evolved by humankind.

Although the use of asbestos dates back to prehistoric times, the mineral came into popularity during the Industrial Age.

History of Asbestos

Ancient warfare is war that was conducted from the beginning of recorded history to the end of the ancient period. In China , it can also be seen as ending of the growing role of mounted warriors needed to counter the ever-growing threat from the north in the 5th century and the beginning of the Tang dynasty in AD. In India , the ancient period ends with the decline of the Gupta Empire 6th century and the beginning of the Muslim conquests there from the 8th century. In Japan , the ancient period is considered to end with the rise of feudalism in the Kamakura period in the 12—13th century. The difference between prehistoric and ancient warfare is more organization oriented than technology oriented. The development of first city-states , and then empires , allowed warfare to change dramatically. Beginning in Mesopotamia , states produced sufficient agricultural surplus.

Ancient warfare

Ancient and Medieval History provides thorough coverage of world history from prehistory through the mids, with special Topic Centers on key eras, civilizations, and regions, including the ancient Near East, Egypt, Greece, and Rome; ancient and medieval Africa, Asia, and the Americas; and medieval Europe and the Islamic World. All the Infobase history databases in a collection are fully cross-searchable. Request a Free Trial Subscriber Access. Ancient and Medieval History. This new feature can be found via the Citation pop-up window on any page users wish to cite.

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Journal of Medieval Worlds 2 June ; 1 2 : 3— Embedded in the literature of Muslims, Christians, and Jews are historicized narratives that purport to rationalize and contextualize the place of minority and sectarian groups in medieval Islamic society. Among these are those that, at first reading, tell the story of an intentional fictionalizing of history on the part of a minority group with the intent to deceive Muslim authorities and thereby gain advantage. These narratives also provided subalterns a kind of myth of origin for their place in Islamic society. What is at stake in these complex interweavings of memory, history, and literary construction are the rights and duties of the subordinate groups.

The Department of History offers the following undergraduate and graduate programs and program certificate. Specific requirements for these programs are listed within this Department of History section in the following order:. The History-Liberal Arts major requires a minimum of total hours to graduate. This total includes Liberal Arts Core requirements and the following specified major requirements, plus electives to complete the minimum of hours.

Today, with about million followers, Hinduism is the third-largest religion behind Christianity and Islam. A swastika symbol featured on a tile at Hindu temple on Diu Island, India. The symbol is one of good luck and good fortune. There are two primary symbols associated with Hinduism, the om and the swastika. The word swastika means "good fortune" or "being happy" in Sanskrit, and the symbol represents good luck. The om symbol is composed of three Sanskrit letters and represents three sounds a, u and m , which when combined are considered a sacred sound.

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Our knowledge of the ancient world has been radically altered by impressive archaeological discoveries over the last two centuries.

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