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ammeter construction and working pdf

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In ammeter designs, external resistors added to extend the usable range of the movement are connected in parallel with the movement rather than in series as is the case for voltmeters. This is because we want to divide the measured current, not the measured voltage, going to the movement, and because current divider circuits are always formed by parallel resistances.

Definition: The meter uses for measuring the current is known as the ammeter.

AC electromechanical meter movements come in two basic arrangements: those based on DC movement designs, and those engineered specifically for AC use. Figure below. Permanent-magnet meter movements, like permanent-magnet motors, are devices whose motion depends on the polarity of the applied voltage or, you can think of it in terms of the direction of the current. We saw diodes used in an example circuit demonstrating the creation of harmonic frequencies from a distorted or rectified sine wave.

Ammeter construction and working pdf file

The instrument most commonly used to measure current is the ammeter. Since the SI unit of measuring electric current is ampere, the instrument used for measuring current is named ammeter. There are two types of electric current: direct current DC and alternating current AC. DC sends current in one directions, while AC alternates the direction of the current at regular intervals. Ammeters work to measure electrical current by measuring the current through a set of coils with a very low resistance and inductive reactance.

AC Voltmeters and Ammeters

Several electrical machines and panels are fitted on board so that the ship can sail from one port to another, safely and efficiently. The electrical machinery and system require scheduled maintenance and checks to avoid any kind of breakdown during sailing. Different instruments are used onboard for measuring several electrical parameters to analyze and keep these machines in proper running condition. A permanent magnet moving coil PMMC is one such instrument which is popularly used onboard and has several applications. If the first and the second finger and the thumb of the left hand are held so that they are at a right angle to each other, then the thumb shows the direction of the force on the conductor, the first finger points towards the direction of the magnetic field and the second finger shows the direction of the current in the wire. The interaction between the induced field and the field produced by the permanent magnet causes a deflecting torque, which results in the rotation. Theoretically, the torque here electro-magnetical torque is equal to the multiplication of force with distance to the point of suspension.

We know that meter is an electronic device used to measure a particular quantity and it is associated with the measurement system. Similarly, the ammeter is nothing but ampere-meter used to measure ampere value. Here ampere is the unit of current and ammeter is used to measure current. There are two kinds of electric current namely AC and DC. AC changes the flow of current direction at regular intervals whereas the DC supplies the current in one direction. This article discusses an overview of what is an ammeter, circuit, types, and applications.

Ammeter and Voltmeter

Current is the rate of flow of electric charge. If this electric charge flows only in one direction, then the resultant current is called Direct Current DC. The instrument, which is used to measure the Direct Current called DC ammeter. The parallel resistance, which is used in DC ammeter is also called shunt resistance or simply, shunt. The value of this resistance should be considered small in order to measure the DC current of large value.

An ammeter is an electrical measurement device apparatus which is used to measure the electric current in the electrical circuit. Requirements of Good Ammeter:. Necessity of Shunting for an Ammeter:.

Ammeter- Definition and Working Principle

How does it measure the correct current flowing through the circuit. Most mechanical movements are based on the principle of.

How Does an Ammeter Work?

Electrical Academia. When the current in a circuit is substantially less than an ampere, its value is determined by the use of a milliammeter or micro-ammeter, which measures full-scale currents in milli-amperes or microamperes, respectively. The symbol for the ammeter is a circle with the enclosed letter A, as shown in the following figure. In the above figure, an ammeter is inserted into the path of a current, that is, in series, so as to carry the current being measured. If an ammeter is of DC type, then it has polarity signs on it for ensuring appropriate connection for an upscale indication.

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Ammeter construction and working pdf file. How does it measure the correct current flowing through the circuit. Most mechanical movements are based on the​.

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Ammeter means Ampere-meter which measures ampere value. are not generally used for ammeter construction due to their higher cost.

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Working of Ammeter When current is allowed to pass through the galvanometer, shunt resistance which is placed parallel to the coil of the galvanometer by passes.

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The construction of ammeter can be done in two ways like series and shunt. The following circuit represents the basic circuit diagram and the connection of the.

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