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Celebrating 36 years of service to CBers around the world! Click here to try it out! Welcome, CB radio hobbyists!

Anyone happen to have any PDF's about...

No category. The best I've read, and I've read at least 40 books by so-called experts. Learned more from your book in one hour than 3 weeks in electronics school.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lou Franklin, and I am a professional electronic repairman with 35 years experience in the design and repair of radio communications equipment.

I hold the highest grades of FCC licenses issued by the U. Government: 1. The one most "repairmen" wish they could pass the test to get.

I have outlasted almost all my CB repair competition because quite frankly, I am among the best, the fastest, and the most honest CB technicians around. I have travelled the truck stops of America repairing the "repairs" of all the other so-called CB experts.

I receive constant requests for technical advice from CBers all over the world. There will never be a better time than right now for you to prepare yourself to cash in BIG on the booming CB radio repair business, without wasting a pile of money on overpriced correspondence school courses and vague electronics textbooks. Or maybe you just want to learn enough to fix your own equipment, and enjoy your hobby more. The popularity of CB is on the rise again, due mainly to lower overall costs, favorable sunspot conditions, and a growing interest by Hams in Meter conversions.

And CB is now a worldwide hobby, with millions of radios in use. And they're definitely not going to throw away a top quality name brand model. Finally, don't expect those channel sets to disappear for a long time: since they're much easier to modify and tune than many of the channel types, they're still extremely popular with old-timers as well as Ham operators who can convert them for Amateur use. My book explains the pros and cons of both radio types, as well as their modification methods.

I'll show you in non-technical detail how to get those extra frequencies. You'll be the envy of all your radio friends. They'll come to you for help and advice. And strangers will gladly pay you for the knowledge I'm offering.

How to wire any mike or power mike to any CB radio, or diagnose and repair mike-related problems. Worthless gimmicks and junk products that don't do anything. Tips on curing automobile ignition noise. The best brands to buy, and what to avoid. Methods of changing and adding channels for both crystal and PLL radios. How to unlock the Clarifier so that it also slides on Transmit. In addition, you'll learn once and for all the real dope on antennas and SWR with the most detailed, most comprehensive, and most practical discussion of this subject that anyone can understand.

Those other guys are great with the math, but I really doubt they've had their hands on as many real CB radio antennas and installations as I have. The myths about this least understood area of CB radio will be exposed at last. I can show you exactly how to diagnose such problems, how to physically locate and replace the defective part, and where to get an inexpensive new part.

Such products often emphasize troubleshooting methods and classic analyses for problems which rarely even occur in CB radios. On the other hand, I've managed to boil down years of real, practical CB radio situations into an illustrated manual that anyone of average intelligence can understand.

Electronics is a complicated science, but you don't have to know how something works to be able to fix it. That's why my information is totally unique: you just need eyes, common sense, and the ability to carefully follow illustrated instructions.

One word of caution: some of the repairs and adjustments that I'll describe may be illegal for you to perform without the proper commercial FCC license, or under the supervision of a duly licensed technician.

All I'm offering is the knowledge of how to do them. How to make them shift for both Receive and Transmit. Includes specific instructions for many popular chassis types. Plus a unique Troubleshooting Flowchart! This method is often used by the pros to quickly isolate a fault or problem. If for any reason you feel this information isn't worth its purchase price, return it to me within 30 days for a prompt refund, no questions asked.

Ever wonder why those other CB mailorder "book" sellers never offer refund guarantees? You'll be amazed that finally, somebody who really knows CBs can show you in plain language and pictures how to repair and tune your own radio, and frustrate all those fast buck "repair" artists out there. And who knows? Maybe you'll even make some money yourself, or start an exciting career in electronics!

It would easily cost you that much just to get a power mike wired, or to have an antenna repaired at any good CB shop. And after saving yourself that next repair bill, or receiving your first paid repair, you've already recovered the low purchase price.

All future repairs are pure gravy for you! Here's just a small sampling of the many unsolicited comments we've received from happy readers: " I am more than pleased.

Everyone wants to know how I learned it so fast. A fantastic publication. I can understand it easily, having no electronic knowledge. It is so simple, the best I've read. I found your book It has proved to be quite useful.

Your book is of great value to me. To you sir, 'Well Done! A real fine book by far. I recommend this book to every CBer. It has helped me in all ways. Thank you very much for a job well done. Maybe I can avoid being ripped off by some first class know-it-all.

Took all kinds of courses, but this one was the one that did it. Thank you. I am very satisfied with what I've read. It is very interesting and I feel very well written. I keep re-reading it for all those helpful hints and always benefit. So far Your manual on CBs has helped me quite a bit.

I bought your CB repair book which I found quite helpful on several occasions. I enjoyed reading your very comprehensive book. It has given me a lot of insight. I have taken a CB radio course which helped me get my license but your book has helped me fix the radios.

To order your copy, return the enclosed Order Form or a letter along with your payment or credit card information. The FCC has already tried to ban parts of this book. Please pass this information along to a CB friend or club. And so I've created the "ultimate" CB radio book. Nearly four times bigger too! It took more than three years, and you won't be disappointed. If you're a student of electronics, a professional radio technician or retailer, or just someone who takes his CB hobby seriously, this book is for you.

This comprehensive teaching manual is designed to help you solve any type of CB radio problem, quickly and profitably. As you know, CB interest is on the rise again. Combined with the new Meter Novice Ham band, this means thousands of CB radios will need service and repairs, as well as qualified technicians to do the actual conversions. Get the education you need to cash in on the boom! You probably already have a knowledge of basic electronics that you got through work experience, school, a correspondence course, or more general books.

But you could never seem to relate that knowledge specifically to CB circuits. Look no further! Starting with a detailed discussion of CB technical specifications and measuring equipment, you'll be guided through various troubleshooting techniques and shortcuts.

This is followed by a thorough analysis of virtually every type of circuit found in CB radios, from the classic channel tube transceivers to the most modern multimode solid-state models. A big chapter on antennas, their problems and installation tops it off.

Details on where to find specific parts, accessories, test equipment, and more information are included throughout the huge text. There's no complicated math or vague theory here; just practical, common CB circuits explained in the simplest possible way.

CB technical specs defined. Test equipment you'll need. Inexpensive testing aids you can build yourself. Additional information sources.

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Understanding and Repairing CB Radios: For the Professional Technician [​Franklin, Lou] on rethinkingafricancollections.org *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Understanding.


CB shops are getting few and far between. Most of the ones still in business are in business simply because they charge outrageous prices. Don't get me wrong there are still honest CB shops around. The cost of operating a CB shop has increased greatly over the past several years.

Search this site. See Order Form for prices. Nearly four times bigger too!

Read more From all of us here at CB World, we wish you the very best. Contact CB World!

Also included is a unique section of specially prepared PLL chassis diagrams. These are simplified illustrations showing exactly how a particular chip is used to generate all IF frequencies, downmix frequencies, Clarifier and SSB offsets, etc. Covers all the most common chassis, including:.

When And Why Did CBs Become Popular?

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