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Social media has changed the way we interact with friends, family, colleagues, and most importantly, brands.

Impact of Social Media Marketing on Brand Equity The Mediating Effect of Customer Brand Engagement

There is a lot of literature on engagement in brand-related online content and social media. Yoshida et al. Wine is often consumed within a social gathering. The product can be easily approached by engaging intuitive senses like the sense of taste and sense of smell. Therefore, it is a product to effortlessly strike up a conversation, get emotionally involved with, and exchange impressions within a social group. Consumers are very likely to have an opinion about the wine they tasted and are often enthusiastic to share it. This makes a wine-related brand seem predestined to gain from social media and might create new beneficial opportunities in the wine industry Szolnoki et al.

Show full item record. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Date: Abstract: Social media marketing has changed the traditional communication between brands and customers and enabled them to make positive as well as negative influence on brand equity.

The paper analyzes three models in order to identify the causal combinations of social media usage and management that lead to an improvement of, respectively, brand awareness, brand reputation, and brand loyalty. Data collected from managers operating in organizational units closely involved in marketing and communication activities have been analyzed using fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis fsQCA. Different equifinal pathways emerge, highlighting some commonalities, as well as some specificities. Social media integration with other communication channels and dissemination of information collected through social media within the organization turn out to be two managerial practices with a relevant role in achieving higher brand awareness, brand reputation, and brand loyalty. Moreover, social media responsiveness appears to be crucial for enhancing brand loyalty. These results contribute to the branding and social media literature, providing also interesting insights for practitioners to understand how to strength brands in the social media era.

Impact of Social Media on Strengthening Brand Loyalty in the Austrian Wine Industry

This item is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Skip navigation. Show full item record Recommend this item View Statistics. Huang, Travis K. Social Media and Communities Social media interactivity, social customer relationship management, brand loyalty, knowledge gains, community benefits. As social media has become a prominent platform for networking, many organizations have begun to establish more than one brand community, as a set of supplements to their branded websites. Once most online brand interactions take place on social networking sites rather than branded sites, such customer-oriented interactions will become much more complicated and unpredictable.

Impact of Social Media Marketing on Brand Equity The Mediating Effect of Customer Brand Engagement

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. According to the vision of the society to brand trust and brand loyalty, this study is conducted to "investigate the effective factors on the loyalty to the brand in social media with a case study of Samsung brand". This research is important and necessary because we can obtain predictions and plans by the achieved results for the society and the influence of virtual social media as a non-native technology. Save to Library.

It has never been as important as it is now, as consumers are asking for higher quality in their products and services. Having a high quality product does not guarantee customer loyalty, and companies who seek it should focus on creating unique values for their. The advent of internet and social media have been a tremendous help for managers in this area, as it can provide the infrastructure needed to maintain long-term relationships with valuable customers Craig, ; Zineldin, Media consumption habits of consumers have changed as these platforms become more popular, and the value of social media in the context of communication now far exceeds that of their traditional counterparts. Social media marketing SMM is regarded as a crucial part of marketing strategy of companies, as marketers can use social media to build valuable relationships with customers and improve brand awareness.

Social media offers a social interaction environment where consumers have the opportunity to communicate with brands, exchange ideas with other users, produce content and influence the masses. Brands also create various social media marketing applications by turning these opportunities in their favor. In this study, it was aimed to measure the effect of consumer perception on marketing applications of brands on Instagram pages and their impact on brand loyalty as well as purchase intention. In this context, the research model developed was tested on Beykent University students. According to research findings, the functional value, hedonic value and self-brand image congruency perceptions towards the Instagram page of the brand in question positively affected the purchase intention, whereas the social value and co-creation perceptions did not have a significant effect on purchase intention.

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Abstract: The brand communities and social media have much in common with each other.

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