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William Blakes The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Through the voice of the Devil, he comments on the ideas of the Swedish mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg — , who wrote a book with a Latin title meaning Heaven and Hell. Blake takes issue with Swedenborg for conversing more with angels than with devils. Blake was deeply critical of traditional religion but greatly admired John Milton. Jesus, the Messiah, becomes the voice of restraint, while Satan is the revolutionary voice of liberty and desire p. Blake develops the idea that the sensual world can lead to the spiritual, and that the repression of desire destroys the spirit.

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Dark Ecology: Bio-anthropocentrism in *The Marriage of Heaven and Hell*

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Blake’s Illustrations of the Book of Job

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It is a series of texts written in imitation of biblical prophecy but expressing Blake's own intensely personal Romantic and revolutionary beliefs. Like his other books, it was published as printed sheets from etched plates containing prose, poetry and illustrations. The plates were then coloured by Blake and his wife Catherine. It opens with an introduction of a short poem "Rintrah roars and shakes his fires in the burden'd air". William Blake claims that John Milton was a true poet and his epic poem Paradise Lost was "of the Devil's party without knowing it.

Blake's religious outlook

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As a consequence of his philosophical views, Blake rejected formalised religion.

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The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: Blake's Myth of Satan and Its Cultural Matrix weekly dinners, where a coterie consisting of William Godwin, Mary Devil was the first Jacobin, for which he was hurled neck and heels.

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The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is a book by the English poet and printmaker William Blake. It is a series of texts written in imitation of biblical prophecy but.

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Here, alarmingly, was a major poet who was 'not compelled to acquire any other education in literature than that he wanted it'.

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