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After Crisis: A Marxist Take on Capital and Labour after the Financial Crisis

As values, all commodities are only definite masses of congealed labour time. One of the enduring questions of economics is "Where do profits come from? At the center of most economic paradigms is a Theory of Value. The classical political economists found value to be determined in production ; since most of the cost of production could be reduced to labor, this approach was refined into the Labor Theory of Value. Neoclassical economists looked for value in the market act of exchange and developed the Marginal Theory of Value. Both of these theories are currently under challenge by the post-Keynesians with their Sraffian Theory of Value [1: Note] , which, like the labor theory of value, is based on production rather than exchange. Any theory of value in economics is an extremely abstract formulation: in fact, value theory is the major intersection between economics and philosophy.

M ore than a century after his death, Karl Marx remains one of the most controversial figures in the Western world. His relentless criticism of capitalism and his corresponding promise of an inevitable, harmonious socialist future inspired a revolution of global proportions. It seemed that—with the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and the spread of communism throughout Eastern Europe—the Marxist dream had firmly taken root during the first half of the twentieth century. That dream collapsed before the century had ended. The people of Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Albania, and the USSR rejected Marxist ideology and entered a remarkable transition toward private property rights and the market-exchange system, one that is still occurring. Which aspects of Marxism created such a powerful revolutionary force? And what explains its eventual demise?

Karl Marx (1818–1883)

The ideas expressed in the essay have a thorough economic contemplation about them as Marx put aside his materialist conceptions of history for the time being. Main topics examined in the essay include labour power , labour, and how labour power becomes a commodity. The labour theory of value is introduced, which distinguishes between labour and labour power. The essay defines the term commodity and explores how the economic principles of supply and demand affect the pricing of certain commodities. Beyond that, the essay explores how capital and capitalism do not service any purpose other than to gain more of it, which Marx presents as an illogical method of living one's life.

Felluga, Dino. Date of last update, which you can find on the home page. Purdue U. Date you accessed the site. I have indicated those terms that are particularly tied to an individual theorist, as well as those terms that are used differently by two different Marxist or neo-Marxist critics. For an introduction to the work of a few Marxists currently influencing the discipline, see the Marxism Modules in this site.

In , a financial crisis developed with remarkable speed and spread throughout the global economy, penetrating most economies through the interconnected financial system. The crisis itself manifested long before , primarily by the rise of the credit card industry and increasing indebtness, which was a response to stagnating wage levels in the advanced capitalist states in the s. Originated in the US, mortgage lending exploded to meet the housing demand from the higher income earners — a development that was supported and promoted by financial institutions. As the market became increasingly exhausted, lending needed to be extended beyond households of high income, which led to the encouragement by financial institutions to loosen the credit strings for everyone so lending could become available for people of low income Harvey Although such lending would seem irrational and risky, the financialisation of capital markets made this possible through securitization of mortgages. After the low-preforming loans were repackaged and given undeserving AAA-ratings, any undue risk was transferred by the issuers through the securitization of mortgages: the issuer would sell the performance of the assets, while retaining ownership over mortgage contracts Bryan, Martin and Rafferty Hence, the housing bubble was built by the financialisation of the personal income of the working class Lapavitsas

Wage Labour and Capital

Commodities are objects that satisfy human needs and wants. Commodities are the fundamental units of capitalism, a form of economy based on the intense accumulation of such objects. This usefulness is its use-value, a property intrinsic to the commodity. Commodities also possess an exchange-value, the relative value of a commodity in relation to other commodities in an exchange situation.

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2. Introduction to. Karl Marx's. Wage Labour and Capital (Engels). This pamphlet first appeared in the form of a series of leading articles in the Neue Rheinische.

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Wage Labour and Capital. XOR. -. V-. KARL MARX. IEPA." Shortly after adumbrating the materialist conception of history in the manuscripts and.

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The significance of ​Wage Labour and Capital is that it is Marx's first, systematic exposition of his theory of the economic relations of capitalist society. In the.

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We have started out from the premises of political economy.

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