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difference between capital expenditure and revenue expenditure pdf

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The occurence of expenditure during the course of business is very natural. Generally, expenditure is incurred to increase the efficiency of business and further returns. These are braodly classified into two categories, i. Capital Expenditure is an expense made to acquire an asset or improve the capacity of the asset. Conversely, revenue expenditure implies the routine expenditure, that is incurred in the day to day business activities.

capital and revenue expenditure pdf

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It is essential to distinguish revenue expenses and capital expenditure to prepare correct financial statements. The absence of these will lead to misleading results where no one can conclude anything. There is no firm rule for making distinction between capital expenditure and revenue expenses. Expenses may be of capital nature and capital expenditure may be of revenue nature. The expenditure, the benefit of which cannot be consumed or utilized in the same accounting period should be treated as capital expenditure. Expenditure incurred to acquire fixed assets, erection and installation charges, transportation of assets charges, travelling expenses directly relates to purchase fixed assets are covered in capital expenditure. Capital addition to any fixed assets which increases the life or efficiency of those assets; for example, additional expenses made on a building.

Expenses incurred for purchase or erection of fixed assets i. Such expenditure yields benefit over a long period and hence written in Assets. The expenditure which is incurred on a regular basis for conducting the operational activities of the business are known as Revenue expenditure like the purchase of stock, carriage, freight, etc. Revenue Expenditures does not result in an increase in the earning capacity of the business but only helps in maintaining the existing earning capacity. For Example, the following expenses i.

Expenses versus capital expenditures

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Capital expenditure is defined in the Local Government Act as expenditure which, in accordance with proper accounting practices, falls to be capitalised. Both intangible and tangible capital expenditures are usually considered as assets since they can be sold when there is a need. Hendriksen opines, "expenses are the using or consuming of goods and services in the process of obtaining revenues". Usually, the effect of these transactions is only for a period of one year. This is the basis of classification between revenue expenditure and capital expenditure.

Difference between Capital Expenditure and Revenue

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Revenue Expenditure

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