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international company taxation and tax planning pdf

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This paper aims to examine the impact of corporate tax planning TP on tax disclosure TD. Using tax expenses data set, with the detailed effective tax rate ETR by reconciling individual items of income and expenses. A firm-level panel data set is used to analyse non-financial listed companies on Bursa Malaysia that spans the period

Tax planning involves conceiving of and implementing various strategies in order to minimize the amount of taxes paid for a given period. For a small business, minimizing the tax liability can provide more money for expenses, investment, or growth. In this way, tax planning can be a source of working capital.


This unique title provides in-depth description and analysis of tax systems worldwide. Combined with practical guidance on international planning approaches from a team of both tax practitioners and academics, this title will enhance planning for optimal specific arrangements in each cross-border business operation. In addition to frequent references to country-specific tax legislation — including laws and rules in all EU Member States plus the United States, as well as special provisions in Australia, Japan, and elsewhere — the book discusses important ECJ decisions and numerous other case studies. Gain full understanding with specific guidance on the following areas of international taxation:. International Company Taxation and Tax Planning by Dieter Endres and Christoph Spengel will be welcomed by practitioners engaged in the field of international taxation, whether they work in companies, law firms, or government. Interested academics will find here an unmatched comparative analysis of the global web of international taxation law and practice. The product being ordered is an online subscription product and use of this product is subject to terms and conditions These terms and conditions can be accessed here.

To learn about our use of cookies and how you can manage your cookie settings, please see our Cookie Policy. By continuing to use the website, you consent to our use of cookies. Please provide search keyword s. Is it justifiable that Cyprus has been perceived by European authorities of acting as a tax haven? The actions and legislative changes outlined below should be taken into consideration before answering this question. In a peer review report published on 28 November , the OECD recommended that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia needed, without further delay, to document its mutual agreement procedure processes.

International Tax: Offshore Tax Strategies

A corporate tax , also called corporation tax or company tax , is a direct tax imposed by a jurisdiction on the income or capital of corporations or analogous legal entities. Many countries impose such taxes at the national level, and a similar tax may be imposed at state or local levels. The taxes may also be referred to as income tax or capital tax. Partnerships are generally not taxed at the entity level. A country's corporate tax may apply to:. Company income subject to tax is often determined much like taxable income for individual taxpayers. Generally, the tax is imposed on net profits.

The book is written for students of business economics and tax law. DRM-free; Included format: PDF; ebooks can be used on all reading devices of corporate taxation in the European Union, International tax planning and tax accounting.

Corporate tax planning and corporate tax disclosure

Are you a small business owner? Find out how your business is affected and what you can still deduct. SVA emphasizes year-round tax planning with a proactive approach to help reduce your tax obligations. Our tax professionals have the expertise and experience to identify tax issues and solutions for your specific situation.

Corporate tax

Sullivan has one of the largest international tax practices in the Northeast. From our own specialists to leveraging our closely monitored global network of foreign tax firms and advisors, we are well-positioned to assist clients with their worldwide tax needs. We have the experience and expertise to act as a single point of contact for in-house tax departments and coordinate tax advice from multiple jurisdictions, all to ensure that inconsistencies between jurisdictions are resolved early and that important issues are not neglected. Our annual Worldwide Tax Update, client alerts and the Tax Trotter blog keep our clients up to date on important international tax developments. Our tax specialists have extensive experience in strategic tax planning and implementation for a wide range of international business activities and taxes, including:.

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International Company Taxation

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International Company Taxation and Tax Planning

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If you are living, investing or working abroad, international tax planning and offshore tax reporting can become extremely complex.

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