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Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Liner Shipping Economics. Authors view affiliations J.

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Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Liner Shipping Economics. Authors view affiliations J. Jansson D. Front Matter Pages i-x. Front Matter Pages Characteristics of demand and supply of liner shipping. Pages Market organization: the conference system.

The level and structure of freight rates. The art of charging what the traffic can bear. Ship size and shipping costs. Multi-port calling versus trans-shipment. Port costs and charges and the problem of shipping and port sub-optimizations.

A cost minimization model of a liner trade. The charging floor reconsidered. The freight rate structure is out of line with the marginal cost structure. Potential cartel profits become social costs. Conclusion: price competition in liner shipping should be encouraged. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction The importance of international liner shipping needs little emphasizing.

A large majority of international trade moves by sea, and the liner shipping share in total freight revenue exceeds one-half. Notwithstanding, people in general know surprisingly little about the basic facts of the liner shipping industry, and, in particular, about the economics ofliner shipping. Perhaps because it is an international industry, where shipping lines flying many different flags participate, it has tended to fall in between national accounts of domestic industries.

Even transport economists have, generally speaking, treated liner shipping rather 'stepmotherly'; besides the work of Bennathan and Walters , a relatively small group of specialized maritime economists, including A. Stromme-Svendsen, T. Thorburn, S. Sturmey, R. Goss, and B. Deakin, have in the post-war period made important contributions to the subject, but so far no coherent and reasonably comprehensive treatise of liner shipping economics has appeared.

The first purpose of the present volume is therefore obvious: to provide just that. Needless to say, all three parts concur to fulfill the first purpose of providing a complete book of liner shipping economics. In Part II a more or less separate, second, purpose has been to develop analytical tools for liner service optimization. Thereby we use different approaches. Authors and affiliations J. Jansson 1 D. Shneerson 2 1. Department of Economics University of Haifa Israel. Buy options.

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This is also to remind everyone in the shipping chain — exporters, agents, freight forwarders , carriers, documentation teams, vessel operators, and stowage planners, the importance of providing and using the correct information for the planning and stowage of the vessel.. In simple terms, it is the act of allocating space on board the ship for containers that have to be loaded from a certain port s to be discharged at certain port s without those containers having to be rehandled at any of the way ports along the route.. This is probably the most important of all ship operation functions and can be quite intensive in terms of activities and functions.. Profile — is the cross-sectional view of the entire ship covering both the deck and under-deck of the ship.. The profile gives the total view of the stow positions of which containers are to be discharged at which port.. The profile provides the full cross section of a ship at one glance..

The Command Companion of Seamanship Techniques

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In nautical terminology, stowage is the amount of room available for stowing materials aboard a ship, tank or an airplane.

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Report Download. All rights reserved Copyright , D. House Chapter 5.

The Command Companion of Seamanship Techniques

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The basics of container stowage planning and why it is so important


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