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ariel: A Review of International English Literature

In recent decades, world has emerged as one of the most fiercely contested concepts in literary studies. The more narrowly defined stakes of the debates over world literature concern the disciplinary mandate of comparative literature. One way of grasping the world as a problematic is in terms of a dispute over the correct unit of literary analysis. Should comparative literature scholars seek to illuminate broad historical patterns in the global circulation of influence as reflected, for example, in the morphology of literary genres or the adoption of tropes across different literary cultures? Or should they seek instead to come to grips with the singularity of the world—the unique systems of thought and meaning—presented in individual texts, using the methodology of close reading that offers a model for the ethical relation to otherness? The issue of scale is equally at play in the multiculturalist imperative to expand the literary canon beyond its traditional emphasis on European and Anglo-American traditions.

If we want to understand where we are, and where we might be going, we have to figure out how we got here. What is the history of environmentalism and sustainability? The GREEN conference will gather an international host of experts in the history of sustainable cultures and environmentalism to explore what that history offers today, both to understand the sources of environmental degradation and the climate crisis, and to expose alternatives and roads not taken. Setting the ambitious goal of a carbon-neutral conference, our innovative program incorporates carbon calculation and offsetting for attendees, as well as a "virtual stream" of conference papers presented from remote locations, and a simulcast of those papers, including livechat, for those who want to participate online. It also features plenary talks by Kim Stanley Robinson, renowned science fiction author and futurist, and Pablo Mukherjee, a scholar of colonial environmentalism, as well as a plenary round table on sustainable research practices.

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Author Wimberly, Meri. Metadata Show full item record. Ketcham Endowed Chair, Laura Chrisman Department of English This dissertation analyzes the works of three Zimbabwean writers since —Dambudzo Marechera, Yvonne Vera and NoViolet Bulawayo—using the lenses of the world-systems theory of combined and uneven development and irrealist aesthetics. Marechera, Vera and Bulawayo use irrealism to engage with political economy, more specifically the uneven nature of capitalist modernization. Lenin observed transnational unevenness, specifically between the core national powers and the peripheral countries they dominate.

World-Literature in the Context of Combined and Uneven Development

Liverpool UP, The recent study from the Warwick Research Collective WReC intervenes in current debates in world literature by highlighting a general failure within the disciplines of postcolonial and world literary studies to interrogate the subject of capitalism. While approaches such as the "alternative modernities" paradigm have affirmed a cultural pluralism in recent years, the materialist framework presented in Combined and Uneven Development: Towards a New Theory of World-Literature underscores the factors that continue to limit the texts and languages that are published, taught, and circulated within an uneven literary marketplace. By emphasizing "the context of capitalism as a world-system" WReC 14 , the Collective articulates an understanding of modernity as a singular and global phenomenon without precluding heterogeneity and difference. They are thereby able to address a series of timely questions: How, firstly, to reject Eurocentrism without recourse to a concept of postcolonial difference that loses sight of the global universality of capitalism's origins and effects? How to configure modernity as a phenomenon that is both irreducibly specific to individual locations and relational, insofar as it is formed in and through the colonial relationship?

As a historian of migration and media, she explores the ways in which the movement of peoples and ideas intersect, particularly the role of informal communication networks in the development of transoceanic identities. Her current project, Scissors and Paste, examines the hidden structure of nineteenth-century journalism, the rise of the reprint culture, and the tensions between copyright and the public domain. She is an advocate of the Digital Humanities at all levels of History education and of open humanities research. Most users should sign in with their email address. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Don't already have an Oxford Academic account?

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Combined and Uneven Development: Towards a New Theory of World-Literature​. WReC (Warwick Research Collective). Series: Postcolonialism Across the.

Why Cultures of Uneven and Combined Development?

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The last several decades have seen a remarkable turn toward cli-fi: novels and stories that imagine in various ways and seek to raise the alarm for the consequences of catastrophic climate change. But neoliberalism exerts a palpable force on today's publishing industry, making one question whether that industry is simply a cultured arm of the capitalist menace that threatens the ecological future of the planet. How ought we negotiate the tensions created between these different vectors at work in contemporary literary production?

New Comparisons in World Literature

This is due to my being diagnosed with a serious and potentially fatal medical condition half way through , and, although I received excellent care and attention from the great institutional triumph of British Social Democracy, the National Health Service, it should not surprise readers that I was unable to write or edit at the levels of speed or coherence necessary to complete and submit my article on time. That said, the slightly unfinished character of the argument is not entirely a consequence of my illness but also because it is an intervention in a debate which is still in a relatively early stage of development and which should be treated as an invitation to engage in an emergent discussion. The assertions or claims which I make here are supported by detailed evidence and argumentation in work which has been published elsewhere or which is scheduled to be so in in the very near future. Trotsky first formulated this concept in , in the first chapter of his The History of the Russian Revolution in order to explain in greater detail the conditions of possibility for a particular revolutionary scenario, that of permanent revolution, which he had first proposed twenty-five years earlier in relation to Russia.

Don't have an account? Following the lead of Franco Moretti, Fredric Jameson and others, it proposes that world-literature be thought about as the literature of the world-system. Particular attention is paid here to the work of Edward W. Liverpool Scholarship Online requires a subscription or purchase to access the full text of books within the service. Public users can however freely search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter.

Plenary talks by Kim Stanley Robinson and Pablo Mukherjee

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Combined and. Uneven Development. Towards a New Theory of World-​Literature. WReC. (Warwick Research Collective). Liverpool University Press.

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