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florida laws and rules dental hygiene pdf

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To legally operate dental x-ray equipment and perform dental radiographic procedures in Florida, a dental assistant must meet the requirements shown below. To legally operate dental x-ray equipment and perform dental radiographic procedures in Florida, a dental assistant must either:. To obtain the dental radiography certification, one must: a Successfully complete at least three months of continuous on-the-job training through assisting in the positioning of digital radiographic sensors and positioning and exposing of dental radiographic images under the direct supervision of a Florida-licensed dentist, AND b Successfully complete a Florida Board-approved radiology course within 12 months of completing on-the-job training, AND c Apply to the FDOH for certification.

Florida Dental Assistant Requirements

At Jones Health Law, we receive a lot of inquiries from non-dentists who are looking to own and operate dental practices. Dental offices that are placed in high-traffic areas with good management, a diverse patient population, talented healthcare professionals, and robust marketing and advertising efforts can generate significant revenue even with declining reimbursement rates from insurers. With numbers like that you can see why a non-dentist might want to open a practice comprised of several dentists and dental hygienists. However, non-dentists must be very cautious about structuring their relationships with the dentists. Under Florida law, no person other than a Florida licensed dentist, nor any entity other than a professional corporation or limited liability company composed of dentists may:. As per statute, a non-dentist must not directly employ a dentist i.

The department shall require a mandatory standardization exercise for all examiners prior to each practical or clinical examination and shall retain for employment only those dentists who have substantially adhered to the standard of grading established at such exercise. Such credentials shall be submitted in a manner provided by rule of the board. The board shall approve those credentials which comply with this paragraph and with rules of the board adopted pursuant to this paragraph. The provisions of this paragraph notwithstanding, an applicant of a foreign dental college or school not accredited in accordance with s. The board shall not accept such other evidence until it has made a reasonable attempt to obtain the credentials required by this paragraph from the educational institutions the applicant is alleged to have attended, unless the board is otherwise satisfied that such credentials cannot be obtained. However, the dentist issuing such prescription shall remain responsible for the care of such patient. This subsection does not limit delegable tasks to those specified herein.

Financial Responsibility. Electronic Prescribing Waiver. Address Change Form. Name Change Form. Dentistry Licensure Application. Dental Hygiene Licensure Application.

Dental Hygiene Graduates Earn 100% Pass Rate

In fact, over the last three years, SFSC Dental Hygiene students have had a percent pass rate on the national board exam. The national board exam is an eight-hour written exam that covers every dental education course that the students took over two years. The state board exam is administered by the state of Florida and is a practical exam. Milliken said that upon passing the national board exam, students will take the three components of the state board exam. According to Dr.

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A code of ethics is one of the essential characteristics of a true profession. Case 1. Case 16 This case presents a very delicate situation that presents many legal and ethical questions. Property Refurbishments. Or go to the local library and find out if they have anything related to CA dental board exams or ethics in dental hygiene. Dental hygienists.

All of the Florida statutes and administrative rules mentioned in this and dental hygiene shall be liberally construed to carry out such purpose and intent.

Initial Licensure

An Official Website of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Eligibility guidelines for applicants are detailed below. Each section below also contains an instruction checklist for different types of applicants.

Dental hygienists are well suited to administer local anesthesia to their patients, yet some state practice acts still limit or prohibit their provision of this important service. Dental hygienists first began administering local anesthesia 40 years ago in the state of Washington, yet there are still six states that prohibit dental hygienists from administering local anesthesia. Dental hygienists are well qualified to provide local anesthesia, which ensures patients can comfortably receive the level of care indicated without unnecessary pain. A clear understanding of the types of local anesthetic injections used in dentistry is imperative to deciphering state practice acts. Table 1 provides definitions of the most commonly administered injections.

The Florida Senate

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Can a Non-Dentist Own a Dental Practice in Florida?

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