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Elements of environmental ethics in Ancient Greek Philosophy. Munamato Chemhuru 1. Lecturer in Philosophy: Great Zimbabwe University. In this article, I consider how ancient Greek philosophical thinking might be approached differently if the environmental ethical import that is salient in it is critically considered. After pointing out how environmental ethics is generally construed in much of the discourse on current philosophical thinking, I spell out some unexplored elements of anthropocentric and non-anthropocentric environmental ethical thinking that are implicit in ancient Greek philosophy. I seek to critically challenge some common notions in Western environmentalism that take environmental ethics as a fairly new discourse of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Ecology and ethics: Is there a duty to nature?

Plato and Aristotle would have found the modern effort to fuse ethics and ecology to be incomprehensible. Despite the fact that oikos —meaning house or household—is a Greek word, Greek science did not entertain a concept of ecology. Nor did Greek philosophy regard nature as morally considerable. As with the Classical Greek philosophers, so it was also with modern thinkers. Ethics, they held, were concerned solely with interpersonal relations. They could not, therefore, recognize a duty to nature. That we do owe a duty to nature, however, is the carefully considered conclusion of most of the environmental ethicists.

Home Numeri 59 Reconciling Science and Nature by In this paper, I argue that a reconciliation between science and nature is possible by way of the role played by ecological sciences on the aesthetical and ethical appraisal of natural diversity. I then show that when environmental ethics is supported by environmental aesthetics, a different role may be assigned to science. However, consensus is lacking in what regards his motivations to embrace the foundation of modern science. This divide proved to be lasting. For Marcuse, therefore, the technological project of the domination of nature gave rise to a political project of the domination of man. The pathway to such recovery would stand in the questioning and cross-examination of nature.

Anthropocentrism, in its original connotation in environmental ethics, is the belief that value is human-centred and that all other beings are means to human ends. Environmentally -concerned authors have argued that anthropocentrism is ethically wrong and at the root of ecological crises. Some environmental ethicists argue, however, that critics of anthropocentrism are misguided or even misanthropic. They contend: first that criticism of anthropocentrism can be counterproductive and misleading by failing to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate human interests. Second, that humans differ greatly in their environmental impacts, and consequently, addressing human inequalities should be a precondition for environmental protection. Fourth, human self-love is not only natural but helpful as a starting point for loving others, including nonhumans. Herein we analyze such arguments, agreeing with parts of them while advancing four counter-arguments.

Feminist Environmental Philosophy

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New German Critique 1 August ; 43 2 : — There are three broad categories of values in environmental ethics: instrumental, inherent moral, and eudemonistic. While instrumental values refer to ways humans are reliant on nature, inherent moral values give natural beings direct moral standing. The article substantiates this claim in six steps. First, it criticizes the dichotomy between instrumental and inherent values.

On the Reconciliation of Anthropocentric and Nonanthropocentric Environmental Ethics

Simon Boxley. Red Biocentrism for the Anthropocene.

Feminist Environmental Philosophy

Putting justice for people before the environment is based on evidence that biological conservation can disadvantage local communities; the idea that the very notion of justice is framed by humans and therefore remains a human issue; and the assumption that humans have a higher value than other species. Putting justice for the environment first assumes that only an ecocentric ethic guarantees protection of all species, including humans, and therefore ecological justice already guarantees social justice. This research shows that many students emphasize the convergence of social and ecological justice where human and environmental interests correspond. Abram, S. Anthropological Forum, 26 1 : Baviskar, A. Hallsworth Plenary Debate.

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It is beyond the scope of this essay to consider non-Western philosophical positions concerning the environment. A feminist issue provides ways of understanding, eliminating, and creating alternatives to the oppression of women. For example, data show that women—especially poor, rural women in less developed countries LDCs who are heads of households—suffer disproportionate harms caused by such environmental problems as deforestation, water pollution, and environmental toxins. Knowing this helps one understand how the lives and status of women are connected to contemporary environmental problems. Greta Gaard and Lori Gruen



This article examines the historically constituted dimensions of anthropocentrism, tracing the emergence of linear perspective, a camera theory of knowledge, and the human-nature dualism. These epistemological conventions are socially reproduced in organization science and management practice in their more contemporary anthropocentric forms: a disembodied form of technological knowing conjoined with an egocentric organizational orientation. Following this critique, the paradigmatic differences between anthropocentric and ecocentric approaches for dealing with issues related to the natural environment are discussed in what is referred to respectively as the environmental management and ecocentric responsibility paradigms. It is argued that environmental management approaches are incommensurable with the ecocentric responsibility paradigm. The tensions between these competing paradigms are examined as a useful stimulus for theory development toward an ecocentric organizational paradigm. Learn About the New eReader. Downloaded 38 times in the past 12 months.

Read this article, which provides an excellent introduction to the four approaches to environmental ethics we will cover below. As you take notes, attempt to frame your views under the viewpoint that you believe best matches your ideals. The fundamental issue in environmental ethics is whether there can be a non-anthropocentric environmental ethic — that is a basis for right and wrong action concerning the environment which is not grounded solely in human concerns.

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