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vietnam m16a1 operation and preventive pdf

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The widespread issue of the M16 rifle to troops in Vietnam, beginning in the mids, was fraught with problems.

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The M16A1 Rifle Operation and Preventive Maintenance 1969

This truly is a rare case of art imitating life, where two, or even three worlds collide. Not content without possessing this in physical form, I sought out what these would be appraised at for an original, better yet, I discovered on Amazon they had been reprinted …. Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen serving in combat in Vietnam. The U. This 32 page was in fact issued to nearly every soldier serving in the conflict, Vietnam …. Will Eisner , an artist famous for creating The Spirit in , also introduced the medium of the graphic novel. As one of the most influentially cited artist of his generation his beautifully descriptive artwork, beautifully demonstrates not only his narrative skill but easily explains complex workings in visually easy to understand skill draughtsmanship.

The standard rifle used by the U. Army as American involvement in the Vietnam War grew was the M In , Colt introduced the AR semiautomatic rifle. This was later developed into the United States Rifle, Caliber 5. The M16 would eventually replace the M14 rifle in Vietnam as the standard weapon of the U. Army during the Vietnam War.

Report Download. Army Rifle Maintenance. Officially known as DA Pam Issued in comic book form, and with rifle, to every U. Chapter titles include: How to. Drain Before Shooting.

Vietnam M16A1 Maintenance Comic

The M16 rifle , officially designated Rifle, Caliber 5. The original M16 rifle was a 5. In , the M16 entered US military service and the following year was deployed for jungle warfare operations during the Vietnam War. The M16A2 fires the improved 5. It is equipped with a removable carrying handle and Picatinny rail for mounting optics and other ancillary devices. The M16 has also been widely adopted by other armed forces around the world. Total worldwide production of M16s is approximately 8 million, making it the most-produced firearm of its 5.

I still have one of those somewhere among my books. In todays world it is Politically Incorrect but it is fun to read. I still have mine. I see them for sale on ebay for maybe 8 bucks or so. Must have printed millions of them. There was one similar to this, not the same format but a much more simplified black and white line drawing format, that showed people how to conduct anti-government activities.

Speaking the G.I.'s Language: The M16 Comic Book Manual

Army Rifle Maintenance Booklet. Officially known as DA Pam Issued in comic book form, and with rifle, to every U. Also introduces "Maggie", a personified M cartridge with arms, legs, and eyelashes.

When Two Worlds Collide – A Review of The M16A1 Rifle Operation and Preventative Maintenance Manual

Remove old pages and insert new pages as indicated below. For weapons nerds, this is a treasure trove of information. Alphabetical Index. Page numbers list where in the manual to find each subject listed in the index. With over pages of info about your favorite rifle, this is a must-own reference guide for AR enthusiasts. In phase one, Army marksmanship experts were identified. AKM Receiver Blueprint.

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32 Pages on proper cleaning and assembly of the M16A1 Rifle. Issued in comic book form, and with rifle, to every U.S. soldier stationed in Vietnam. Chapter titles​.

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