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Its goal is to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes and impact.

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Banking is a highly regulated industry, which makes it easier for you to evaluate each bank's relative performance, and also the industry as a whole. Regulatory bodies such as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Federal Reserve Bank, among others, publish large amounts of banking data on their websites. Some of the key financial ratios investors use to analyze banks include return on assets, return on equity, efficiency ratio and the net interest margin. Use these ratios to look for trends in the bank's own performance, and also to compare financial performance with competitors.

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Gwo-hshiung Tzeng. Hung-yi Wu. Yinong Chen. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. All rights reserved. Introduction organizational performance and link it to the corporate goals. Each method has its own basic concept, Republic of China, Financial institutions are densely distrib- aim, advantages and disadvantages Dessler, Which one is uted in Taiwan.

How- Organization WTO. Several E-mail addresses: hywu mail. Wu , studies have been conducted incorporating the four perspectives ghtzeng mail. Tzeng , j ji-ee. Wu et al. Therefore, the Like most cases of evaluation, a necessarily determine which institution offers the highest returns number of criteria have to be considered for performance apprai- to the investors, nor does it accurately prove which one is most sal. Several previous gle one. In this research, a FMCDM approach based on the four per- studies on bank performance measurement examined economies spectives of the BSC was proposed to establish a performance of scale and scope employing traditional statistical methods such evaluation model for bank institutions.

For in- viewed in Section 2. Section 5 concludes the paper. Meyer and Markiewicz 2. Collier BSC. Kuo vices. According to the related literature, the selection criteria and Chen applied the four perspectives of the BSC to con- which customers use to evaluate and choose between banks, in- struct key performance appraisal indicators for the mobility of clude price, speed, access, customer service, location, image and the service industries through the fuzzy Delphi method.

Nevertheless, most of the relative importance of various choice criteria in the selection these studies focused on how to set up an effective mechanism of a banking institution by applying a quantitative methodology to select evaluation criteria rather than on calculating their relative of statistical analysis.

They provided an analysis of customer choice weight. Therefore, this research aims at developing an evaluation criteria and multiple banking and made an itemized comparison of model for banking performance not only to investigate the relative the relative importance of choice criteria which impact on the importance among the selection criteria, but also to examine the choice for main and secondary banking institutions.

Balanced Scorecard 3. The BSC performance analysis is conducted based on the selected evalua- measures organizational performance from four perspectives, tion criteria.

The BSC pro- plained in the following subsections. Fuzzy set theory a, b. Banks can save both time and money if they recognize which mea- Therefore, this research incorporates the fuzzy theory into the per- sures are most suitable for their needs.

The BSC is a popular tool that is applied by many businesses to assess their performance in diverse aspects of their organization. Performance evaluation framework of the research.

Fuzzy number ; Zadeh, The use of number A e is of a fuzzy set, and its membership function is linguistic variables is applied widely. For instance, the triangular fuzzy number 3. It generalizes the cal- tions proposed by Zadeh , given any two positive triangular culation of the consistent ratio CR into a fuzzy matrix. In other words, they geometric technique is used to calculate the geometric are variables with lingual expression as their values Hsieh et al. Membership function of the triangular fuzzy number.

According to the fuzzy weight, Fig. Membership functions of the linguistics variables for criteria comparisons. The fuzzy alternative under n criteria. The synthetic value of fuzzy judgment the computation of the fuzzy number, consisting of both fuzzy addi- tion and fuzzy multiplication. Considering that the computation of Since Bellman and Zadeh proposed the decision-making fuzzy multiplication is rather complicated, the approximate multi- methods in fuzzy environments, an increasing number of related plied result of the fuzzy multiplication is used here.

The above decision-making prob- the lower, middle, and upper synthetic performance values of alter- lems were solved by applying the fuzzy set theory. Its main application is focused Eq.

Each linguistic variable can be pre- and practical without the need to bring in the preferences of any sented by a TFN with a range of 0— Assume that e E kij evaluators. Therefore it is used in this study. The BNP value of denotes the fuzzy valuation of performance given by the the fuzzy number R e i can be found by evaluator k towards alternative i under criterion j as Eq.

In this research, e E ij represents the average fuzzy judgment values integrated by m evaluators as 3. The relative closeness as follows. Step 1: Establish the original performance matrix.

The synthetic gap is the main issue in this problem. Step 2: Calculate the normalized performance matrix. The purpose Therefore, the authors propose the VIKOR method for ranking and of normalizing the performance including: the larger is improving the alternatives of this problem.

This method is intro- better and the smaller is better is to remove the units of duced in the Section 3. The normalized value rij is calcu- 3. The multi-criteria weighted as illustrated in Eq. The summation of wj is equal to 1 ming Yu, ; Zeleny, In this research, the value of v is set to equal 0, 0. Based on this framework, the FAHP was used to obtain the fuzzy Step 4: Rank and improve the alternatives, sort by the values S, R, and weights of the indexes. The TOPSIS, and VIKOR were respectively applied to evaluate the bank- results are three ranking lists, with the best alternatives ing performance based on the weight of each index, and to improve having the lowest value.

The hierarchi- Step 5: Propose a compromise solution. Hierarchical framework of the BSC performance evaluation C2. The hier- archical framework of the BSC performance evaluation criteria i. The Alternativesa0 , a00 ,. Hierarchical framework of BSC performance evaluation criteria for banking. Weights of the evaluation criteria Table 3 Average fuzzy judgment values of each evaluation criterion by various experts. F2 The F4 P3 Ranking of the banking performance P6 Since there are differences of sub- L4 In this research, by Eqs.

The average fuzzy judgment values of each crite- mance. First, the performance ranking order of the three banks rion of the three banks, integrated by various experts through Eqs. According to the fuzzy weights of F1 C2 This implies P1 P4 Table 10 shows L1 The values of Si and Ri computed by Eqs. Table 4 Fuzzy synthetic performance values of the evaluation criteria by SAW. The largest value means the smallest gap to achieve the ideal level. P4a P1a 0. L2a 0. However, researchers are Note: indicates ranking order.

Discussion industry. It matches the needs and improving the gaps of the three banks, respectively.

Monitoring and evaluation

Financial System also consists of interrelationships among the persons and the bodies that make up the economy. Learn how Debitoor makes it simple to manage your business finances and optimise growth: try it free for 7 days. Thus, financial instruments are classified into financial assets and other financial instruments. Money, one of the components, of the financial system is the backbone of all financial activities within a financial organization. Financial system comprises of set of subsystems of financial institutions, financial markets, financial instruments and services which helps in the formation of capital.

It appears you don't have a PDF plugin for this barrPostingser. New User? Forgot Password? Log In Register Now! Email Password! Abstract: The study focuses on the measurement methods in the evaluation of banks performance in a Libyan context. It is the first study in Libya which involves three major Libyan banks The aim of the study is to realise the fitness of applying the measurement methods in the evaluation of banks performance to Sahara Bank, Gumhouria Bank and the Al-Umma Bank and the objectives are to: recognise dimensions of the measurement methods with the strongest impact on the level of the evaluation of banks performance, try to identify the financial performance assessment of the banks and the indicators used in the criteria, interpretation and knowledge of trends and developments and recent studies in this area, clarify that the indicators and methods in one of the financial and economic institutions have a very important impact in improving the performance and efficiency and develop conceptual framework for the measurement methods in the evaluation of banks performance in a Libyan banking sector context, employs from Arab and Western literature and the findings of the study.

This paper presents a hybrid model to conducting performance measurements for Internet banking by using data envelopment analysis DEA and axiomatic fuzzy set AFS clustering. For each bank, DEA is applied to select a best combination by computing an aggregated efficiency score based on outputs, such as web metrics and revenue; and inputs, such as equipment, operation cost and employees. Then AFS clustering method is used to classify the best combination into different groups and provide the definitely semantic interpretations for the evaluation results. Identification of operational fitness and business orientation of each firm, in this way, will yield insights into understanding the weaknesses and strengths of banks, which are considering moving into Internet banking. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution.

Financial Performance Analysis Project Report Pdf

Prepared Remarks KB pdf. The Central Bank of Ireland serves the public interest by safeguarding monetary and financial stability and by working to ensure that the financial system operates in the best interests of consumers and the wider economy. Factor analysis is a data reduction and classification technique, which can be applied in financial analysis. Ratio Analysis is a form of Financial Statement Analysis that is.

A fuzzy MCDM approach for evaluating banking performance based on Balanced Scorecard

How to Evaluate the Performance of Banks

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resources are being used in order to generate income. Page Profitability Ratios in Banking. • ROE is a more direct measure of returns.

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How to Evaluate the Performance of Banks

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