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handbook of self regulation of learning and performance pdf

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In the international community of educational researchers, self-regulated learning has become an important topic in educational and psychological research over the last three decades. One reason for this is that it has been found that the extent to which learners are capable of regulating their own learning markedly enhances their learning outcomes. Unable to display preview.

A Conceptual Framework for Research on Self-Regulated Learning

More Index. E-ISSN : Self-regulated learning is a constructive process that is active in setting learning goals. This ability should be possessed by every individual to become a successful learner. Another thing that students must have to be successful in the process and learning outcomes are learning motivation.

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Handbook of Self-Regulation of Learning and Performance

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The Handbook of Self-Regulation represents state-of-the-art coverage of the latest theory, research, and developments in applications of self-regulation research. Chapters are of interest to psychologists interested in the development and operation of self-regulation as well as applications to health, organizational, clinical, and educational psychology. This book pulls together theory, research, and applications in the self-regulation domain and provides broad coverage of conceptual, methodological, and treatment issues. In view of the burgeoning interest and massive research on various aspects of self-regulation, the time seems ripe for this Handbook, aimed at reflecting the current state of the field. The goal is to provide researchers, students, and clinicians in the field with substantial state-of-the-art overviews, reviews, and reflections on the conceptual and methodological issues and complexities particular to self-regulation research.

Self-regulated learning (or self-regulation) refers to the process whereby learners personally activate and sustain cognitions, affects, and behaviours that are.

Handbook of Self-Regulation

Include Synonyms Include Dead terms. Direct link. Self-regulated learning or self-regulation refers to the process whereby learners personally activate and sustain cognitions, affects, and behaviours that are systematically oriented toward the attainment of learning goals. This is the first volume to integrate into a single volume all aspects of the field of self-regulation of learning and performance: basic domains, applications to content areas, instructional issues, methodological issues, and individual differences. It draws on research from such diverse areas as cognitive, educational, clinical, social, and organizational psychology.

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Promoting self-regulated learning in preschoolers

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Handbook of Self-Regulation of Learning and Performance


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Self-regulated learning SRL is important for a person's school career and their later academic success, and it should therefore be fostered as early as possible.

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