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oracle 10g forms and reports interview questions and answers pdf

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Oracle Forms And Reports Interview Questions & Answers

Anchor-view Resize -View Move-View. What is an Alert? An alert is window that appears in the middle of the screen overlaying a portion of the current display. Deleting a page removes information about all the ields in that page?

False a. Two popup pages can appear on the screen at a time? Classify the restricted and unrestricted procedure from the following. Call b. User-Exit c. Call-Query d. Execute-Query f. Message g. Exit-From h. Post i. Call - unrestricted b. User Exit - Unrestricted c. Up - Restricted e. Execute Query - Restricted f.

Message - Restricted g. Post - Restricted i. Break - Unrestricted. What is an User Exits? What is a Trigger? What is a Package Procedure? What is the maximum size of a form? What is the difference between system. List the system variables related in Block and Field? What are the different types of Package Procedure? Restricted package procedure. Unrestricted package procedure. Navigational Triggers.

Transaction Triggers. Identify package function from the following? Error-Code 2. Break 3. Call 4. Error-text 5. Form-failure 6. Form-fatal 7. Execute-query 8. Anchor View 9. Yes Can you attach an lov to a ield at design time? Yes List the windows event triggers available in Forms 4. When-window-activated, when-window-closed, when-window-deactivated, when-window-resized What are the triggers associated with the image item? When-Image-activated Fires when the operator double clicks on an image Items When-image-pressed ires when the operator selects or deselects the image item What is a visual attribute?

Visual Attributes are the font, color and pattern characteristics of objects that operators see and intract with in our application. How many maximum number of radio buttons can you assign to a radio group? Unlimited no of radio buttons can be assigned to a radio group How do you pass the parameters from one form to another form? Create a parameter list to execute the add parameter built-in procedure to add one or more parameters list. What is a Layout Editor?

The Layout Editor is a graphical design facility for creating and arranging items and boilerplate text and graphics objects in your application's interface. List the Types of Items? Text item. Chart item. Check box. Display item.

Image item. List item. Radio Group. User Area item. List system variables available in forms 4. Stop, Caution, note What built-in is used for showing the alert during run-time? What built-in is used for changing the properties of the window dynamically? Root window, secondary window. What is a predeined exception available in forms 4. Radio groups display a ixed no of options that are mutually Exclusive.

User can select one out of n number of options. What are the different type of a record group? Query record group Static record group Non query record group What are the menu items that oracle forms 4. Page, Page 0? Page - Canvas-View Page 0 - Canvas-view null. What triggers are associated with the radio group?

Only when-radio-changed trigger associated with radio group Visual Attributes. What are the triggers associated with a check box? Only When-checkbox-activated Trigger associated with a Check box. Can you attach an alert to a ield?

No Can a root window be made modal? No What is a list item? It is a list of text elements. If yes, give the name of the built-in to change the alert messages at run-time. What is the built-in used to get and set lov properties during run-time?

FMB 2. MMB 3. List the built-in routine for controlling window during run-time? What buil-in routines are used to display editor dynamically? A list of values is a single or multi column selection list displayed in a pop-up window What is a record Group? Content View, Stacked View. An alert is a modal window that displays a message notiies the operator of some application condition What are the built-in routines is available in forms 4.

A navigable item is one that operators can navigate to with the keyboard during default navigation, or that Oracle forms can navigate to by executing a navigational built-in procedure. What is a library in Forms 4. What is the content view and stacked view? A content view is the "Base" view that occupies the entire content pane of the window in which it is displayed.

A stacked view differs from a content canvas view in that it is not the base view for the window to which it is assigned What is a Check Box?

A Check Box is a two state control that indicates whether a certain condition or value is on or off, true or false. The display state of a check box is always either "checked" or "unchecked". What is a canvas-view? A canvas-view is the background object on which you layout the interface items text-items, check boxes, radio groups, and so on.

At run-time, operators can see only those items that have been assigned to a speciic canvas. Each canvas, in term, must be displayed in a speciic window.

Oracle Forms Interview Questions

Hi There, You make learning and reading addictive. All eyes fixed on you. Thank you being such a good and trust worthy guide. I read multiple articles and watched many videos about how to use this tool - and was still confused! Your instructions were easy to understand and made the process simple. Merci Beaucoup, Sanvi.

Oracle Content_ Oracle Forms and Reports Interview Questions Part 2

What are the differences between them? When you call a form, Oracle Forms issues a savepoint for the called form. The calling form is terminated as the parent form. If the calling form had been called by a higher form, Oracle Forms keeps the higher call active and treats it as a call to the new form.

Interview Questions and Answers for Oracle D2K Forms

Oracle Forms Interview Questions & Answers - Oracle Forms FAQ- Part-2

Interview questions and answers for Oracle D2k Forms 2. These keys referred as key F0 through key F9. These triggers are executes when inserting, deleting and updating operations are performed and can be used to change the default function of insert, delete or update respectively. For Eg, instead of inserting a row in a table an existing row can be updated in the same table.

Post a Comment. Oracle Reports. Barcode Integration in Oracle. How to make the Oracle report concurrent program ends with warning? How to create the Dependent and independent values set and how to fetch the relevant details list from parameter 1 to parameter2. For Displaying concurrent program dynamically In Reports.

Oracle forms are usually used for developing screens which interact with the database. It was developed in order to run server-side in character mode terminal sessions. The main focus of having Oracle forms is to have data entry of systems that access the Oracle database. Interviews for Oracle have questions related to Oracle Forms. Below are a few questions which can be asked in an interview and will help you clear it. Now, if you are looking for a job which is related to Oracle Forms then you need to prepare for the Oracle Forms Interview Questions.

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