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Although there are two parts that make up the computer-based CMA Exam, for the purpose of this article, we will focus on Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics. For Part 1 of this exam, you will be given four hours to complete multiple-choice questions and 2 essay questions. Special testing accommodations are available for those who have conditions that are approved by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Some testing accommodations include extended testing time, additional breaks, and Braille test materials. The first is knowledge.

CMA- GLEIM MCQ - Part 1 (1st Batch)

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Next up. Copy and Edit. You need to log in to complete this action! No tags specified cma certified management accountant gleimcma cma part 1 mcq ima part 1 mcq ima. Resource summary. Which one of the following is not a significant reason for planning? Forces management to evaluate the reasonableness of assumptions used and goals identified in the budgetary process.

Ensures improved cost control within the organization and prevents inefficiencies. Provides a formal benchmark to be used for feedback and performance evaluation. Serves as a coordination and communication device between management and subordinates.

Define responsibility centers, provide a framework for performance evaluation, and promote communication and coordination among organization segments. Define responsibility centers, facilitate the fixing of blame for missed budget predictions, and ensure goal congruence between superiors and subordinates.

Foster the planning of operations, provide a framework for performance evaluation, and promote communication and coordination among organization segments. Foster the planning of operations, facilitate the fixing of blame for missed budget predictions, and ensure goal congruence between superiors and subordinates. Requires departmental managers to make plans in conjunction with the plans of other interdependent departments.

Top management. Lacks the detailed knowledge of the daily operations and should limit their involvement. Needs to be involved, including using the budget process to communicate goals. Needs to separate the budgeting process and the business planning process into two separate processes. Settle disputes among operating executives during the development of the annual operating plan. Develop the annual profit plan by selecting the alternatives to be adopted from the suggestions submitted by the various operating segments.

Individuals at all organizational levels are recognized as being part of the team; this results in greater support of the organization. The budget estimates are prepared by those in direct contact with various activities. Managers are more motivated to reach the budget objectives since they participated in setting them.

When managers set the final targets for the budget, senior management need not be concerned with the overall profitability of current operations. Lower-level management reports are likely to contain more quantitative data and less financial data. However, a budget also performs the function s of. Budgets present organizational plans in a formal, logical, and integrated manner. A budget is a plan that contains a quantitative statement of expected results. Makes across-the-board cuts when early budget iterations show that planned expenses are too high.

Incorporates non-financial measures as well as financial measures into its output. A sales budget is prepared by individual sales units reflecting the sales targets of the various segments. This provides the basis for departmental production budgets and other related components by the various operating units.

Communication is primarily lateral with some upward communication possible. A profit plan is submitted to top management for coordination and review. A revised profit plan is resubmitted for further review to top management.

Top management grants final approval and distributes the formal plan downward to the various operating units. This outline of steps best describes which one of the following approaches to budget development?

Have senior management develop the overall goals and permit the divisional manager to determine how these goals will be met. Have the divisional and senior management jointly develop goals and the divisional manager develop the implementation plan. The top-down approach to budgeting will not ensure adherence to strategic organizational goals.

To prevent ambiguity, once departmental budgeted goals have been developed, they should remain fixed even if the sales forecast upon which they are based proves to be wrong in the middle of the fiscal year. With the information technology available, the role of budgets as an organizational communication device has declined.

Since department managers have the most detailed knowledge about organizational operations, they should use this information as the building blocks of the operating budget. Chip Jones is production manager in one of the divisions.

Require development of a production budget that is forwarded to the Budget Department. Develop the budgets by top management and issue them to lower-level operating units.

Study the actual revenues and expenses of previous periods in detail. Have the budgets developed by operating units and accept them as submitted by a company-wide budget committee. Share the budgets with all employees as a means to reach company goals and objectives. Participative budgeting where managers pursue objectives consistent with those set by top management. Better communication whereby managers discuss budget matters daily with their superiors.

The lack of. There is little congruence among the overall organization goals, the subunit goals, and the individual goals of decision makers. Guidance is given to subunit managers about how standards and goals affect them. The subunits in the organization compete with each other for the same input factors or for the same customers.

Standard costs are usually stated in total, while budgeted costs are usually stated on a perunit basis. This approach would best be characterized as a n. Incorporate very generous allowance for spoilage and worker inefficiencies. Six months ago, she appointed a team from the production and service departments to finalize the allocation of costs and setting of standard costs.

They were still feuding, so she hired Brennan and Rose, a large consulting firm, to resolve the matter. All of the following are potential consequences of having the standards set by Brennan and Rose except that. Employees could react negatively since they did not participate in setting the standards. There could be dissatisfaction if the standards contain costs that are not controllable by the unit held responsible.

The appropriate standard for XZ for next year should be set at the. Lowest purchase price in the anticipated range to keep pressure on purchasing to always buy in the lowest price range. Highest price in the anticipated range to ensure that there are only favorable purchase price variances. Price agreed upon by the purchasing manager and the appropriate level of company management. Company A does not differentiate between variable and fixed overhead in calculating its overhead variances.

A review of performance reports revealed the presence of many unfavorable efficiency variances. Management noted that minimal incentive bonuses have been paid in recent periods. Production supervisors found several significant fluctuations in manufacturing volume, with short-term increases on output being followed by rapid, sustained declines.

Automite is preparing its sales forecast for the coming year. If Automite wants to determine whether its sales of replacement parts are dependent upon the industry sales of replacement parts or upon the sales of used and new automobiles, the company should employ.

The best explanation of the value r is that it. During the current year, the auditor applies the model and discovers that the r 2 value has decreased dramatically, but the model otherwise seems to be working okay.

Which of the following conclusions are justified by the change? Changing to a cross-sectional regression analysis should cause r 2 to increase.

Regression analysis is no longer an appropriate technique to estimate interest income. Some new factors, not included in the model, are causing interest income to change. Jackson Co. What is their expected total cost for the month of May using the high-low method? The following results were derived from the simple regression and provide the basis for overhead cost estimates for the new product.

Gleim : 1. To do so, the manager has collected information on total cost and output for the past 24 months. To estimate the fixed and variable components of total cost, the manager should use. The results show a regression coefficient for the independent variable equal to 0. This coefficient value indicates that. Advertising is not a good predictor of sales because the coefficient is so small. Which one of the following cost estimation methods should not be used in estimating fixed and variable costs for the equation?

One dependent variable, while multiple regression uses all available data to estimate the cost function. Dependent variables, while multiple regression can use both dependent and independent variables. One independent variable, while multiple regression uses more than one independent variable. One dependent variable, while multiple regression uses more than one dependent variable.

Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Part – 1

Certified Management Accountant CMA is a professional certification credential in the management accounting and financial management fields. The certification signifies that the person possesses knowledge in the areas of financial planning , analysis, control, decision support, and professional ethics. The CMA is a U. CMA-certified professionals work inside organizations of all sizes, industries, and types, including manufacturing and services, public and private enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, academic institutions, Government entities USA , and multinational corporations worldwide. To date, there are more than 40, active CMAs with more than 80, candidates in the current pipeline. Since , the exam has been condensed into two four-hour parts, covering largely the same material as the former four part exam with added emphasis on financial planning, analysis, control, and decision support.

Send us your question to info Surgent. Here at Surgent, we recommend that test takers dedicate some extra time to prepare themselves for the exam by really understanding the basics of what the CMA Exam really looks like. This way you know what to expect and have a higher chance of passing on your first try! So, with that that — this chart breaks down what kind of content you can expect in each exam. They allow you to gain critical exposure to the tools and features you can expect to see on exam day, and ultimately will help to alleviate anxiousness and eliminate questions about the exam interface. Practice tests should be timed to match the actual CMA Exam, as well as feature accurate practice test questions.

CMA Part 1 – Financial Planning, Performance and Analytics Practice Test

REF: OC The major components of the subject include:. Blackbird Training helps you in your CMA exam preparation by providing you with high-quality CMA study guide and training that will be helpful for you to pass the exam. Our Clients. Our Trainers.

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Assists financial managers and management accountants in developing an integrated network of business models to plan, monitor and optimise organisation performance. The authors analyse the current problems of planning within organisations, and propose a framework that deals with the complexity and volatility of today's business environment. Budgeting, planning and forecasting are critical management tasks that not only impact the future success of an organisation, but can threaten its very survival if done badly. It is written with a comfortable style and does an excellent job of explaining the nuances of modern financial planning tools.

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Training Course: CMA Part 1: Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance, & Control

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Training Course: CMA Part 1: Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance, & Control

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