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kerala history quiz questions and answers pdf

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Hello, students welcome to jobs. The article is specially designed for those students who are preparing for a state or national level Jobs and searching Kerala general knowledge questions and answers. This will help you to score good marks in General Awareness Section.

Quiz 6: Kerala History Questions and Answers

Hello, students welcome to jobs. The article is specially designed for those students who are preparing for a state or national level Jobs and searching Kerala general knowledge questions and answers. This will help you to score good marks in General Awareness Section.

Kerala is one of the smallest states in India with the Malabar Coast of the Arabian Sea, with square miles that extend 75 miles in breadth and 20 miles in width. Kerala is a distinct region, which is separated by the Western Ghats that runs parallel to the sea for about 85 miles. Kerala is bordered by Karnataka to the north and northeast, Tamil Nadu to the east and south, and the Lakshadweep Sea to the west.

It was made on 1 November , following the States Reorganisation Act by combining Malayalam-speaking regions. Spread over 38, sq km 15, sq mi. Kerala is the most literate state in India, the Kerala school of astronomy and mathematics was established in 14 to the 16th century which is the oldest educational institution in Kerala.

According to the census, Kerala has Do you have any query? Best of Luck…!!! Do You Have Any Questions?? Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment.

What is the state tree of Kerala? Total number of districts in Kerela? What is the state flower of Kerala? In which district of kerala is puttingal temple is located? What is the capital of Kerala? Vaikom Satyagraha was started in the year? What is the official language of Kerala? Malayalam, Tamil. The Octopus Shaped lake in Kerala A. Which one is the longest river of Kerela? Which is the largest lake in Kerela? Vembanandu Lake. In which year Kerala was formed as Indian State? Which one is the highest populated city in Kerala?

Which one is recognized as the State animal of kerala A. Which one is the first known dynasty that ruled Kerela? Chera Dynasty. The kerela High Court was established in which year? Who wrote the Malayalam novel named Indulekha? Chanthu Menon. How many Lok Sabha seats in the state of Kerala? What is the number of Rajya Sabha seats in Kerala? Who is the father of Malayalam Language? The First Europeans to come to Kerala was?

History 2. Structure and Physiographic divisions Geography 3. Administrative Structure 4. Languages 5. Religion 6. Dams 7. National Parks 8. Economy Important Stadiums International Airports Education Museums Heritage Sites Lakes Nicknames of Cities Other Important Information. Acacia catechu Alpinia galanga Biophytum spp. Logo of Kerala. Click Here.

kerala history questions and answers pdf

It is commonly said that the word kerala is made with the use of Cher and Venue and Alam-Pradesh words. The word keralam also means that the terrain that came out of the sea or the confluence of the sea and the mountain. Kerala has also been called by the ancient foreigners called Malabar. Kerala, one of the most progressive states, used to be a stronghold of social evils like slave system. For the eradication of such social evils, the reform movement started in the state two centuries ago. In the beginning of the twentieth century, not only were saint reformers like Shri Narayana Guru and Chattampi Swamilak, but some Raja-Maharajas also contributed to this work and this process continued even during British rule.

These questions help your brain popping up some new ideas. Modern Indian History Question 1. Kerala History model questions with answers-Download. Assistant Engineer. Sports, movies, tv, history, geography, and so much more. Totally there are 14 districts in Kerala. Please visit our facebook page for Kerala psc news results, notifications, answer keys, current affairs, question papers and Daily mock tests.

Objective Questions Answers, General Knowledge and gk on Kerala and its culture. Helpful for GK and General Knowledge with lots of information and General.

GK Quiz on Kerala with Answers

Available Formats. In this post i will be sharing Questions and answers from 9th part of "Questions and answers in Malayalam kerala psc exams" Video. This will helps all the candidates for preparing any Kerala govt. Ans- Justice K. We inform you all that this PDF will get update every month..

[Updated] Kerala GK & GS 2021: SSC, State level GK Questions in PDF & More!

Kerala GK Questions and Current Affairs

GK Quiz on Kerala — It important for all the state level exams in Kerala as well as central government exams, which are focusing more on individual states nowadays. Malayalam is the widely spoken language in Kerala. The capital city of Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram. Totally there are 14 districts in Kerala. Read Mo re About Kerala. As per census, the population of Kerala is 33,,

Which explorer visited Kerala in ? True or False? Which of the following National Park is not in Kerala? Totally there are 14 districts in Kerala. The Nehru Trophy Valam kali is conducted on the second Saturday of August every year and is a famous tourist attraction. Both of these topics together account for the major part of Kerala PSC. It is a famous dance of Karnataka.

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Kerala SSLC Model Question Papers PDF Free Download links are given on this page for all subjects. Philippine History Trivia Questions And Answers.

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